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The Pool Boy

Snogging Meaning. (30th Chapter)

Melody's POV:


“Please stop crying. I’m here with you.” Even though his tone sounds sad from my action, his words tingle my insides with a glow of hope. His hands slide smoothly from my arms to my hips, and I softly rub his chest in my palms. Please, look at me.” I lift my head from his chest, and I gaze into his eyes. “Why are you crying? Did something happen in your trip?”He sounds curious and worried, but I shake my head slightly; trying to maintain my happy tears. “(I sniffle my nose) Nothing happened… I just had to come back to see you. In a way, the distance was difficult. I’m used to see you around me all the time, Harry.” He closes his eyes, and nods slowly, clearly trying to enjoy my honest admission.

“I missed you too. Even though I hate that you’re crying, but I’m so happy to have you here… Mel I w-…” His words cut off, when a familiar voice speaks: “You cheeky bastard! I thought you told us Melody isn’t here!” Louis scoffs in a funny matter, and I smile at him. Him and Niall stand behind us absolutely amused with Harry and I’s intimate moment. “Are we disturbing you two?” Niall sings his question in a playful matter, and I can’t help but blush deeply. “Leave it off, twat.” Harry roars in annoyance, while the two guys share a high-five. Harry slides off his hands from my waist, allowing me to great Niall and Louis with a hug. “We better get going. It seems you two have a snogging session to start.” I furrow my eyebrows and ask Louis: “What does snogging mean?” Harry roles his eyes and pushes his friends out of the guesthouse, keeping the door opened.

“Hey! I wanted to know what snogging meant!” I whine like a child, and Harry’s smile flashes. “I can define it for you, but you need to help me, though.” I look at him in confusion; how will I help him? He doesn’t say anything, he simply sits down on the sofa, and I stay standing (http://www.polyvore.com/red_wood/set?id=114071871&lid=3328693). He pats his thighs calmly, to emphasise my sitting location. I blush and slowly sit on his lap, crossing my legs in a sophisticated matter. He leans his moist lips on mine, and I gladly accept what I have been waiting for endlessly. Our kiss is filled with hunger… hunger for the touch of one another. He places my lower lip between his teeth and bites it tenderly; making me release a light moan. He takes the advantage of that and slides his tongue over mine. As the kiss deepens, his left hand starts sliding over my thigh, and wiggling underneath my brown shorts. If I proceed with this, we would end up on his bed.

I back away from his hungry lips, and he groans wanting more.
“Mellie? No, it can’t be… you and him!?” My dad’s voice is shaky, and it makes me jump up to my feet. No this isn’t happening; please let this be a nightmare, which will end when I wake up. I blink my eyes in terror, trying to convince myself that this isn’t reality; but it is. “Dad, I-…” He raises his palm up, emphasising that I remain silent. “My office, right now.”

I nod as my feet wobble with fear. I start walking out of the guesthouse, as my eyes become blurry. I have some energy left to look at Harry. His mouth is wide open and his breathing is slower than ever; clearly speechless. As I walk behind my dad’s shadow, my mind swifts with anxiety. What could happen to Harry now? Will my dad fire him? What about me? Why did I have to come right here, before seeing my dad? I still pray that this isn’t reality.


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I've just started this story and I am already addicted.....:) Love it soo far...keep writing ^_^

Your welcome<33 I can't wait to read more of your storys Love(:

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

I am so happy to know that you did my darling :D Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I am very glad to know that <3 xoxo

Starzella Starzella

i loved this story so much!!!<3333

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

Thx `)