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Collision Course


Allie Halloway, an American, finds herself living in London with a party girl room mate while she is working on her masters degree. Working at the British Museum, Allie finds her self swept into a whirlwind relationship with Liam Payne whom she meets after running into him on the streets one day. What happens when an American falls for a famous British pop star when she has never heard of him before? Can Liam get over his betrayal and learn that not everyone is using him for his fame? Set two years in the future. A raunchy and witty exploration into the lives of a celebrity and a small town American.


Allie Halloway

Allie Halloway

A small town American girl from a large family who finds her self living in London after finishing university. She is working for the British Museum while jointly working on a masters degree in History of the Middle Ages.

Grif Halloway

Grif Halloway

Allie's brother and best friend. The one who picks up the pieces for Allie, but will he be able to pick up the pieces from half a world away?

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The playboy in One Direction. Always flirting and looking for his next conquest, Harry is the person Liam is most scared of meeting his Allie.



The first name only Choreographer who joins One Direction in their fourth world tour.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

Smart and beautiful singer from One Direction. He has had his heart stolen and broken one too many times, but is he willing to let it happen again?

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Member of One Direction who never knows when to be serious or funny. Louis always knows how to lighten the mood, even when the world seems to be coming to an end.

Maggie Berdman

Maggie Berdman

Magaret Berdman, a self absorbed and gossip hungry semi-socialite Londoner happens to be the room mate of Allie. She is twenty five, working at a bank by day, but at night tends to turn into quite the party animal.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

One part of the band, and a good friend to Liam.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Liam's best friend who is always there to support him and give him advice, even when Liam is not sure about life.


  1. The Collision

    What happens when Allie crashes into Liam while rushing to work? A tame introduction to the story.

  2. Get to Know Me

  3. How about that Tea?

    What happens when Allie invites Liam up to tea? (Caution, graphically dirty scene!)

  4. Say My Name!

    (Yet another smut filled chapter)

  5. Never Seen Toy Story?

    The morning after is not always mean a walk of shame.

  6. Nothing like a Hot Bath

  7. The Window

    After Liam and Allie see each other again, can they keep their hands off one another? (Smut)

  8. Two Weeks

  9. A Little Story for the Boys

  10. More than A Confession

  11. What is Love?

  12. A Perfect Existence

    What happens at night isn't always what we imagined. (fluff and stuff)

  13. Man Meat

  14. Sitting Alone in a Coffee Shop

    Allie asks Liam to meet her so they can talk, but will it lead to something more?

  15. Take Me Home

    Allie and Liam have reconciled, but how do the fans feel about it?

  16. Public Relations

  17. The Boys

    Allie is finally introduced to the remaining members of One Direction

  18. Stay Please!

    Zayn and Allie have a short heart to heart, but how does Liam feel about having to share Allie with the Boys?

  19. Toe Curling Goodness

    Some smut then Allie goes home for the first time in a few days and encounters Maggie

  20. Mothers and Sunflowers

  21. Bull & Last

  22. Let's Go Home

    Dinner is over, but what happens after a big dinner date?

  23. I Love You

    Smut. What transpires after a date and when you admit those three little words.

  24. A Secret Interrogation of Liam

    Family Skype Date's are the best thing when living overseas!

  25. Harry Styles

  26. The Shampoo to my Conditioner

    Liam has a talk with the boys and with Paul about his revolation.

  27. Just a Quick Shower

    Allie comes home to find Liam waiting at her apartment.

  28. Wolverhampton

  29. Meeting Big Sister

    Allie finally meets Ruth.

  30. Tears and Morning Breath

    A Big Revelation!

  31. You're Making me Nervous

    Huge, Important chapter

  32. The Family Breakfast from Hell

  33. Couches are for...

  34. Announcements are Nerve-racking

  35. Daggers and Spats

  36. Niall's Day Feast

  37. Run for Their Money

  38. Paul

    Two days before leaving for the Tour...

  39. One of Zayn's Tattoos

    Just before the tour, Allie finds out something about Zayn she never knew


This story is absolutely great! Update please! I will die if you don't! Not literally, lol. This is one of the best fanfics on here. * p.s. Sorry for the bad spelling.
Great story! Very different from the others would love to read more :)
Im sorry that not many people show you enough love to give you inspiration to write. I gotta say that you are incredibly amazing writer and it would make me very sad to see you give up on this story because of other people :(... ILOVE THIS STORY!!!!!! It gives me alot of inspiration to write my own, and makes me happy and smile!
More please! This is really good!
necrospider necrospider
Wow this is such a different story from the rest on here, very refreshing to read, keep up the good work, great writing .