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So Much For You

Nobody compares to you.

“How did you meet her?” I ask Niall as I look at him and bring the full glass of beer to my lips and take a swig. I set my drink down on the table and smile to myself as I feel Niall take my hand in his and lace our fingers together.

“I’ve known her for quite a while, actually,” he replies as he brings his glass up and takes a drink. After he sets his glass down, I feel him grab hold of my waist as he lets go of my hand and pulls me close to him so I was practically on his lap. I swear him and his Irish ways. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though.

“How long is quite a while, Niall? She mentioned you two…that you two dated.” I say softly and shift my eyes away from his to the table. I feel his grip on my waist loosen a bit.

“She actually told you that?” he questioned staring at me, his eyes slowly becoming a bit hazy. That is how I could tell the alcohol was finally beginning to kick in; he was close to becoming drunk. I was close as well; a few more drinks would do it.

I nodded my head slowly and muttered a soft, “yeah,” in reply.

“Wow, it just baffles me that she just automatically went and told you that straight off. I wanted to be the one telling you that, I mean, you are my girlfriend,” he says and presses a kiss to my cheek. I smile a bit and just nod my head.

“Love you,” I mumble as I stare at the blue eyed boy who was staring back at me. He smiles back and says it back to me. Just then, the music to a slow song comes on. As I turn back to look at Niall, he was standing in front of me holding out his hand.

“Dance with me, Iz? I’d love a dance with my girl,” the Irish boy smiled again; this time showing his teeth, which I thought was adorable.

I nod my head slowly and grab hold of his hand. I can’t help but break out into a wide smile as he leads me to the dance floor and pulls me close. Wrapping my arms around his neck while he wraps his arms around my waist, he smiles down at me before pressing a soft kiss to my forehead and pulling my body close to his. While we danced to whatever song was playing, I closed my eyes and just let our feet control our movement wherever it wanted to take us. Right now, I was glad I could spend time with my boyfriend.

“You are one in a million, babe, and you’re all mine, nobody, I mean, no one compares to you, darling,” Niall whispers into my ear. I feel my lips curl up into a wide smile.

“I love you,” I whisper to him as I slowly lift my head off his shoulder while I glance up at him.

“I love you too, Isabelle. What do you say we head back home? I wanna cuddle with my girl,” he says looking back at me with a cute smile as the song ended. Niall and I leave a tip on the table before we head out the main doors of the bar. He pulls me toward him as he leads me to the car.

“Sounds good to me,” I reply back with a smile.

We get in the car and were now on our way back to his house for the night or early morning rather than night. It was a little past midnight I noticed as I looked at the clock display in the car. I was tired even though I slept earlier when we took our nap before Niall took me out for the night. I had a feeling once we got back; I was going to pass out. My eyes felt heavy.

On the drive back, I lean back in the seat and rest my eyes for the ride back. Even though it was only a fifteen minute drive, I still wanted to rest my eyes. I had a great time out with Niall but all I really wanted right now was to go to sleep. Thanks to all the drinking we had done and talking with Christine, Niall’s crazy ex girlfriend whom I’m absolutely positive is jealous of my relationship with him, I was exhausted.

Close to ten minutes later, I am being lightly shaken awake by Niall. I mumble some nonsense and slowly open my eyes to see Niall looking at me, a small smile on his lips.

“We’re here, love,” he says and kisses my hand before getting out of the car and coming over to my side.

I scrunch my eyebrows together as I try to push the door open. It soon opens and I smile a bit as he wraps both of his arms around my small frame and lifts me out of the seat after he unbuckles my seatbelt. I rest my head on his shoulder as he carries me inside after shutting the door to the car. I hardly realize where I am when I slowly open my eyes.

Niall was slowly heading up the stairs to his room where we were staying. “Isabelle, go back to sleep love, we’re almost to my room,” he says softly as he keeps moving forward. I just nod as I drift off back to sleep in his arms. Next thing I know, I am being lowered down onto Niall’s warm bed. I snuggle my face into the pillow and shut my eyes once more.

“Babe, you sure you don’t wanna change out of your clothes? Won’t you get uncomfortable sleeping in that?” I hear Niall ask with a slight chuckle.

“Mmm, I’ll change in a bit, come cuddle with me,” I mumble and bury my face into the pillow while I reach my arms out wide for Niall. A smile soon overtakes my face as he comes forward and wraps his arms tightly around me, which resulted in him collapsing on top of me.

“Sorry,” he mutters with a smile and pressing a soft kiss to my lips.

“It’s alright, babe,” I mumble and smile a bit as I move my arms to wrap around his neck, pulling his lips down to meet mine. We pull away a few moments later. He pulls my back tightly against him as we lay on his bed. I smile and slowly begin to sit up so I could change out of my clothes. He was right; I am starting to get uncomfortable in the clothes I was wearing.

“Don’t go, love, where you going?” Niall says against the skin on my neck.

“Going to change,” I say with a slight chuckle and kiss his cheek while I sit up on his bed. “I’ll be right back, Niall,” I tell him and wink toward him before I get up and walk over to my suitcase that was lying on the floor at the end of his bed near the footboard.

“Okay,” he lets out a sigh.

I begin to sift through my clothes so I could find some more comfortable clothes to wear like my pajamas, preferably. After a few minutes of digging through my bag, I pull them out. A tank top and plaid pair of PJ shorts that were too comfortable for words, I loved them. They are so worn out since I wear them so much, practically all the time back home when I’m not out with my friends.

I grab them and hold them in my hand as I turn to face Niall. “Be right back babe,” I tell him with a small smile.

“Alright, Iz, I’ll be waiting here, beautiful,” he says. My smile doesn’t leave my lips as I walk out of his room to the hallway so I could change in the bathroom that was across from his room. I flip on the light and quietly shut and lock the door once I walk in. I begin to take off my clothes I was wearing when we went out earlier.

After I change, I grab my bundled up clothes and walk out of the bathroom, shutting the light off. I push open the door to Niall’s room and walk in. I smile at the sight before my eyes. Niall was lying on his bed without his shirt, propping both of his arms up on the back of his head with a cute smile on his face. When he was smiling like that, it’s totally obvious he’s planned something.

“Come here you,” he says in a husky voice and reaches his arms out wanting me to come into them. I hold up my pointer finger telling him I’ll be a minute. He lets out at a sigh as I drop my clothes in a trash bag I brought to put my dirty clothes I needed to wash. A small smile makes its way on to my face as I slowly begin to maneuver my way through his semi-dark room to where he was on his bed.

I crawl onto his bed and move over to where he was. He engulfs me in his arms and begins tickling me. I let out a short-winded sigh as he pins me down and smiles at me.

“Niall…I…b-babe, s…s…stop!” I try to mutter in between huge fits of laughter as the Irish boy tickles my stomach with his fingertips. I was very ticklish, all over especially on my feet.

“I love when you laugh,” he says after he finishes tickling me.

He was now holding me close against him, after stopping the crazy tickling a few moments ago. I’m surprised I didn’t kick him when he began tickling my feet, which most times I do when people do that to me.

“I like yours too,” I tell him with a smile. He grabs me by the waist and pulls me close against his chest.

“But I love you more,” he says before leaning down and pressing his lips against mine. As he kisses me, I can’t help but smile into the kiss. We slowly pull away a few minutes later.

“No, I love you more,” I tell him and poke his chest with my pointer finger.

“I love you most,” he whispers in my ear and runs his fingers through my dark hair while I move my head to rest on his chest.

Since he started doing that, I don’t think I’ll be up for much longer. My eyes slowly begin to droop closed and I am soon out to the world with my boyfriend right beside me. Nothing felt better than the position I was in now.


here's a little fluffy chapter for you all (:

hope you all like it! I appreciate any kind of feedback, it means so much to know people read my stories!
Please drop a comment and let me know what you think.♥♥

Enjoy (:

Chapter title credit:
Nobody Compares - One Direction


@Savanna and Niall
thank you! :) i will update again soon as i can!

Really love this!!

this story is sooooooo cute. please check out ym new story WonderStruck <3
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Thx for the tip...glad you love it otherwise (:
light me up. light me up.
love it
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