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The Pool Boy


Beauty, Wealth, and a high rated Social Life is not everything that could carve you as a perfect 20 year old. This is what Melody Cramer found out after she witnessed the depth of her emptiness. How would a single boy, that is the complete opposite of our main character, be able to change this elite figure?

Prepare yourselves to enjoy a story that includes an issue that is sadly still found till this day "Class Differentiation." This story will be a non stop ride that will be circulating Thrills, Love, True Emotions, and last but not least, the natural definition of Life.

This will be a Harry Styles Fan fiction, but keep in mind that Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn are very active in this story as well. One Direction won't be a band in this story, but their actual characteristics are the same.

Quote: "The sky can never touch the ground... Stop making this sound possible." Who's saying this to whom and why? Find out by reading this story <3 ...


*Melody Cramer

*Melody Cramer

Main Charater.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Main Charater.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

One of Harry's Friends.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

One of Harry's Friends.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

One of Harry's Friends.

Philip Jameson

Philip Jameson

His Part Will Show Throughout The Story.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

One of Harry's Friends.


  1. The Beginning. (1st Chapter)

    The Beginning. (1st Chapter)

  2. Emerald Jewels. (2nd Chapter)

    Emerald Jewels. (2nd Chapter)

  3. Diamond. (3rd Chapter)

    Diamond. (3rd Chapter)

  4. Revenge. (4th Chapter)

    Revenge. (4th Chapter)

  5. Munchkin. (5th Chapter)

    Munchkin. (5th Chapter)

  6. Splash. (6th Chapter)

    Splash. (6th Chapter)

  7. Prepare To Be Dazzled. (7th Chapter)

    Prepare To Be Dazzled. (7th Chapter)

  8. Spilled Out Madness. (8th Chapter)

    Spilled Out Madness. (8th Chapter)

  9. Wait! (9th Chapter)

    Wait! (9th Chapter)

  10. Wave. (10th Chapter)

    Wave. (10th Chapter)

  11. Blonde & Deaf. (11th Chapter)

    Blonde & Deaf. (11th Chapter)

  12. I'm Leaving.(12th Chapter)

    I'm Leaving.(12th Chapter)

  13. Beer? No. (13th Chapter)

    Beer? No. (13th Chapter)

  14. I Would Rather. (14th Chapter)

    I Would Rather. (14th Chapter)

  15. Whistle. (15th Chapter)

    Whistle. (15th Chapter)

  16. Colombia. (16th Chapter)

    Colombia. (16th Chapter)

  17. Fifteen Minutes. (17th Chapter)

    Fifteen Minutes. (17th Chapter)

  18. Get In, Right Now. (18th Chapter)

    Get In, Right Now. (18th Chapter)

  19. Coco Mademoiselle. (19th Chapter)

    Coco Mademoiselle. (19th Chapter)

  20. Thirty Minutes. (20th Chapter)

    Thirty Minutes. (20th Chapter)

  21. Wittle Hawy. (21st Chapter)

    Wittle Hawy. (21st Chapter)

  22. Laptop. (22nd Chapter)

    Laptop. (22nd Chapter)

  23. Promise Me. (23rd Chapter)

    Promise Me. (23rd Chapter)

  24. Bad Guy. (24th Chapter)

    Bad Guy. (24th Chapter)

  25. Burberry Fashion Show. (25th Chapter)

    Burberry Fashion Show. (25th Chapter)

  26. Driver. (26th Chapter)

    Driver. (26th Chapter)

  27. Divine. (27th Chapter)

    Divine. (27th Chapter)

  28. Princess. (28th Chapter)

    Princess. (28th Chapter)

  29. Finally! (29th Chapter)

    Finally! (29th Chapter)

  30. Snogging Meaning. (30th Chapter)

    Snogging Meaning. (30th Chapter)

  31. Alien. (31st Chapter)

    Alien. (31st Chapter)

  32. Lie. (32nd Chapter)

    Lie. (32nd Chapter)

  33. Get Out. (33rd Chapter)

    Get Out. (33rd Chapter)

  34. Who's He? (34th Chapter)

    Who's He? (34th Chapter)

  35. Devil. (35th Chapter)

    Devil. (35th Chapter)

  36. Champagne, Miss? (36th Chapter)

    Champagne, Miss? (36th Chapter)

  37. Eww! (37th Chapter)

    Eww! (37th Chapter)

  38. Butter Fingers Lickin' Good. (38th Chapter)

    Butter Fingers Lickin' Good. (38th Chapter)

  39. See You Later, Alligator. (39th Chapter)

    See You Later, Alligator. (39th Chapter)

  40. Nice Heels. (40th Chapter)

    Nice Heels. (40th Chapter)

  41. Just A Little. (41st Chapter)

    Just A Little. (41st Chapter)

  42. Have Mercy. (42nd Chapter)

    Have Mercy. (42nd Chapter)

  43. Cheap. (43rd Chapter)

    Cheap. (43rd Chapter)

  44. Harold! (44th Chapter)

    Harold! (44th Chapter)

  45. Shut Up! (45th Chapter)

    Shut Up! (45th Chapter)

  46. Possessive Freak. (46th Chapter)

    Possessive Freak. (46th Chapter)

  47. The Reason. (47th Chapter)

    The Reason. (47th Chapter)

  48. Who? (48th Chapter)

    Who? (48th Chapter)

  49. Aye! Aye! Captain. (49th Chapter)

    Aye! Aye! Captain. (49th Chapter)

  50. Dinner Arrangements. (50th Chapter)

    Dinner Arrangements. (50th Chapter)

  51. Your Guest Has Arrived. (51st Chapter)

    Your Guest Has Arrived. (51st Chapter)

  52. Mother Theresa. (52nd Chapter)

    Mother Theresa. (52nd Chapter)

  53. There, There. (53rd Chapter)

    There, There. (53rd Chapter)

  54. I'll Go With You. (54th Chapter)

    I'll Go With You. (54th Chapter)

  55. Fascinating Creature. (55th Chapter)

    Fascinating Creature. (55th Chapter)

  56. Hey Babe. (56th Chapter)

    Hey Babe. (56th Chapter)

  57. Jimmy Choo. (57th Chapter)

    Jimmy Choo. (57th Chapter)

  58. Diamond Rock. (58th Chapter)

    Diamond Rock. (58th Chapter)

  59. Loops. (59th Chapter)

    Loops. (59th Chapter)

  60. Finding You Was So Hard, But Loving You Was Easy. (61st Chapter)

    Finding You Was So Hard, But Loving You Was Easy. (61st Chapter)

  61. My Pool Boy. (62nd Chapter)

    My Pool Boy. (62nd Chapter)

  62. NEW STORY!



I've just started this story and I am already addicted.....:) Love it soo far...keep writing ^_^

Your welcome<33 I can't wait to read more of your storys Love(:

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

I am so happy to know that you did my darling :D Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I am very glad to know that <3 xoxo

Starzella Starzella

i loved this story so much!!!<3333

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

Thx `)