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So Much For You


I w a n t t o g e t l o s t i n y o u
Isabelle Samuels // Niall Horan

One summer, Niall met her and fell for her immediately, her long dark hair and captivating blue eyes drawing him in even more.

She is sent to London to stay with her grandparents for the summer and isn't looking forward to being there for the entire summer. She wasn't planning on doing anything like this, especially be sent by her parents all the way to London for the entire summer. She just wanted to kick back, relax and enjoy summer until she gets the news that she is going out of the country for the summer.

When she meets him, she does something she had never planned on doing; she falls for him hard and he falls for her too.

She never planned on it being the best summer of her life in London...

What will happen when he finds out he has to leave for tour? Read to find out :)

I ' m n o t h i n g w i t h o u t y o u ♥


Isabelle Samuels

Isabelle Samuels

She's 18 years old, born and raised in California. A lot goes on when she goes to London for the summer and meets Niall Horan.

Niall James Horan

Niall James Horan

Cheeky lad hailing from Ireland, 1/5 of One Direction, looking for a girl to give his heart away to.



@Savanna and Niall
thank you! :) i will update again soon as i can!

Really love this!!

this story is sooooooo cute. please check out ym new story WonderStruck <3
Nialler gurl Nialler gurl
Thx for the tip...glad you love it otherwise (:
light me up. light me up.
love it
alexis801 alexis801