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So Much For You

Dinner with the Horan's and an Unexpected Guest

My mouth drops open at the sight before me. Christine, Niall’s ex was standing there looking at all of us. You’ve got to be kidding me! I think as I glance over at her. Niall reaches over and takes my hand in his, running his thumb softly over my fingers as it rested on my lap under the table. All eyes turned to the tall blonde girl standing there with a stupid smirk on her face.

“What are you doing here?” Niall speaks up, setting his fork down and looking over at the girl who stood there. He didn’t seem amused at all that she had interrupted our nice dinner with his family. All of our eyes were on her.

“Yeah…what are you doing here?” I retaliate before I bring up the small forkful of spaghetti to my mouth that was parted slightly. I couldn’t help but glare at her.

There was something about her I didn’t like but I couldn’t quite place it. It wasn’t the fact she was with Niall in the past. I could care less about that right now. I feel Niall squeeze my hand, his way of telling me to ‘play nice’. I can’t help but tighten my grip on his hand even more as I feel her eyes still on me. I grab my fork again and spin some of the spaghetti around it before placing a small forkful into my mouth. I began chewing my food because I didn’t feel like talking. All I wanted was to enjoy my food. I was until she showed up.

“Can’t speak for yourself, love?” she asks, looking at me; that smile never leaving her lips. I roll my eyes and try to avert my gaze elsewhere, other than her, staring over at us. I opted between Niall or going back to eating my dinner that got ‘so kindly’ interrupted, note the sarcasm, by this bitch.

“I’m uh…here with my family and boyfriend, and spotted you lot here. Awe, how cute, a dinner with the whole Horan clan, how sweet!” she remarks a wide smile visible across her features as she catches the attention of Theo, in Denise’s arms, across the table. She was feeding him from a bottle. His eyes avert to meet Christine’s and he begins to cry.

“Awe, I’m sorry ‘bout making the little one cry. Didn’t mean to,” she finishes, a small smile on her face. Sure you didn’t, bitch! I think to myself and roll my eyes at her, my face turned, thankfully so she couldn’t see me. I wanted to wipe that stupid smirk right off her face. Isabelle, be nice, listen to what Niall suggested earlier… I think to myself as I begin to take another spoonful of spaghetti and put it in my mouth. I chew my food and swallow when I needed to. It was so good.

Soon, she begins spouting out some random yet hurtful things about me I thought no one else knew but Niall. I don’t know where she heard it but none of it was true. None of it is. I’m sure she just heard it on twitter or some shit.

I’ve heard those websites are toxic for hate on big names in the music business like Niall along with his band mates. Everyone who’s anyone comes up with a rumor stating its true, for whatever it is, when it clearly isn’t at all. They just like to make things up that they think sound good, not the real stuff. She soon bids us a goodbye and walks back to where she was supposedly sitting with her so called “boyfriend” and her family. I let out a sigh and drop my fork onto my plate, turning to Niall.

“Where you going, babe?” he asks quietly in my ear, pulling his hand from mine and tightens it around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Thankfully, no one could hear us, hopefully. I tell him I was going to get some air because I wanted to get away from her. I could feel tears filling my eyes as I rise from my spot, Niall slowly removing his arm from my waist.

As I walk away, I hear Maura and Denise ask Niall what was going on. He gives them a simple ‘I dunno’ in reply. The tears were close to falling down my cheeks. I soon find my way to the bathroom and walk inside. There were four stalls and they were all empty. I step over to the sink and grip the edges of the sink as I stare into the elegant looking mirror. Tears slowly fell from my eyes and my cheeks were a light shade of pink.

Why the hell would she say all this crap about me when she didn’t even know me? I sniffle a bit and turn the faucet on a bit to splash some water on my face, hopefully to stop the flow of tears. If it wasn’t obvious enough, it sure seemed like she was jealous of our relationship. Why else would she come over there to interrupt our nice dinner with his family? What is she even doing here anyway? I get pulled from my thoughts when the bathroom door swings open. Quickly, I wipe my face off to make myself a bit presentable.

I bite my tongue and roll my eyes as I look toward the door to see her walk in. she steps inside, a sick smile on her face as she looks at me.

“What are you doing in here?” I ask glaring at her, my eyes filled with tears once more. I could still feel my eyes sting a bit but I let it pass.

“Are you jealous I might try and steal him back from you?” she snaps a bit harshly looking at me. She really had the nerve to come in here and ask me if I’m jealous that she may try to steal my boyfriend from me. Oh hell no, she didn’t.

“No, why the hell would I be jealous?! It’s my boyfriend we’re talking about here! You lost your chance a long time ago! Plus you have that “boyfriend” of yours or whoever he is. Niall is my boyfriend and I don’t appreciate you coming in here and spewing this shit to me. Leave me alone…bitch,” I mumble the last part quietly before wiping my hand on the nearest paper towel and throwing it in the trash can before I head for the door.

“What did you just call me?!” she snaps, slamming the door shut with her hand, blocking the doorway so I couldn’t escape.

“Does it matter... bitch?” I question, glaring back at her, daggers in my own eyes as I stare at this girl before me.

“You’re gonna pay for that you little–” I cut her off by bringing my hand up and slapping her hard across the cheek. My hand hurt like a bitch but I didn’t really care. She had me so fed up, I just wanted her to leave and stay the hell out of my relationship with Niall. She was part of his past for a reason. I can see why he left her, she’s a demanding bitch.

I am soon taken aback when I am slapped royally across the face, tears falling down my cheeks. “What the hell is your problem?!” I seethe, glaring up at her. I was beyond pissed now that she had just hit me across the face, in a public restroom of all places. I didn’t even know her.

“You’re the one who started it, bitch!” she initiated shoving me against the nearest wall and brought her arm up like she was about to deck me in the face. the tears were slowly falling down my cheeks again and I could barely feel my face, thanks to this stupid bitch who slapped me hard across the face.

“Um, no, I think you got this all wrong, honey, you’re the one who started bad mouthing me. I’ve done nothing wrong. You’re the one who’s trying to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend. Go back to your stupid family and your stupid boyfriend whoever the fuck he is and leave me and Niall alone!” I call angrily as I stomp out of the bathroom, leaving her all alone. I wanted to get the fuck out of here, now.

Just as I reach the end of the hall way, I feel someone grab me by the arm. I let out a sigh of relief along with a sob escaping my lips when I turn to see Niall standing there. I tighten my arms around his torso and pull him into me. He wraps his arms firmly around my waist and pulls me against his chest, pinning me against the nearest wall.

“What’s wrong baby?” Niall questions a bit loudly, a frown wide across his face. The tears wouldn’t stop flowing down my cheeks. “Tell me what’s wrong, why are you crying, Iz, please?” he finishes and kisses the top of my head before slowly pushing my chin up with his index finger to meet his blue eyes that stared back into mine.

“T-that bitch. S-she slapped me, I hate her,” I tell him and let out a frustrated sigh. He quickly moves his hands up to my face and wipes the tears away with his big fingers and thumbs. I could see a hint of sadness and anger in his eyes but most of all, love.

“No one messes with my girl, especially one of my exes,” he tells me and presses a soft kiss to my forehead after he wiped the majority of my tears away. I smile and laugh a bit at his comment. He smiles and presses his forehead against mine and tightens his arms around my waist once more. I tighten my arms around his waist and smile as I stare at him, into his beautiful ocean blue eyes.

“C’mon love, let’s get outta here, I’m tired, want some time with you,” he tells me with that contagious smile of his and kisses me softly on the lips before resting his forehead against mine again, never dropping our gaze. I just nod and smile widely at his words.

“You know we leave in the morning, right?” I joke with him and smile.

He takes my small hand in his and leads me back to the table where his family was. Confusion was written all over their faces. Niall just shook his head and told them it was nothing. God, it was far from nothing. That bitch of an ex girlfriend of his just slapped me hard across the face after spewing untrue shit about me that she saw.

“We’re going to head back home, have a long day ahead of us tomorrow,” Niall speaks up for us, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me against him. They all nod their heads in response. Theo was alert and was staring at us with eager eyes, those gorgeous Horan eyes of his. He held his arms out for Niall again, which I thought was the cutest thing.

While he held his nephew for the last time for a while, I went and gathered my purse that had my phone and some money in it before I retreated back to where my boyfriend stood, near Denise, his adorable nephew in his arms. He was mumbling some nonsense to him, which I thought was too adorable for words. I couldn’t help but smile at him. He is definitely going to be a great dad one day, that’s for sure.

I give Denise a hug and she tells me it was lovely to finally meet me. She even presses a kiss to both of my cheeks. I smile and pull away from her. I tell her it was super nice to see her, too, while it lasted. She really was a super kind woman.

I walk over to where Niall was seated in a vacant chair beside his sister-and-law, the baby still in his arms. He was doing some cheesy thing trying to make him laugh. Every so often, Theo would giggle. It was the cutest thing. I can’t help but smile widely as I stare at both of them. He seemed so natural with him. He gives him a kiss on each of his cheeks before handing him back to his mother.

I get closer to him and reach out for his tiny hand and softly run my finger over his soft skin, careful to hurt him. He grabs onto my finger. I smile and let out a laugh. He giggles a bit. I press a soft gentle kiss to his cheek and pull away. as I pull away, he fidgets a bit and breaks out into a wide smile as he stares at me and Niall. Too cute for words.

After Niall and I say goodnight to Greg, Maura and Chris, I am soon being drug toward the entrance of the restaurant. Maura had told us, Niall mostly, to be safe. He told me he was going to catch a cab for us so we could get a ride back to his place we were staying at for one more night. It didn’t take incredibly long, only a good five minutes.

The drive from the restaurant back to his place wasn’t too terribly bad, at all, a good ten fifteen minutes. I was surprised to see it was only 9:30 at night but it felt much later. I was tired from all the crazy events that happened tonight, all thanks to his stupid ex girlfriend. The car comes to a slow stop in front of his house. After he gets out first, he helps me out like a gentleman, and tips the driver. He soon speeds off into the night, leaving us standing alone in front of his house.

“C’mon, babe, want to go cuddle with my girl,” Niall whispers, his accent thick as I feel his breath against my ear lobe and press a few kisses on my exposed neck. It makes me shiver a bit but I liked it. He drags me toward the house and unlocks the door with his key before slipping it back in his pocket once he led me inside, shutting the door securely and locking it in place.

Once we get up to the room we were temporarily staying in for one more night, his old bedroom, I feel him pull me against him after shutting his door and keeping the lights off. It was pitch black in his room and I could barely see. The moonlight was peeking through the window. I was about to speak when I am caught off guard by him pressing a kiss to my lips.

“Babe,” I mutter as he leads me through the dark room to his bed, his lips now on my exposed neck.

“Hmm?” he hums against my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

“W-we have to finish p-packing, we l-leave in the m-mornin–” I am once again cut off by him pressing his lips against mine. I feel him pushing me down onto a soft surface, his bed.

“Later, want to spend time w-with my girl,” he mutters, pulling me down beside him and wrapping his arms around me, his lips a few inches from mine.

“O-okay,” I mutter as his lips come in contact with mine again.

We make out for a good fifteen minutes or so before I make him get up so we can finish packing our things. It doesn’t take long to get our things back in their respective places before I am being pulled back to his bed by none other than the impatient idiot I call my boyfriend. That night, I fall asleep in my boyfriend’s arms, dreaming of how tomorrow was going to be, since we were leaving Ireland to go back to London.


So, here's an another update!
I really hate Christine but at least she's out of the picture...for now. ;)

hope you all like it! i'd love to know what y'all think - please comment, rate, subscribe if you like/want more! it would mean a lot!!

thanks for reading & enjoy!!! :D


@Savanna and Niall
thank you! :) i will update again soon as i can!

Really love this!!

this story is sooooooo cute. please check out ym new story WonderStruck <3
Nialler gurl Nialler gurl
Thx for the tip...glad you love it otherwise (:
light me up. light me up.
love it
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