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So Much For You

"You fallin' for her, mate?"

I smile wide as I pull away from the kiss as I stood there with Isabelle on the front porch of her grandparent’s house. She smiles up at me, her eyes shimmering from the porch light as I look down at her, my eyes boring in to hers. I am so glad I finally just made her mine. She is officially my girlfriend.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow, beautiful?” I smile and take her hand in mine, lacing my fingers with hers.

“Yeah, of course!” she smiles brightly at me. I smile as I pull her close in my arms and hold her like that for a few minutes.

“See ya tomorrow, love,” I say and kiss her cheek as we pull away.

“Let me know when you get in,” she tells me, a warm smile on her face.

“I will, love, don’t worry,” I reply back with a big smile.

I smile and wave to her as I start to head back to the car. Once I get in, I start up the engine and wave to her, a wide smile on my face as I put my seatbelt on and begin to drive off, looking in the rearview. She smiles wide and waves back to me.

On the drive back, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Isabelle. She is finally my girlfriend, I don’t know what it is but she just makes me so happy. I arrive back at the flat complex a few minutes later.

After I cut the engine, I pull the keys from the ignition. I grab hold of the keys and open the door before getting out after I undo my seat belt. I reach back inside the car and grab my phone out of one of the cup holders and slip it in my pocket before I shut the car door and lock it. After I lock it, I head in to the lobby of the flat complex and head for the lift.

The ride to the second floor where I lived along with the other four lads, I couldn’t stop thinking about Isabelle. She is such a great person and I’m glad I found her. On the way up in the lift, I send her a quick text and let her know I got back. She replies back with a smiley.

A few minutes later, I hear the ding go off in the elevator which pulled me from my thoughts. I put my phone in my pocket as I walk out of the lift and over to Liam’s flat where I’m sure they were all hanging out and watching movies along with waiting for me to get back.

“Lads, I’m back!” I yell throughout the flat as I step inside and shut the door loudly behind me.

“Ah, there’s the Irishman! How’d it go, mate?” I look up to meet Harry’s emerald eyes staring back in to my blue ones. He had a smug grin on his face. That cheeky bastard, always wantin’ to get in my business about me love life!

“It went really well, Harry,” I tell him with a smile as the two of us head in to the main living room where loud chatter erupted around the room at my appearance.

“I’m glad, mate! So, what happened, anything?” he asks, smiling as he takes a seat on the couch next to Zayn.

“Uh, well…I asked her to be my girlfriend,” I tell the lads as I feel a blush come upon my cheeks.

“Aw, our Nialler is in love!!” Louis mutters and reaches over and pinches my cheeks.

“Stop!” I mutter as I push his hand away and smile a bit. “I might be,” I mumble.

“You fallin’ for her, mate?” Harry asks a smile on his face. I nod and smile in response.

“I think I am,” I say as I go in to the kitchen and find myself a bag of crisps. I tear the bag open and stuff a few of them in my mouth as I walk back in to the living room where the guys were. For the next couple hours, we face off against each other in another round of COD until about two-thirty in the morning. I was knackered; I couldn’t wait to spend the day with Isabelle tomorrow.

I pull out my phone and send her a text telling her again how much of a great time I had with her and that I can’t wait to see her. I also wished her sweet dreams. Man, I knew I was falling for her hard. About as soon as my head hit the pillow, my mind overtook with thoughts and images of her as I fell in to a deep sleep dreaming of how the next day with her will go.


I slowly open my eyes to the blinding sun light coming in my room through the window. I glance over at the clock on the table beside my bed and notice it was only 9:30 am. I burrow further under the covers and shield my face so I could fall back asleep, it was way too early to be up and I was exhausted. As I was about to drift off to sleep, there was a loud knock on my door.

“Niall! Mate, you up?” I heard Liam’s voice on the other side of my door.

I groan and bury my face in the pillow. “One second, Liam,” I say as I slowly sit up and stretch my overly tired limbs. I run a hand over my tired face and try my best to rid the sleep from my eyes. I get up and begin to make my way to the closed door. As soon as I open the door, he shoves an article in my face. What was he showing me? I am confused.

“What are you showing me? What am I supposed to be looking at?” I ask as I stare at him. It was way too early for this. He points at an image on the cover of the magazine, Star Weekly. It was a picture of me and Isabelle leaving the restaurant when I took her out last night. News like this travels fast and it is everywhere in a simple matter of a few hours out in the open for everyone.

The headline read: Who is this mystery girl with Niall Horan? Possible love interest? I snatch the magazine from his hands as I frantically flip to the page it said to read the whole story. There it was, on page 12, a much clearer image of Isabelle and I rushing to my car.

Who is this beautiful young girl with One Direction’s Irishman, Niall Horan? A family friend, just a friend, love interest…what? Is she only using him for the fame?

Last night, Niall Horan, the Irishman of famous Irish-British boy band One Direction was seen with a dark-headed girl he was with heading out of Bocca De Lupo. The two were seen holding hands as they rushed forward to a fancy shiny red Chevy Camaro. Who is this girl? If anything, I wonder what all the fan girls of Horan and his band will say if the two are in fact together. Hope nothing too serious happens between the fan girls and the girl if that ever does happen. Without a word from Niall, he and the unknown yet beautiful girl speed off leaving paparazzi standing there. If the two are together, I sure do hope for the best for the young couple. They sure make a darn cute pair.

I’ll leave it to you, One Direction fans, is she the right one for Niall Horan?

“I think she needs to see this,” I state as I look at Liam who stood in front of me.

“Go tell her, mate,” Liam said and puts his hand on my shoulder.

“I think I will,” I tell him as I tighten my grip on the tabloid and walk back in to my room and shut the door behind me.

I set the magazine down before I grab my phone off the night stand and unlock my phone so I can send Isabelle a quick text. I wanted to but then another part of me didn’t want to because I bet she’s probably still asleep now.

Get it over with Niall, be better if ya did now then later. I think to myself as I go to my messages and tap on Isabelle’s name. As soon as I pull up her name under my messages, I begin to type.

Morning love! Sorry to wake you, I bet you’re probably still asleep. There is something I need to show you. Mind if I stop by? – Nialler x

After I send the message, I lay back and rest my eyes while I wait for a reply. A few minutes later, I get a reply back. I was surprised she was up this early. I type my pass code in and go to messages so I can read it.

I’ve already been up a while. Not at all, come on by. When are you thinking of coming by?

I smile to myself as I reply back and ask if 11 o’clock sounded alright. She replies back and said its fine. I get up and start to get ready. After I take care of my business in the bathroom, I put on a pair of jeans and a polo along with a pair of Converse. After I put my clothes on, I grab my phone along with the article before I head out of my room and in to the front room.

“Morning, Niall!” Zayn says and smiles at me.

“Mornin’ Zayn,” I say as I grab an apple and take a bite out of it and take a seat next to him at the bar.

“How are you, mate? Liam told us about the article of you and Isabelle, hope you get things cleared up,” Louis says and puts his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m alright, going to show this to her in a bit actually,” I tell him with a small smile.

“Good luck, mate!” he replies.

“Thanks!” I say as I look at the clock over on the stove. It was almost ten o’clock. I chat with the boys for a few minutes before I get up and tell them I’ll be back in a little bit. They tell me they’ll see me in a bit as I head out the door with my keys and phone along with the article in my other hand. I head toward the lift and press the button to take me down to the ground level.

On the drive to Isabelle’s grandparent’s house, I couldn’t help but think about her and how she was going to react to all this. I tried to keep all my thoughts positive as I continue to drive. I make it there about close to ten minutes later. As I pull out my phone to check the time, I notice I was a little early by thirty minutes. I hope she didn’t mind I was early than she was expecting me to be here.

I get out and grab most of my things I brought with me like most importantly, the article Liam showed me this morning. My phone was in my pocket and the keys to my car in my other pocket. I slowly make my way up to the door and knock once. While I stand there and wait, I take a step back.

A few minutes later, the door opens. Isabelle stood there, a warm smile on her face.

“Hey, didn’t think you’d be here so soon,” she smiles and pulls me in a hug. I smile as I pull her tighter against me. I take in her scent, she smelled like strawberries mixed with a small hint of peaches.

“How are you, love?” I smile as I grab her hand and lead her inside. She closes the door and leads me toward the stairs. I tighten my grip on her waist as we head up the stairs.

“I’m good, yourself?” she smiles as she leads me to her room.

“I’m good as well,” I give her a kiss on the cheek as we walk in and she quietly shuts the door after we walk in.

“What is it you wanted to show me?” she asks with a small smile as she took a seat on the bed. I take a seat next to her and take a slow breath before I open my mouth to speak. I pull out the article of us and open it to page twelve.

“This,” I say as I look up and see her stare at the magazine article in front of her eyes.

“W-wow…oh my God!” she says as I notice her eyes begin to build up with tears as her eyes scanned the page.

“They obviously don’t know a thing considering we just got together, and since when do they think I’m just using you?” she asks as she throws it down as the tears begin to cascade down her already pale cheeks.

“Love, don’t cry,” I say as I look at her. “Come here,” my voice cracks as I open my arms and motion for her to come in to my arms. I wanted to hold her. I felt bad for her, I had no idea it was going to hit her this hard. I could feel my eyes well up with soft tears.

“Everything is going to be fine, love,” I tell her and lightly kiss her forehead.

“You really think so?” she sniffles and looks at me.

“I’m sure, love,” I reassure her and tighten my arms around her small frame. I never wanted to let her go. All I wanted was to be here for her right now, I don’t want anything else. I am really falling for her.

“It’s all going to be fine, babe. Isabelle, look at me,” I say as I reach over and push her chin up with my finger so she was looking in to my eyes. There were lines on her face from the tears that were streaming down. I wipe a few of them away with my thumbs as I open my mouth and begin to speak again.

“I’m not going anywhere, love, I’m always going to be here for you,” I tell her and cup her face in my hands as I continue to wipe stray tears away.

“I know I’ve only known you for a few days, but I am really starting to fall for you, Isabelle, I am always going to be here for you, I promise,” I tell her and kiss her on the lips.

“I’m really starting to fall for you too. You promise?” she said and choked back a few tears. I nod as I give her a soft kiss on the forehead.

“Hey, don’t cry, love, I’m here, I’m here,” I cooed as I rock her gently in my arms. She soon drifts off to sleep while I hold her close in my arms. I have never felt this strongly for any girl I have ever met in my whole life.


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this story is sooooooo cute. please check out ym new story WonderStruck <3
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