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It Takes Patience III: Stripped


First two books in the trilogy:

It Takes Patience
It Takes Patience II: Guarded

*If you haven't given them a read yet, you may be a bit lost if you try to read this one first :(. Soooo if you're interested, give the other two a look first and let me know what you think as you read them in the comments section? Perhaps vote and subscribe as well?You'll enjoy them, or at least I hope you will~Xx :D

Harry and Reagan have made it through obstacles in their relationship that would break a weaker pair apart. Just when the couple seemed to have reached a point of becoming a unit, they are faced with yet another issue. It is said that when it rains it pours, but will their love continue to grow strong and flourish or will this storm be the one to end all things? Sequel to It Takes Patience II: Guarded

Cover Credits to: zaynisthebestest

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Channel Grieves

Channel Grieves

20 yrs, Reagan's Best friend back home, doesn't approve of Reagan and Harry's relationship

David and Lydia Stoger

David and Lydia Stoger

45 and 42 yrs, Reagan's parents

Dr. Elizabeth Baker

Dr. Elizabeth Baker

Reagan's former boss, Harry's doctor

Dr. James Koch

Dr. James Koch

British, Owner of a private practice of psychology in San Francisco, good friends with Dr. Baker, Reagan's boss

Gemma Styles, Anne Cox, Robin Twist

Gemma Styles, Anne Cox, Robin Twist

Harry's family, very protective of him due to the weight he carries

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

19 yrs, Main Character, former patient and resident at Maudsley Psychiatric hospital, loves Reagan and would do anything for her, even at his own expense. Still carries a weight of his own on his shoulders.

Laurie Camden

Laurie Camden

21 yrs Reagan's Friend, Niall's Girlfriend

Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne

Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne

20-22 yrs. Harry's Best mates

Reagan Stoger

Reagan Stoger

20 yrs. Main Character, American, Psychology intern for Dr. James Koch, loves Harry

Tamsin Wheeler

Tamsin Wheeler

22 yrs, Gemma's best friend


  1. Chapter 1: Caged and Bared

    Every action has consequence...

  2. Chapter 2: Charges Made Official

    when it's in writing, it makes it real...

  3. Chapter 3: Unspoken Words

  4. Chapter 4: Restless

  5. Chapter 5: Tainted

    the mind can play a mean game..

  6. Chapter 6: I Can Wait...

  7. Chapter 7: Things I Can't...

  8. Chapter 8: As You Wish...

  9. Chapter 9: Low Blow

  10. Chapter 10: Conscious Haze

  11. Chapter 11: Shut Me Out

  12. Chapter 12: For the Sake of Us

  13. Chapter 13: Soon Enough...

  14. Chapter 14: Afraid

  15. Chapter 15: Repeated Action

  16. Chapter 16: In the Time that’s Given

  17. Chapter 17: Let Go...

  18. Chapter 18: What's Left Unknown

  19. Chapter 19: The Siren

  20. Chapter 20: Taunted for a Reason

  21. Chapter 21: Search and See...

  22. Chapter 22: Tears in Our Fabric

  23. Chapter 23: Power Plays

  24. Chapter 24: Growing & Healing Doubts

  25. Chapter 25: Mine...

  26. Chapter 26: Highly Stressed Situations

  27. Chapter 27: On His Terms

  28. Chapter 28: Caught in Quiet Chaos

  29. Chapter 29: Anxieties Relentless Hold

  30. Chapter 30: Fuelled by Desperation

  31. Chapter 31: The Voice that Soothes

  32. Chapter 32: Uncertainties, Threats, and Promises

  33. Chapter 33: The Trials We Face

  34. Chapter 34: Moment of Truth (part 1)

  35. Chapter 35: Moment of Truth (part 2)

  36. Chapter 36: Gravity's Pull

  37. Chapter 37: Better Left Unsaid

  38. Chapter 38: Reality Revealed

  39. Chapter 39: Silence Overpowered

  40. Chapter 40: Tensions of the Mind and Body

  41. Chapter 41: No One Else

  42. Chapter 42: Just Like You...

  43. Chapter 43: Oxygen

  44. Chapter 44: More than Necessary

  45. Chapter 45: Crutch

  46. Chapter 46: Unprepared

  47. Chapter 47: Internal Intuition

  48. Chapter 48: Without You

  49. Chapter 49: Violation

  50. Chapter 50: For What It's worth

  51. Chapter 51: Him and Me and his Demons make Three

  52. Chapter 52: Where There's None Left...

    Please Read the notes after the chapter. I love you all xx


  54. Chapter 53: Pardoned Potential




Hi there lovely, I am a big fan of your books and you don't know how happy I am to see you back here. I LOVE THIS TRIOLOGY so dam much......so let me get this straight....you are not updating this story anymore on here? You are only going to continue this story on wattpad?? .....despite what decision you make I will be waiting for you because I want to know what will HAPPEN ....sorry I am weird xxx

No problem xx

@polisson just added you on watt pad can't wait to see what you have in store! Starting uni daze as we speak thank you for replying to me!!! :)

Hi love! I am XOXOH I unfortunately can't log into my account on here for whatever odd reason??? Google gives me an access denied message but it still shows me when people comment here.Anyway, I will be posting this story again on wattpad under the user polisson it's gonna be a revamp so it will probably be a bit longer and have new parts. I wish I could log in to tell everyone about it. I also have another story that you may like there called Uni Daze. I'm sorry that I can't post here anymore :(

MISSING THIS SO BAD. My favorite book ever and ive been rereading to fill the whole in my heart! Truly miss your writing it's the only thing I have to look forward to when I get on here! Miss you hope to hear from you soon!