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So Much For You

Relaxing and Thinking of You

After the boys walk out, Charlotte looks at me, a look on her face like she had just seen a ghost.

“What are you looking at me like that for, Char?” I look at her, my brows furrowed in confusion as I look at her.

“Do you realize who that was-the guy you were with?” she asks, looking at me.

“No, who?” I ask, looking at her, a look of confusion on my face as I stare at her.

“That was Niall Horan, you know, the Irish one from One Direction?” she asks, her lips curving in to a smile as my eyes become wide as I stare at her, trying to think of what to say.

Was she serious? Did I actually run into Niall Horan of One Direction and not realize it until now? I think to myself as I replay the events back from today in my head.

That was when it hit me, his blond hair with strands of dark underneath along with his beautiful blue eyes and his cheeky yet cute boyish smile, I ran in to Niall Horan of One Direction and I have his number! Oh my God! I couldn’t believe it!

For the next couple hours or so, we explore around London and go sightsee like we were going to earlier until I ran in to him. My mind began to drift off to thoughts of him and how he was around me. I could tell by how we were together, he will be the reason for my summer here in London being better than I thought it would turn out and it isn’t even my first day here yet.


When Char and I get home, we decide to relax and watch some movies. We were tired from a long day of getting coffee, shopping a bit and then came home to relax.

We were in the middle of watching ‘Mean Girls’ when I heard my phone go off. I pull it out from the front pocket of my jeans and press the top lock screen. I had a new text message from an unknown number.

This is Isabelle, right? It’s Niall, love. xx

I smile at his text and type my pass code in so I could reply.

Sure is! What’s up, buttercup? Lol. After sending that, I get an immediate response back.

Oh, splendid. Was worried you gave me the wrong number. Anyway, how are you, love? Not much, just hanging out with the guys and listening to Liam complain about how much he hates spoons. I smile as I read what he replied.

We continue to text a few more hours. He asks me if I’d like to get together with him and do something tomorrow. I agree and tell him I would meet him at the coffee shop, again. He jokes and says he will try and not spill coffee on me again. I laugh at his remark. He says he will meet me at noon. I agree and tell him I am going to head off to bed since I’m exhausted from all the events I did today with Char and running in to him.

I have to admit, I couldn’t wait to spend time with him, again. I smile to myself, I know it’s not even been a day but I was really starting to like him. I wanted to get to know him more. Charlotte looks over at me, her lips curving in to a smile.

“What are you smiling for?” she asks, turning to face me on the couch.

“Nothing,” I reply trying to keep myself from smiling and shift my gaze down to my hands that I was resting in my lap.

“There has to be a reason, Iz! Tell me!” she demands, trying to not be so loud since our grandparents are probably asleep.

“I-It’s because of him,” I crack a smile.

“Awe, is my sister in love?!” she replies, smiling widely.

“Noooo!” I tell her, a small smile on my face. “I just, I don’t know…it’s stupid,” I say as I shift my eyes up to meet hers.

“What is it, Iz? I’m your sister! You can tell me anything,” she says, looking at me.

“I think I’m already starting to like him…” I tell her and smile.

“Awe!! Really?!” she asks, smiling. I nod and smile.

“Well, I think I’m going to go to bed, I’m getting together with him tomorrow!” I tell her as I get up and start to walk toward the stairs. I feel her grab my wrist, pulling me back a bit.

“You are?!” she asks as I turn to face her.

“Yes! Now let me go to sleep, woman! I’m tired!” I tell her and go toward the stairs. That night, I fall in to a deep sleep, thinking about how tomorrow will go when I see Niall again.


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thank you! :) i will update again soon as i can!

Really love this!!

this story is sooooooo cute. please check out ym new story WonderStruck <3
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Thx for the tip...glad you love it otherwise (:
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love it
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