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So Much For You

Breakfast and a Flight Back to London

A really loud noise, an alarm, was coming from someone’s phone that woke me from a deep sleep. I was sleeping really well until that thing woke me up. I remember I made Niall set an alarm last night before we fell asleep since we have an early flight back to London later today – this morning. I let out an annoyed groan and reach over to grab the annoying device wherever the abrupt noise was coming from so I could mute it. After I somehow shut it off, I roll over and bury my face deeper in the pillow to try and get back to sleep. Niall just scoots closer and pulls me toward him, his arm locked firmly around my waist.

My eyes flutter a bit and I smile as I feel Niall press a kiss to the side of my neck. I had barely remembered changing into my pajama’s last night. I must’ve been out of it. The smile never leaves my lips as I slowly open my eyes and turn my head a bit so I could see Niall but I only caught a small glimpse of his blonde hair, his face buried in the crook of my neck. “Morning, beautiful,” he mutters, his lips soft against my neck.

“Morning, Nialler,” I give him a lazy smile and shift in his arms so I was facing him. He moves his arms down to my hips and pulls me closer, a smile gracing his lips as he stares at me.

“What time is it?” he asks more like mumbles against the exposed skin on my neck.

“I dunno, babe,” I mutter as we lay there for the next few minutes. I shut my eyes and begin to drift off to sleep again. Less than five minutes later, the noise begins to go off again.

“Ugh, shut it off, babe, too loud,” Niall groans and pulls the comforter over his face to block the bright sunlight. I reach over and grab the annoying thing the sound was pouring from. I open my eyes a bit so I could see what it was. It was an alarm for us to be up early since our flight leaves at nine. It was a quarter to seven now.

“Babe, it’s almost seven, our flight takes off at nine, remember? Let’s get up, Nialler,” I say and push him lightly. He lets out a groan and buries his face in the pillow, pulling me closer again.

“No, I wanna sleep, babe,” he mumbles against the exposed skin on my neck and kisses it lightly. I smile a bit and push him a bit.

“Well I guess I’ll go down to get something to eat myself then…” I trail off and knew that’s what would get him up. He sits up, a smile on his face and his hair a mess and eyebrows that rose in question. I get myself out of his grip on my waist and stand up so I was standing beside the bed. After I stand there for a few minutes staring at the blond boy that lay in the small-ish bed, I go over to my suitcase so I could grab a clean change of clothes to wear for the day.

“Babe, where’d you go?” Niall mutters as I begin to rummage through my bag to find a comfortable pair of clothes to wear. Since we were going to be on a plane for a few hours, I wanted to be comfortable.

“Looking for something comfortable to wear on the flight, Ni, you need to get up and get dressed, we have a flight to catch in an hour and a half,” I say and let out a sigh from my lips as I pull out a pair of comfortable sweats and a simple black t-shirt.

“Fine, I’ll get up, but I still want food,” he mumbles as he slowly sits up and runs one of his hands through his messy hair. I quickly change out of my pajamas into the outfit I picked out to wear. As I look up, I smile a bit as I look at Niall, who sat on the edge of the bed, smiling over at me.

“Maybe you could get some before we leave,” I mumble and smile a bit.

“You look good in that, love,” he says and gets up and slowly makes his way over to me, tightening his arms around my waist. I snuggle into his chest for a minute before I push him off me.

“Get dressed, babe, I’ll start taking our bags downstairs, but I’m going to go brush my teeth first,” I tell him and press a kiss to his lips.

“Okay,” he mutters as we pull away from the kiss. He pulls some jeans up his legs along with a shirt from his bag. I grab my toiletry bag and make my way toward the door and open the door. I walk across the hall to the bathroom and shut the door so I could have some privacy while I brush my teeth and fix myself up a bit.

I finish getting ready a good five minutes later and grab my things to bring them with me so I could put them in my bag. As I walk back into the room, he looks up and smiles at me. I smile and go over to where he was after I put my things away and put on my sneakers.

“Going to take our bags downstairs, go get yourself some food, Ni,” I tell him and poke his sides a bit.

“Think that’s what I’ll do, love, I’m starvin’,” he laughs and grabs my waist and pulls me onto his lap. I smile and kiss his cheek whispering an ‘I love you’ to him. He smiles and presses a loving kiss to my forehead before I push lightly on his shoulder to stand up from my spot on his lap.

I grab my newly zipped up suitcase along with Niall’s duffel bag and drag them behind me as I head toward the door, my phone in my empty hand. Pulling the door open, I walk out, the bags in tow and make my way to the stairs. I could hear Niall’s footsteps behind me as I continued on down the stairs, bags tight in my grip.

I make it to the bottom of the staircase and set our bags on the bottom step. Niall wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek. I wrap my free arm around his torso after I slip my phone in the front compartment of my purse. He leads me toward the kitchen where the amazing smell of bacon and other breakfast foods was coming from.

As we walk in the kitchen, that’s when I notice his mom, Maura was standing near the stove fixing something that smelled incredible. “Mornin’ mum!” Niall calls out to his mum who turns as we walk in the room. She turns and smiles toward us, a spatula in her right hand.

“Mornin’ you two,” she replies with a smile and makes her way over to where the two of us stood. She presses a kiss to each of our cheeks and asks how we slept.

I reply with a ‘good’ and let a yawn from my mouth. Niall releases his hold on my waist and goes over to steal a piece of bacon from the plate with crisp pieces on it. He brings it up to his mouth and chomps down on it, grinning as he did so.

“Want a piece, babe?” Niall asks his mouth full of a piece of the bacon he still had to swallow. I laugh a bit and tell him I wanted a small piece. He grabs two more pieces and hands me one, and munches on the other one.

“The biscuits are almost done, they should be out in a few,” she says with a smile.

“Go ahead, love, fix yourself somethin’, go on,” she tells me with a smile and motions for me to go and get some bacon to tie myself over while we wait for the biscuits to finish in the oven. I nod and go over and place two medium size pieces of bacon on a plate and munch on one while I wait. I take a seat beside Niall on one of the two bar stools that was occupied by Niall.

“After ya two finish up, we’ll head off to the airport for your flight,” she replies. We talk for a few minutes while we wait for the biscuits to finish up. She was a real nice woman, reminded me of my mom a bit. She really made me miss my mom back in Cali. A few more minutes go by and Maura goes over to the oven so she can take out the biscuits that were freshly baked. It smelled great, I couldn’t wait to have one.

Niall and I wait a few minutes for them to cool before each of us grab one. He and I begin to eat our biscuits along with some tea. Me, being not a real big tea drinker, I had a cup of coffee. About ten minutes later, we finish our breakfast and are now on our way to the airport which was almost an hour away, in Dublin.

Next thing we know, we are pulling up to the airport. Maura parks the car after having to pay a fee to walk us up because she wanted to say goodbye to us and not just drop us off. Niall and I get out of the car and go around to the back so we could get our bags. He takes my hand in his as we begin to head toward where we were supposed to be, our bags in hand.

I pull out my phone to check the time as we stand there with his mom. It was a few minutes before 9:00, we still had a good twenty or so minutes before our flight took off so hopefully we have enough time to check our bags in, get through security and wait for them to call our flight.

She comes forward and pulls Niall into a tight embrace and presses a kiss on his cheek. “I’m going to miss you, Niall, so much, and I’m glad I got to meet your beautiful bird, she seems like a keeper, love,” she says with a smile as they pull away from the hug.

“Glad I got to meet you, love, hope to see ya again soon, Isabelle, you make my Niall so happy, doll,” she tells me in her thick accent and pulls me into a hug.

“I’m glad I got to meet you too, so glad, hope to see you again too,” I smile and hug her back.

After a few more minutes, we bid our goodbyes to Maura before Niall and I begin to make our way toward the area where we check in our bags. It didn’t really take us too long to check them in, about five minutes since there was hardly anyone there, being only a little after 8:30 in the morning. After we pay and check our bags in, we walk hand in hand over to the security checkpoint.

We make it through security and gather our belongings we were bringing on the plane with us. I pull out my phone after lacing my sneakers back on my feet. That’s when I decide to text Char to tell us we were at the airport waiting for our flight, which was in less than thirty minutes. I get a response back a few minutes later from her saying that she’ll be there at Heathrow to pick us up along with Louis and the other guys. I’m glad I came here with Niall but I couldn’t wait to get back and spend some time with my sister in London.


ere's the next chapter!! :D there's only a few more chapters left and maybe a sequel but I'm still deciding on whether or not there should be one, I'm leaning more toward one but I'd like to know what ya'll think as well. Should there be a sequel? Drop a comment and let me know! :)

Hope everyone liked the chapter, please leave me your thoughts in the comments! c:


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thank you! :) i will update again soon as i can!

Really love this!!

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Thx for the tip...glad you love it otherwise (:
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