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The Pool Boy

Diamond. (3rd Chapter)

Melody’s POV:

His eyes followed each footstep I placed on the ground, until I reach where him and my dad stood. He didn’t even dare to blink his eyes, or look anywhere else except at me. To be honest, I didn’t either. Something about him scatters vibes around me, and I am not sure if these are good vibes or not. “Ah! Here she is. (He slangs his arm around my shoulder, and greets me with a kiss on the forehead) How’s my diamond feeling this morning?” I laugh awkwardly, as the anonymous young adult watches every movement I do. “Good morning dad, Albert told me you would be outside.” My dad nods, keeping his arm draped over my shoulder.

“Mellie, I was just telling …um… I’m sorry son, what was your name again?” The exquisite guy, shakes his head to regain his focus, instead of pinning his eyes at me. “(He clears his throat, and speaks) Harry, sir.” My dad squints his eyes in a funny matter, emphasizing that he was thinking of that name in the first place. Harry? That would be an interesting name for a sweet, sensitive, and caring male. But, it certainly does not fit the one in front of me what so ever. His hair is remarkably long, he wears summer shorts, a white shirt, and a pair of Vans shoes. Even though I might never be witnessed around a guy in this wardrobe, he pulls it off; it’s like close to being accepted by me in some sort of way.

“Oh, yes that’s right. Mellie this is Harry. Harry will be our new pool employee. (He turns his eye direction to Harry) Harry, this is my daughter, Melody.” I look at Harry, unknowing what must I do right now. Do I offer a handshake? Do I say something instead? He beats me to my estimation by speaking again with his low-toned voice. “It’s good to meet you.” He just spoke to me, and I still am analyzing him; its something I do to everyone I newly meet. “Thank you, likewise.” My dad notices that it is awkward, so he decides to break a slice of the complied ice. “Well then I suppose yo-…” My dad gets interrupted by his phone ringing, so he lifts his index finger up to emphasize he needs a minute.

As my dad walks away, I get stuck again standing in front of my gazer. He doesn’t speak, but his eyes do all of the talking. They keep sliding up and down on my physique, and it makes me blush a little; I should have worn pants. “Um, so are you English?”I ask him, but my vocals betray me, making my sound turn out to be like a mouse. He focuses his eyes on mine, and steps a little closer.

“That’s correct, would you like my Twitter account so you could learn more about me? Or how about Facebook?” His words smash me like a rock. He suddenly sounds harsh, and his words are sarcastically poisonous. Melody, relax he might have understood your question in a wrong way; just be mature about this. “I’m sorry, Harry was it? I didn’t mean to cross borders, I was just asking…” He shuts his eyes, and sighs like my words stung him like needles; what is wrong with him?! “Look, I’m here to work and that’s it princess. I’m a worker under your dad’s wing, and nothing more. You do NOT need to show me how sociable you are, alright?” My mouth is wide open; it could slightly drop to my knees from the astonishment I am in!

I sigh in frustration, and turn my heels to walk back inside. “Oh and princess?” He stops me by his venomous voice, so I need to turn and face him again. “You know what? Forget it. I’ll save it for next time. You got your first spoon of my character, I guess this won’t make you try again to be ‘friendly’.” I shake my head and just turn back to walk inside. His mother should have known his character before he was born, maybe shouldn’t have named him Harry; Devil or Evil suites him more.


So, I guess you too, my angels, were able to taste a little of Harry's character. It is rather complex, and there is a certain reason for it, which will be revealed later on. Melody isn't the quiet kind, but she let it pass this time. (Y) I hope you all are enjoying this so far, and I promise you that tomorrow will have more thrills and shocking events. <3

Make sure to leave your comments, so I could know how is the story so far <3 Your feedback is very important to me, and even if u have any suggestions, send them to me by message or include them in a comment <3 xoxo God Bless You All <3

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I've just started this story and I am already addicted.....:) Love it soo far...keep writing ^_^

Your welcome<33 I can't wait to read more of your storys Love(:

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

I am so happy to know that you did my darling :D Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I am very glad to know that <3 xoxo

Starzella Starzella

i loved this story so much!!!<3333

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

Thx `)