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Stupid With Love


What would you do, if you fell inlove with your best friend? What would you do if that person betrayed you? Would everything change?

What would you do?

For Niall, he was on the fast track to finding out.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own one direction and do not make any claim to doing so (if I did in fact own them I would certainly not be writing fanfiction about them) but I do however own their personalities in this story and the storyline. any claims against this are false (Sparky direction, she's a thief)


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

"You all treated him like shit when he needed you the most."

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

"This was a phase, a fling. Nothing more."

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

“We wish so much that we could take that back, just rewind time and do it all again, but we can’t."

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

“If you care so much then you wouldn’t have let me get like this. You would have helped me Harry, when I needed it, you should have helped me."

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

"Until you sort whatever is going on with you out, we don’t want to hear from you."


  1. Stolen moments

    "okay, now can we go, i'm starving."

  2. Worried thoughts

    "Our relationship or whatever it was could affect the band as a whole in so many ways."

  3. Breaking Out

    “You guys are no fun.”

  4. Drunken Nights

    “I wanted him gone so I could get you alone.”

  5. First Time

    “You’re just beautiful, that’s all.” I stated. “And you’re drunk.”

  6. Disorientated

    Oh god, there is a chance that I just cheated on my boyfriend.

  7. Pool?

    In there, Niall was just whooping my arse at pool

  8. Truly, Madly, Deeply, Falling

    Liam, can you just say something. Please.

  9. I Don't Need You

    Two guys being together in an intimate way is totally and utterly wrong.

  10. Over Analysing

    What the hell happened to you!? You just completely spaced out during the interview.

  11. Everything Is Fine

    Niall, I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about.

  12. Did this just happen?

    I never took you for a fucking coward and a cheat, Liam.

  13. Concert blues

    Yeah, well that asshole finally got what he deserved.

  14. Slowly Falling

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  15. Coming Clean

    Niall, we’re sorry, but we think it’s for the best.

  16. I Need To Leave

    The world would keep spinning as if you never made an impact on it, because you didn’t.

  17. Standing On The Edge

    Niall just leave it. He’s not worth it, you know this.

  18. Maybe Everything Is About To Change

    You’re not protecting yourself, Niall. If you’re doing anything it’s destroying yourself.

  19. Give Me Therapy

    It’s none of their business.

  20. Disappointments & Losing Grip

    I left you because you’re pathetic.

  21. Just Wake Up

    Why are you apologising to me? Why is everyone apologising to me?

  22. Racing The Clock

    So I need you to try, just try to love him for me okay.

  23. Don't be scared, my love. I'm here.

    You might love him, Liam. But you are not good for him.

  24. Things Always Come To An End

    You might trust me, but you shouldn’t. I’m about to ruin everything again.

  25. I thought We Were Over

    It looks like you have a choice to make.

  26. I Don't Know Who I want

    “Ah yes, Harry. And how do you think he would feel if he knew what has been going on?”

  27. Another Ending

    I’m thinking that you should have told me when this first happened

  28. People Aren't Who They Say They Are

    You’re already in the middle, you might as well make yourself useful while you’re there

  29. It Had To Happen This Way

    You’re doing what’s best for yourself, Niall. Don’t try to spin this into something that it’s not

  30. Sequel

  31. Go and read this!


Both narry and niam, I tend to lean a bit more towards narry though.

Jayy Jayy

I did <3 Your story is amazing so you are a Niam Horayne shipper,right?

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT

If you read the sequel 'loved you first' there may be a happy ending. But no promises. I hope you enjoyed the story anyway.

Jayy Jayy

No!!!This can't end like this!!! :'( It's a Niam Horayne Fanfic were is the happy ever after? :'( :'( :'(

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT


FREAKING AWESOME when your done with it let me know so i can read it ;)