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So Much For You

Night Out on the Town

I open my eyes to see Niall sound asleep beside me, one of his hands propped behind his head as he snored away. I couldn’t help but laugh softly at the sight before me. He was so cute when he slept. I smile before I snuggle against his side again. I feel him tighten his free arm around my waist as I put my arm around his torso.

“Hi love,” he mumbles and presses a soft kiss to the side of my neck before pulling me closer to him. I smile as he does that and bite my bottom lip to keep myself from moaning. We pull away and I sit up beside him as we rest our heads against the headboard.

“Hi babe,” I tell him and peck his lips as he locks his arms around my waist while I rest my head on his shoulder. After the next few minutes of lying there together, we both decide to get up. As I catch a glance at the window, I can’t help but notice it was already dark out.

“How did you sleep?” he asks with a smile on his face.

“Good, yourself?” I reply with a small smile as I look at him.

“I want to take you out. What do you say we go and get a few drinks?” he questions me with a smile as he sits up still holding me in his arms, while I rest my head against his chest.

I slowly give him a nod in return with a smile. Sounds like a plan to me. I was actually kind of excited that I was going to experience the night life in Niall’s home town, meaning a bar with tons of alcohol. I am glad here in the UK the legal drinking age is eighteen, seventeen, I think, unlike back home in California where all States you have to be twenty-one. Back home, I used to go out with my friends and we would grab a few drinks at a club, thanks to my fake I.D. which said I was 21.

“I’d love to, Niall,” I tell him as I sit up and swing my legs over the side of his bed before I begin to get up. I am only pulled back down on the bed by Niall lightly pulling on my wrist toward him. Smiling, I peck his lips and run my fingers through his hair on the nape of his neck.

“Babe, I’m going to start getting ready,” I mutter to him and peck his lips once more before I get up and make my way over to my suitcase so I could find an outfit to wear. After I pick out my outfit, I head out in the hall way so I could change in the bathroom next to Niall’s room. Once I change, I make my way back into his room.

Niall lets out a chuckle as I walk back in the room in the clothes I wore that clung to my body, a t-shirt and pair of shorts.

“What’s so funny?” I question him, crossing my arms over my chest pouting. As I stop in my tracks and look at him, he makes his way over to me and tightens his arms around my small frame.

“You’re wearing that, love?” he questions me with a smile.

“Yeah…what’s wrong with me wearing this? I want to be comfortable, babe,” I tell him with a smile and peck his cheek.

“It’s close to nightfall, babe, it’s going to get cold, I don’t want you to freeze,” he says and pushes some of my dark hair out of my face that fell in front of my eyes.

“Fine, I’ll go change,” I tell him and turn so I could go and find something else to change in to. I decide on a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of skinny jeans to wear along with some flats I brought with me. I really didn’t want to deal with heels right now since I wanted to be comfortable.

After a few minutes, Niall and I were ready to go. He was clad in a polo, some nice jeans and his Nike Dunks on his feet. I was excited that he was going to take me around Mullingar, his home town. As we make our presence known down stairs, Greg asks where we were headed. Niall simply tells him that he is going to show me around.

Greg only gives us one warning, which is to be careful of the crazy fans and paparazzi since they are practically everywhere you turn. I was more than ready to face them, I mean; I’ve done it before, after that first article I was in with Niall. I’ve gotten used to it. We tell him we will be before we are on our way.

Close to fifteen minutes later, we arrive at a bar called Wallace’s. Niall pulls me close to him as we make our way inside the bar, past where a big burly man stood behind a candy red rope, letting people in. I guess being famous definitely has its perks since we get right in.

After we get our drinks, a beer for each of us along with a glass full of coke, we go and find a place to sit in a booth toward the back of the place so we could have some privacy. Niall sat beside me while I grab my glass of beer and bring it up to my lips. He grins and kisses my cheek before taking a swig of his beer. I can’t help but smile at his actions as I set my half-full glass of beer down on the table.

He leans toward me and whispers something to me. “You’re the most beautiful girl here even if you’re in jeans and a shirt, and I love you for that,” he whispers into my ear. I could feel the alcohol on his breath as it came into contact with the skin on my ear. I couldn’t help but grin at his words.

“I-I love you too,” I mumble as I lean forward and press my lips to his in a sweet kiss.

“Niall?!” a girls voice calls out, resulting in Niall and I part from the kiss.

We pull away and look over to see a blonde girl standing there with eyes blue as the ocean and hair that went a little past her shoulder. She looked short and I had a feeling she was wearing heels to make her look even taller.

To me, she seemed like a slut by how she was dressed in hardly any clothes that covered her bum or chest that was partially exposed. Don’t get me wrong, I thought she was pretty but there was just something, I have no idea what that made me dislike her. More importantly, I wanted to know how he knew her, probably an old friend or something, more like ex-girlfriend.

“C-Christine?!” he mutters as his jaw drops while he looks at the blonde girl who stood before us.

“What’re you doin’ here?” he questioned her as I feel him tighten his arm around my waist and pull me against him.

“Still livin’ here, haven’t seen ya since ya left to London with your boy band,” she says with an evil smirk as she reaches forward and her hand brushes against his that had a tight hold on his beer glass. Her contact only resulted in Niall tightening his arm even more on my side, his nails close to digging into my side. I can’t help but let a slight chuckle out of my parted lips as I watch them. Is she seriously trying to flirt with him now, with me right beside him?

“Yeah, well we’ve been super busy with recording and stuff,” he replies and glances at me before looking back at her.

“Oh, and this is my girlfriend, Isabelle,” he recalls with a smile as he glances at me and presses a simple kiss to my temple before turning back to her.

“Nice to meet ya, love,” she responds with a smile as she stares at me.

“You too,” I mumble as I avert my gaze from hers and back to Niall. He leans over to me and whispers something in my ear, “I’ll be right back, going to get us some more drinks, you be nice to her, babe,” and kisses my forehead before he takes our now empty glasses and walks off, leaving me there by myself with Christine standing there looking at me.

She slides in the booth beside me and looks at me before she begins to speak. “You’re very pretty, by the way,” she exclaims with a smile.

“Y-you are too,” I mumble as I shift my gaze from her eyes to the table.

“So, how long have you known Niall?” I question her with curious eyes as I gaze back up to look at her. She had streaks of red throughout her hair which was blended in real nicely with the blonde.

“Since we were young, we dated briefly for almost a year in high school, our second or third year, I believe,” she responds with a smile as she laces her fingers together and rests her hands on the table in a mannerly fashion.

“What about you? I saw you in an article with Niall not long ago, actually, you two are really quite adorable together,” she tells me with a sincere smile on her face.

“Almost three months, I think,” I tell her with a smile.

“That’s cute,” she mumbles with a smile as she looks at me. I could tell she was jealous that I was with him. Why else would she try to make a move on him with me right there? She still isn’t over him, I have a feeling, I bet she isn’t.

After the next few minutes of small talk, Niall finally comes back to the table with our drinks. It was about time he got back, because I was really starting to wonder why it was taking so long.

“Oh, hey Niall,” Christine looks over at my boyfriend who stood there, a drink in each of his hands. She scoots out so Niall could get in beside me.

“It was nice seeing you again, Niall,” she says and hugs him. As they hugged, she glared at me as if she was just waiting for something to go wrong. I’m not that daft to let anything like that happen to my relationship. When I’m dating someone, I am committed and I knew Niall is the exact same way. There was nothing to worry about.

“You too,” I hear him mutter softly as they part from the hug and he scoots in and pulls me close to him. She soon walks off after standing there for a few moments looking toward where I was seated; I knew she was staring right at me, just making it look not so obvious. After she walked away, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the thought of sitting and chatting with her, his ex-girlfriend, just a few minutes before.


so, we just got to meet Niall's ex -- that was interesting.

anyways, hope you all enjoyed! i miss writing this! c:

Feedback is greatly appreciated - I'd love to know what you all think.

Let me know what you think, please? Comment if you like c: there will be some drama coming up in the next few chapters ;) stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed! <3


@Savanna and Niall
thank you! :) i will update again soon as i can!

Really love this!!

this story is sooooooo cute. please check out ym new story WonderStruck <3
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Thx for the tip...glad you love it otherwise (:
light me up. light me up.
love it
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