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So Much For You

London Calling

I was sitting up in my room blasting my music in my ears when there was a loud knock on my door.

Belle, open up! Mom and dad need to see you downstairs, my older sister, Charlotte, or Char as I like to call her, said.

Huh? Oh-okay& I say pulling my ear buds out of my ears and pulling my headphones from the headphone jack on the top of my iPhone before I go downstairs to see what she wanted.

Yeah, mom? I question as I walk in the living room. She was seated on the couch next to my father. Shit&Hope Im not in trouble! I think to myself as I take a seat on the couch opposite my parents.

Sweetie&your father and I have talked and weve decided that you are going to spend the summer with your grandparents in London. We dont want you to just sit around all summer and do nothing when you can be out doing things like swimming and going shopping with Char, my mother says, looking at me.

Are they serious? I do not want to go all the way to London and spend the entire summer with my grandparents I havent seen in forever, well, since I was six. All of my friends are here; I dont know hardly anyone there in London besides my grandparents who live there. What is there to do in London anyway since it practically rains all the fucking time?

A scowl creeps up on to my face as I stare over at them. Do I really have to go? Why London, Mom?! I ask as I stare over at my mother.

Yes, youre going sweetie. Whether you like it or not, Isabelle, you are going. You should be going out and having fun, not just laze around the house not doing hardly anything. It will be good for you, She says looking at me.

I scoff at her. Whatever. You cant make me! Im eighteen and you cant tell me what to do! I yell in her direction before getting up and heading in my direction toward the stairs.

Isabelle- she begins to say. I ignore her as I stomp up the stairs and scream loudly. I slam my door loudly as I walk in to my room.


I groan and bury my face in my pillow as there was a loud knock on my door once again. Can I please have some time for myself? All I want is some peace and quiet to get my thoughts together.

Iz  can I come in? I hear my sister on the other side of the door.

Go away! I dont want to talk to you! I growl back and toss my pillow at the door in frustration.

Iz  its me. Mom is in her room with Dad. I hear my sisters soft voice.

Come in, its open! I say as I get up and snatch my pillow from the floor before I sit up on my bed. Char walks in and sits down on the edge of my bed.

What do you want? I ask as she sits on the edge of my bed.

Listen, I know you probably dont want to hear it, but, we all think it would be good for you, sis! You need to enjoy life and be adventurous every once in a while. Its no good to sit around on your ass all day. I would go if I were you. If I know you, youll adjust well, trust me. It will take time to adjust to a new city like London, you just get used to it after-a-while. Trust me, Isabelle, she says, placing her hand lightly on my shoulder.

Fine, I guess so. Ill go, I pipe up, looking at my sister.

Thats great, Iz! Ill go tell Mom! Char says and hugs me before quickly getting up and rushing out of my room, closing the door behind her.

Maybe London wont be as bad as I thought it was going to be& I think to myself as I begin to pack. I didnt know what I was in for, but I guess I will just have to wait and see&


First chapter!
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