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So Much For You

Never let you fall

It has been about almost a month and a half since Niall and I have gotten together. I have spent most of my days with Niall. Each time we are together, our feelings grow even stronger for each other. I am glad I met Niall and I don’t know what I would do if I never came to London in the first place. If I never even came here, I bet I would still be back at home lazing the days away doing absolutely nothing and sometimes hanging out with some of my friends.

Niall made me happy and I was thankful to have him in my life. This is the first serious relationship I have been in since the last guy I was with. It ended pretty between us; he cheated on me with one of my best friends when I went on vacation to Florida for a week. I didn’t find out until the day we got back when I was going to surprise him on his birthday.

I was sitting on the couch with Niall at the boys’ house. The four boys went out with their girlfriends. All Niall wanted was to spend time with me, not that I minded at all. I wanted time with him as much as he wants it with me. We have grown so close since I first came here for the summer. I don’t think things could get any better for where I am now with Niall.

I can totally tell that he has totally fallen head over heels for me just by how he looks at me. It’s in his eyes and I know that by how he treats me. I feel the exact same about him. He has told me again recently that he has never felt more strongly for anyone else in his life.

That tells me he only has eyes for me. The feeling is mutual for both of us. I can only see myself with Niall and I can’t see myself with anyone else. He completes me and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have him in my life.

By how he looks at me, I know I’m the one for him; he’s told me numerous times that I am the only one for him. I feel the exact same about him. That was when he first told me he loved me. I remember the look in his eyes; he looked nervous but excited at the same time. I even said it back. After that, I remember he pulled me in his arms and kissed me so passionately, I don’t think I could even see straight after that happened between us.

“You’re so beautiful, Isabelle,” I smile as Niall whispers that in to my ear.

We had just finished watching Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. It was one of my favorite movies just like Niall. I am glad we have so much in common with each other.

“You’re pretty handsome yourself, Niall,” I tell him with a smile as he grabs my face in his hands and slowly rubs his thumb across my cheek.

“Come on, love, want to go relax in my room? I’d rather be in my room with you instead of out here especially if they get home soon, ya know?” he asks looking at me, there was a knowing look in his eyes. All I could do was smile, he makes me the happiest I have ever been.

“Sure!” I agree as he grabs the remote and shuts the television off before grabbing my hand and leading me to his room. After we walk in there, he closes the door and locks it.

He takes my hand and leads me over to the bed. As he lies down, he pats the spot next to him. I smile as I tighten my grip on his hand and get up on the bed and make my way over to him. My lips curve up in to a wide smile as I look at him. He smiles as he leans forward and pulls me in to a mind-blowing kiss. I feel him move his hands slowly down my clothed back and push my body against his firmly, our lips moving perfectly in sync.

The kiss becomes deeper as he moves his hands down to rest on my hips. “I love you,” he mumbles against my neck as he begins to place soft kisses on my sweet spot. I manage to mutter an “I love you too,” out as he continues to kiss my neck.

He reaches down for the bottom hem of my shirt and pulls on it in a teasing way as he looks at me. I nod my head slowly letting him know I didn’t mind. I pull on his shirt; he pulls it off and tosses it to the floor. I smirk as I press sloppy kisses on his neck down to his now bare shoulder. The fair-skinned boy pulls my body closer to and reconnects our lips in another heated kiss. His hands were now resting on my hips.

I can’t help but let out a muffled moan as I feel himself become hard against my thigh. Someone was excited.

“I-I want th-this, do you?” he questions with a smile as he looks at me. I give him a nod in response as I stare at the beautiful blue eyed boy who was beside me, my lips curve up in to a smile as I look at him. By how we were together, I don’t think either of us wanted nothing more than this right now, and to be with each other in this way.

Good thing we remembered to shut the door and lock it so we wouldn’t get interrupted. If we didn’t, the boys would sure be enjoying quite the show, seeing one of their best mates shagging his girlfriend. That would be a sight to see and I don’t think they would ever let me live that one down if that happened.

Of all the guys I’ve been with, I haven’t been this intimate with any of the guys I’ve ever dated. They were always flings and nothing more. This is something serious that I know is going to last, I hope. I haven’t been this serious with a guy I’ve been with before, it was something new and I wanted nothing more than to be in this moment right now.


Next thing we know, Niall’s phone is going off; Billionaire was playing. I slowly sit up in his bed and wrap his sheets around my bare body from what had just happened a few hours ago. It was as good as I thought it was going to be.

Niall slips on his boxers and puts on a pair of basketball shorts as he puts his phone up to his ear. I can’t help but stare at his bare back as he takes a seat on the edge of his bed. He had some muscles and that was pretty attractive if I must say so myself. He was gorgeous. I slowly get up and retrieve my clothes before slipping back in to them and taking my seat back in my spot behind where Niall was seated on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah? What is it Greg?” he questions loudly in to his phone. I scoot closer until I was right up behind him and press a soft kiss to his bare shoulder. He turns to face me and wraps his open arm around my waist.

“Is she alright? Tell her I’ll be there soon as I can and that I love her. Love you bro. Alright, bye,” he says and ends the call. He was staring down at the comforter on his bed, his eyes were red and he was biting his lip. I knew something wasn’t right, something bad must’ve happened.

“Is everything ok, Ni?” I question as I look at him, my eyes filled with concern as I look at him. My eyes well up with tears as I look at him. I get no response except a huge bear hug from him and he begins to sob in to my shoulder. I wrap my arms around his body as best I could.

“M-my m-mum,” he mutters out in a choked cry. I place my finger underneath his chin and push his face up to meet my eyes.

“Niall, babe, tell me what’s wrong, I don’t want to see you like this, what happened?” I ask as I look at him, my face full of concern. I didn’t want to see him like this; it will only make me feel upset, just like I was with that tabloid of us he showed me.

“M-my mum – she fell an’ broke her hip, my brother, Greg said that she was bringing the laundry downstairs and when she got to the bottom, she lost her balance and tumbled down to the bottom, how she landed on it, it must have ruptured somehow. She’s in the hospital,” he says and looks at me, I can’t help but frown at his demeanor-his eyes red from crying and his nose running- as he looked back at me.

“Oh my God, Nialler, I’m so sorry!” I tell him as I wrap my arms tightly around him. He puts his arms around me just as tight as I put mine around him.

“I don’t think I can do this alone, do you think you could come with me? I know I could do ten times better if you were there with me,” he says as his lips curve up in to a small smile while I reach up and wipe his tears away with my thumb.

“Of course, baby, I’ll help you pack, and then we can go back to my grandparent’s house and you can help me pack,” I tell him and press a sweet kiss to his lips.

“It might take a while, considering I like the position we’re in now,” he says with a smirk as he towers over me, both of his hands pinning my arms above my head as he straddled my waist and leaned down capturing my lips in a kiss. I reach up to try and smack him but his grip is too tight.

“Get off me, you lazy bum!” I say a bit loudly with a laugh. I try to get him off me with my feet but don’t succeed since he just collapses on top of me, pressing his body firmly against mine, not that I minded at all.

“Fine!” he chuckles and gets off me before slowly making his way over to the dresser in his room. I reach forward and smack his butt with my hand as I sit up. He turns and smirks back at me. I just shake my head as I get up and begin to help him pack his things. It was sure going to take a while. It takes a good half hour or so to pack his things before we head over to my grandparent’s house to get mine together.


next chapter! sorry it took so long for me to post!
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Really love this!!

this story is sooooooo cute. please check out ym new story WonderStruck <3
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