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Finding "Her" (Sequel to Forever Alone/Niall Horan Fanfic)


This is the sequel to Forever Alone. Forever Alone is in my works if you would like to read it. You won't really know what happens unless you read Forever Alone. You may be a bit confused but if you didn't read Forever Alone it is okay. I hope you enjoy this story. Please leave comments and tell me what should change and what shouldn't. I am open to any and all suggestions. Enjoy! --Becky xx
Judith had just passed away and Niall is trying to adjust to his new life. Being apart from someone he saw as the love of his life is just devstating. He tries to find new ways to cope with the grief. He doesn't like how she is gone. He rather have Judith near him again to love and cherish. But one day after Judith's funeral he recieves a letter. It is from Judith.
In the letter Judith tells him that she loves him and wants him to get better. But she has one more proposition for him. He must find someone. All she says in the letter is that he must find 'her'. There is no name nor address on which he can follow up on. Niall is stunned and he doesn't know what to do. Studying the letter that she sent to him after her death, he tries to look for hidden clues. Hidden messages that can help him figure out who 'her' is.
This letter and the task to find 'her' ulitmately consumes him. But he doesn't know which direction to go in. Maybe if he asked his friends to help he could find her. But does he want to find 'her'? Does he want to open up to someone else again? Is he afraid of what could possibly happen with this person? Would he feel like he is replacing Judith? Does he want to do this?
Niall doesn't break his promises. He is going to find her but how?



I will update soon darlin'. :)
nice chapter*thumbs up*please update soon!xxx
InNiall'sPants InNiall'sPants


Trust me I wil :) xxx
InNiall'sPants InNiall'sPants
Will do cupcake!! I will write the next chapter soon. I need to find time in between work and such. So keep your eyes peeled for more xx

I'm glad the boys are on board and I hope they find "her"...loved the chapter,please update soon!xxx

InNiall'sPants InNiall'sPants