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So Much For You

Flight to London

Today is the day I am leaving for London. All of my bags were packed and ready to go. I was somewhat happy that my sister was going with me. At least I wasnt going all the way to a foreign country by myself for the entire summer. If I was at least I would still have my grandparents that are there but its been years since Ive last seen them.

Isabelle, you ready to go? I hear my mother yell loudly from downstairs.

Yeah, one moment, I grab my phone along with my dark blue floral Vera Bradley purse and put the shoulder strap on my shoulder before pulling my rolling suitcase behind me. I also managed to grab my bag with all my hair and makeup stuff before going over and reaching for the door handle. Once I get the door open, I drag all of my bags downstairs.

Ready? my nineteen year old sister smiles at me.

As Ill ever be, I reply, giving her a small smile.

My parents came and picked our bags up before carrying them out to the car. When they were out of ear shot, I glance over at my sister.

Thanks for going with me, Char, I tell her as I stare at her dark blue eyes with a hint of gray in them.

No problem, sis! Im glad to be going with you, she smiles in my direction.

Okay, cmon, girls. Lets get going, our mother says breaking the silence.

Charlotte and I follow her out to where our father was, standing by the car.

Lets get on the road, Dad says and unlocks the door of his black Chevy Avalanche and gets in the drivers seat, Mom in the passenger seat, which left Char and I in the back seat. My dad pulls out the drive way and heads out of the sub division we lived in.

It was going to be a long time before I will be back here again. I am going to miss it, I really am. The change of scenery is going to be weird but I guess I will have to deal with it. My dad pulls up to the airport about ten minutes later. He pays and parks the car before we all get out.

We get our bags from the back before our parents follow us inside to tell us goodbye. Our mom hugs each of us tightly.

Ill miss you girls, she says and hugs us tightly.

Dont give them any problems, Iz. Okay? she looks at me; a firm look on her face.

I wont, I mumble as my dad hugs me tightly.

Be safe, sweetie and have fun! My dad hugged me tight and kissed the top of my head.

I will, dad, I reply and smile at him.


I feel someone shaking me awake, which made me jump in my seat. Iz, wake-up! Were here, I hear Char say quietly.

O-okay, I mumble and slowly open my eyes, running a hand over my tired face. I rub my eyes to get myself awake. I put my Vera Bradley bag on my shoulder and get up slowly, letting a loud obnoxious yawn from my mouth and covering it with my hand.

Charlotte and I start to walk up the aisle as we get in the line to start getting off the plane. After about fifteen minutes later, we finally make it in to the airport and begin to follow the platform that led in the direction of baggage claim. We begin to look for our grandparents. Since its been a few years since Ive last seen her, I didnt really know what she looked like.

Do you see her anywhere, Char? I ask, looking at my sister.

Uh& she begins to look around at our surroundings.

Charlotte? Isabelle? we turn to see a lady with short dark brown hair just like my moms and eyes just like hers as well.

Hi grandma, Charlotte says, pulling her in to a hug.

Hi, dear, you both have grown quite a lot since Ive last seen you two, she says in her thick British accent, smiling and hugs me.

Its good to see you too! I smile as we pull away from the hug and she puts her hands on my shoulders, looking at me.

How about we go and get your bags and then get on going to the house? she asks, putting an arm around both of our shoulders as we start to walk in the direction of baggage claim. This entire airport in London, wherever we are is huge.

Once we get our bags, we leave and drive down the London streets. Cold rain ran down the windows of the car as we drove. I put my headphones in and began to listen to my music as we began the drive to our grandparents house. About a half hour later, I notice we pull up in the driveway of a nice looking house. Im guessing this had to be our grandparents house.

I pull the hood of my jacket over my head before getting out of the car. Before we knew it, we successfully get our bags inside the house.

Dan, the girls are here! our grandma says loudly as we follow her inside the house.

A few moments later, our grandpa walks in the room. He had his glasses on the brim of his nose as if he was just reading the paper or something.

Charlotte? Isabelle? Its great to see you, girls, he pulls each of us into a hug.

You too, grandpa, we smile at him.

You were about five or six the last time you were here, Isabelle so I dont think you remember quite as much as Charlotte here may remember, I nod at him. Honestly, I hardly remembered anything from ever coming over seas to London to visit them. I guess Char has done it before.

Follow me, girls, let me show you to your rooms, our grandma smiles and leads us in the direction of the stairs. Char and I slowly trail behind our grandmother with our bags. She walks in to a bedroom that was right at the end of the staircase, to the right. I walk in to see the walls painted a light blue color, which was my favorite. I knew this had to be my room.

I begin to unpack my things and put them in their respective places. Unpacking most of my clothes and things took a little over an hour. This is going to take some getting used to, but Im sure it will get better the longer Im here.


Here's the next chapter!!! (:
I hope you all like it so far!
Niall and the boys will be in the next chapter! Stay tuned for more!

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@Savanna and Niall
thank you! :) i will update again soon as i can!

Really love this!!

this story is sooooooo cute. please check out ym new story WonderStruck <3
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Thx for the tip...glad you love it otherwise (:
light me up. light me up.
love it
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