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The Pool Boy

Butter Fingers Lickin' Good. (38th Chapter)

Melody's POV:


I sit on the one of the stools at the kitchen, trying my best to adapt to this place. I’m not being judgmental, but this entire house is as large as my garage. “What would you like to have, love?” Eleanor asks me, as she flips multiple cabinets open. I rejoice my everyday request, just like Albert used to serve it to me: “A latte with ¾ cream, a spoon of maple, and two snaps of organic cinnamon. Then I’d like to have pineapple slices dipped in honey, and finally I need one freshly baked biscotti, caramel glazed.” The entire room turns silent, once I finish my breakfast menu. “How about a cup of tea and some buttered toast?” Harry whispers in my ear, and I notice from his voice that he wants me to ask for that.

“(I whisper back) Tea? Impossible! And Harry I don’t eat much carbs.” I whine like a brat, and he nudges my shoulder softly, urging me to agree to what he said. He smiles at me, and then speaks: “Tea and toast, El. She was messing around with the first suggestion, right Mel?” I nod and smile at Eleanor and the rest, clearly going along with Harry in this. “(She sighs in relief) Thank god! I was beginning to worry that this is what you have each day!” I stay silent, and keep my smile flashing at her and the rest; it’s too late to restate the actual truth. Once the food is ready, I start sipping from my tea, even though I never really liked it. Harry notices my reaction, and chuckles under his breath; I really don’t like tea.

He snatches a piece from the toast, smears some butter on it, and then holds it against my mouth. I shake my head slowly, since I really don’t want all of this grease in my system; and I see how his face changes to what seems to be a disappointment. I immediately open my mouth, and he smile, while his fingers slide the piece into my opening delicately. He licks the butter off of his fingertips, and I almost choke from his expression.

He smirks silently and continues to drink from his mug.
“So! Is anyone going to tell me how did I arrive here?” I surprise everyone with my question, and they all stare at each other. “Babe, I’ll tell you later. Just eat right now.” Harry suggests, but I don’t budge. “Please, tell me now.” I whine, and he shakes his head in surrender.You’re annoying do you know that?” I smile at his sarcastic words, and I nod like a little girl. “Well, we basically planned on taking you away before any ring touched your finger.”

I move my hands in a circular motion, indicating for him to go on. “It was a rescue mission, actually. Al told me everything by the way.” My alive body turns to porcelain stone, from what he stated. He told him!? How did Albert know from the beginning? “How d-…” Harry places a hand on my thigh, running it smoothly as he tries to proceed. “He overheard what you and your dad fought about; and he didn’t want you to be tortured with being arrangely engaged. I’m was and still am mad at you for lying, but I know why you did it. You should have to-..” I place my hand over the one he has on my thigh, and I look at him deeply. He looks around us and notices how everyone is silent and staring at us. “(He clears his throat, and goes back to explaining) Anyway, Liam slipped a pill into your drink, and once you passed out; Niall carried you to the back door and we drove you here. Albert helped packing you’re stuff, he swore he won’t tell anyone and I believe him.”

“(I speak in a tiny voice) I don’t know what to say… I don’t know what to feel… Its all so fast and even though I can’t thank you all enough for what you’ve done, I still feel that something isn’t right.” Harry and the rest focus their eyes at me, and I lower my head down to stare at the ground. “(His voice trembles in fury) You don’t want to be here? Is that what you’re saying? You actually loved that bastard, didn’t you!?” Harry's palm pounds on the kitchen counter, making the entire plates shake. His tea mug twirls in position, until it drops all over the table. He pushes himself down, and marches out of the kitchen. How on earth do I calm the guy I’m into, without admitting that I love him? I want to tell him that I do, but not before he admits it… Ugh! So frustrating.


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I've just started this story and I am already addicted.....:) Love it soo far...keep writing ^_^

Your welcome<33 I can't wait to read more of your storys Love(:

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

I am so happy to know that you did my darling :D Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I am very glad to know that <3 xoxo

Starzella Starzella

i loved this story so much!!!<3333

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

Thx `)