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To Fall So Deep


After a fire leaves nothing but ashes, scars, and heartbreaking memories, 17-year-old Nina Dela Vera and her younger sister are burned with the loss of their mother. With only their estranged father as a legal guardian, both sisters are forced to drop their lives in beautiful Monterey County, California, to a traditional and suburban town across the ocean to Ashford, Kent, England.

While trying to adapt to a new culture in a school brimming with rich students, Nina meets Harry Styles. Charismatic, handsome, and suave, Harry had Ashford Academy wrapped around his fingers. While the entire school sees him as the kid who has it all, he hides burdens, and fears; afraid to let anyone in. That is, until Nina walked straight into his heart and stole it. But as their feelings for one another continued to grow, the status quo of their lives kept pushing them apart. Nina and Harry must fight against family, and social class to be together, because when you fall so deep, there isn't anything you wouldn't do for love.

Vocabulary / Translations: [ These Filipino terms will come up often ]
01. Ate: Pronounced: Ah-Teh - Older sister
02. Ading: Pronounced: Ah-Ding - Younger sister
03. Anak: Pronounced: Ah-Nah-K - Child
04. Tatay / Tay: Pronounced: Tah-Tie / Tie - Father
05. Mahal: Pronounced: Ma-Hal - Love


01. Nina Joyce Dela Vera

01. Nina Joyce Dela Vera

17 years old, last year of secondary school. She's altruistic, kind, and a total nerd when it comes to academics. She devours books, and can spend hours upon hours reading novels of different genres. She grew up in a sheltered home, and doesn't know how to handle certain social situations, especially when they involve boys she likes.

02. Harry Styles

02. Harry Styles

18 years old, last year of secondary school. A nice guy with a bad boy edge. He's charming, handsome, and has a way with words.

03. Kathleen Dela Vera

03. Kathleen Dela Vera

Nina's 15 year old sister, who despite the many boys who chase after her, doesn't recognize her true beauty. She is selfless, outspoken, and will do what it takes to protect her family.

04. Arianne Bernardo

04. Arianne Bernardo

Beautiful, single, young mother of Nina and Kathleen. After losing her virginity to her high school crush at a party, became pregnant at age 16. Unlike her peers at the time, Arianne worked hard to finish high school, graduate college, earn a decent job, and did all she could to support her family.

05. Leopold "Leo" Dela Vera

05. Leopold "Leo" Dela Vera

Nina and Kathleen's estranged dad, and ex-husband of Arianne. After the birth of his second child, Kathleen, left his family 2 years later. He is a senior editor at Piers Advertising Company in England.

06. Corrine Holmes-Dela Vera

06. Corrine Holmes-Dela Vera

Leo's new wife, and an English teacher at Ashford Academy. Is a favorite among most students, but due to her unconventional ways of teaching, has led her to a probational period.

07. Jezabelle Nixon

07. Jezabelle Nixon

The queen bee. Is popular at Ashford Academy not just for her stunning beauty, but for her high academic standing, her lavish lifestyle, and her boyfriend, Harry Styles.

08. Joleen Quiroz

08. Joleen Quiroz

Nina's so-called best friend at Monterey County High. Known for her crazy style choices, and one-of-a-kind fashion pieces reigning from around the world. Joleen is manipulative, beautiful, and dangerous.

09. Elissia Vitale

09. Elissia Vitale

One of Nina's new friends at Ashford Academy. Outgoing, off-kilter in her ways, and tiny. But what she lacks in height, she compensates in her outlandish personality.

10. Leina Sharma

10. Leina Sharma

One of Nina's new friends at Ashford Academy. Classy, traditional, and naturally maternal, Leina is loyal in her friendships, and loves to take care of the people she loves.

11. Liam Payne

11. Liam Payne

Editor of the school newspaper at Ashford Academy, and 1/5 of the wolf pack.

12. Louis Tomlinson

12. Louis Tomlinson

Captain of Ashford Academy's winning football team, and 1/5 of the wolf pack.

13. Niall Horan

13. Niall Horan

Co-captain of Ashford Academy's winning football team, and 1/5 of the wolf pack.

14. Zayn Malik

14. Zayn Malik

Ashford Academy's reigning artist, and 1/5 of the wolf pack.


  1. A Proposal

    "I promise to be home by 11,"

  2. Bingo

    "Sneak out, it's as simple as that."

  3. A Party To Remember

    "Stop being a little bitch, and woman up!"

  4. A Pain Much Worse

    "...but the pain in her body now was so heavy it made her too tired to even try."

  5. Four Months Later

    "Her dark, almond-shaped eyes caught his green ones, and it was like sorcery what his gaze did to her."

  6. Ashford Academy

    "You didn't tell us we were going to Hogwarts."

  7. The Wolf Pack

    "That's what the entire school calls the lot. Best mates, all 5 of 'em,"

  8. Dela Vera vs. Styles

    "You have a chance to prevent Ashford from it's own fire."

  9. Controversy

    "But you could be the good girl that changes him."

  10. Something About That Boy

    "That tiny touch was like lightning."

  11. Harry Edward Styles

    "He's trying to create this picture perfect family, and it doesn't exist in us."

  12. Ice Cream, Robbie, and Harry

    "...his mind released her image, for he was certain that he was never going to see her again."

  13. Styles Bonding Time

    "...despite the tough-guy facade he puts out there, behind it was someone who could break at any moment. "

  14. A Demand From Harry

    "Don't play stupid with me Styles. You're Ashford's prevailing womanizer."

  15. Ain't No Party Like A Niall Horan Party!

    "You guys have Ashford on lockdown, but you aren't total gits about it."

  16. His Mistake

    "She looked beautiful that night, and Harry should've told her that instead."

  17. A Cry For Help

    "...you Nina, you're a full out obstacle course!"

  18. Nina's Saviors

    "... I'll always catch you, remember?"

  19. For That Moment

    "So it's just you and me babe."

  20. The Promise

    "Till the day I stop breathing."

  21. Devil's Day

    "...to be born from the people who value social standing and power over the simple notion of love and family, was unbelievable. "

  22. An Ode to George Orwell

    "...it was just the Dela Veras who were under scrutiny, and Nina was waiting for Ashford's own Thoughtpolice."

  23. Everyone's Enemy

    "If you're broken, I am too."

  24. Truly, Madly, Deeply

    "When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am…"

  25. On The Line

    "It's us against the world babe."

  26. The Distraction

    "I will not have my son associating with some American harlot!"

  27. Harry's Epiphany

    "If there's one thing I learned from all those romantic movies I watch, is that you fight for your one true love."

  28. Capulet's Orchard

    "To take away something so precious, was something that had to be earned."

  29. The Bargain

    "You are a Styles, and your intentions will never be sincere!"

  30. Author's Note

    Read Please! <3

  31. The Newest Adjustment

    "I will admit, the term 'man-over' sounds stupid and makes this shindig unappealing, but we're best mates right?"

  32. The Pack's Back

    "We're best mates-- the wolf pack! And we support each other no matter what."

  33. Mayhem at Town Square

    "The last time a power-hungry politician tried to control a mass and treated them like swine, the Holocaust happened."

  34. Politically Incorrect and Little Bit of Faith

    "...but what mattered to them the most, was the simple notion of having faith."

  35. Tuesday

    “No matter the outcome, we’ll still be a family,”

  36. The Debutante Ball

    "I didn’t understand it, because I never had been in love before... Not till you.”

  37. The Mayor's First Act

    "The second phase of the Academic Incursive Act has been activated, and you are number one on the list."

  38. Here's to Making things Right Again

    "Desmond Styles made it a mission to keep Ashford from going downhill in the hands of the Dela Vera clan, but it was Mayor Styles who was doing the damage."

  39. Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

    "...the Gods and Goddesses who handcrafted their love with enchantment and alchemy, rejoiced with the stars."

  40. And the Snowball Effect Begins

    "...all this could not be in the same realm as the one that anguish so often made an appearance in."

  41. When Heaven Wins

    "And I'm not quite ready to let go of you little bro, but I know you'll be in good hands."

  42. A False Pretense

    “The opposite. I love him more than I could ever comprehend…"

  43. Fallen

    "...like lovers dancing straight into the sun."

  44. All of Me

    "...She was coming home, straight into his embrace, and he couldn’t wait to have her in within his touch. "



Infinite Love Infinite Love

Pleasee continueee!!! Howw cann doo thiss to uss!! Firstt youu kill Gemm!! Then Nialler!!! Andd noww Ninaa?!!! Andd i'vee been thinkingg thatt Harry died too,, i mean, the last sentence makes it seem like itt!!!!! Pleasee gurrlllll PLEEEEASEE postt the epilougeee iff you dont want me to die with thosee three (four in mi opinion) beautiesss!!!!!! Ii lovee the storiii andd argggg i wantt, i mean, i NEED to noww whatt happens!!!! Luvv yaa

Tommo_Be_Like Tommo_Be_Like

@ThatRandomUnicorn Haha nonliteral murder is what my stories are here for! Yass, Jezabelle has major issues that she totally needs to handle. Thank you again for reading and sticking with this story for such a long time! I seriously appreciate it!!


ericajaine ericajaine

@Ray_Haque THANK YOU UBER MUCH!! <3333

ericajaine ericajaine

Commenting is the least I can do to tell you how much I love and appreciate your story, and it doesn't take too much time to do so, so I figure why not comment? But oh my gosh, I cannot believe that was the last chapter and all that's left is an epilogue. And this chapter just… I think it slightly killed me - more than you already nonliterally have that is - when you killed her off and then with Harry and everything. And freaking Jezabelle… Don't even get me started on how much I want to murder that bitch right now. The chapter is written beautifully nonetheless, and I can't wait for the epilogue. xx