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The Pool Boy

Colombia. (16th Chapter)

Melody's POV:

My dad’s car is parked behind mine, and I pray that he did not see what Harry and I were about to do. He steps out of his car, and I am surprised that he’s home early. He never come back home until 7:00 pm. Harry instantly drops his hands from my waist, and I feel a little sad. I clear my throat and paste a smile on my face, even though my nerves are killing me. Did my dad actually witness what was going on? He steps out of the car, and smiles at me. Does this mean he didn’t see us? “Hey, munchkin.” My dad walks closer to me, while Harry steps backwards in slow motion. “Hey dad.” I hug him, but I keep my eyes at Harry. His face is unreadable, and I know fear is striking him at this moment.

“How are you, Harry?” My dad asks him, and he smiles at him. Harry nods his head, probably out of words right now. I don’t blame him; just thinking about what was going to happen makes me tremble. “Why are you both out here?Why did my dad have to ask this? How on earth am I going to explain this?! “I wanted to ask your daughter a question about the pool’s spotlights, Sir. I don’t seem to find the switch to turn them on at night… right Melody?” I smile in relief after what Harry said, he amazes me with his quick coverage. “(I nod nervously) Yeah, I was leaving and then he caught up with me before I left.” My dad is not that easily fooled, but this time he actually bought this fake alibi.Well, have fun, darling. I need to pack my suitcase; I’ll be heading to Colombia in two hours. I have a meeting with potential clients.” He’s leaving? That explains why he showed up this early.

“Have a safe flight dad (I hug him warmly, and plant a kiss on his cheek.)” He rubs my shoulder in care, as he hands the keys to Harry. “Would you park my car inside, son?” Harry nods, still trying to clam himself down. He backs away till I am out on the main road, and then he drives back through the gates of the mansion. He rolls the window down, and he points for me to do the same. “Drive safe, alright?” I shake my head, and laugh, while he giggles in a childish voice. Harry’s strange innocence and rude behaviour confuse me all the time. But to be honest, I prefer this ‘positive’ side of him more.

…At Night (Back at Home)…

Camille called me earlier in the day, to ask me if I would enjoy a nightclub attendance tonight. I don’t really feel like it, because something is forcing me to stay at home. Not something, but someone… someone with light brown hair, someone with eyes that could kill, someone who seems to care about me… Harry. I told my best friend that I might make an appearance, because I would definitely want to finish what was going to happen between Harry and I. I don’t think longer than I would have about this, and I find myself walking to the guesthouse. I knock on his door nervously, making sure I breathe all of my tension out.

Once he opens the door, he looks at me in anger, why though? “What do you want?” he spits his words, and stares at me like I killed a family member of his own. “I just thought that… um…” He doesn’t give me time to state my words, and he fires back again: “You thought what? Nothing, that’s what you thought. Listen, what was going to happen is a big mistake that I don’t want to risk. Leave me alone would you, princess?!” My entire body shakes, and my mood switches the snob attitude back on.

“Who said I was going to say anything about that? Now that you’ve reminded me, I thank god a billion times that nothing happened. All I wanted, was for you to open the gate for me in fifteen minutes from now.” His anger vanishes from his face, and depression is replaced. I huff a breath and walk back inside. I can’t believe I was this silly to think that he would wrap my arms around me when he sees me…


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I've just started this story and I am already addicted.....:) Love it soo far...keep writing ^_^

Your welcome<33 I can't wait to read more of your storys Love(:

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

I am so happy to know that you did my darling :D Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I am very glad to know that <3 xoxo

Starzella Starzella

i loved this story so much!!!<3333

Lillian_Horen Lillian_Horen

Thx `)