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Stupid With Love

Over Analysing

Niall P.O.V

I am lounging around on my couch in front of the tv I was paying no attention to, just waiting for Liam to call when I heard whistling coming from the hallway, a tune that until a few hours ago only I knew. The song I wrote for Liam. The song I had played for him only four hours ago, before he ran out of my room with a lame excuse.

I crept over to my room door and opened it slightly, ready to interrogate Liam for leaving me like he did. But as I looked out the crack in the door, all I saw was a boy who looked like Liam, but it couldn’t possibly be Liam because this boy was stumbling all over the place, obviously drunk. They walked past my door, not realising I was standing just behind it, and they turned to the door two doors to the right of mine and slot in a card, removing it and stepping into Liam’s room.

What the-? Why has Liam been drinking? He knows its bad for him. Why does he have any reason to drink? We were having such a good time.

I closed the door quietly so I wasn’t heard and walked back to the couch and stared blankly at the TV screen. A million thoughts raced through my head. Why was he drinking? Why did he leave? What did I do wrong? Why did he lie to me? Knowing that I would never be able to formulate a correct answer to any of these questions without talking to Liam, I lie down on the couch and slowly felt myself drifting into unconsciousness, being comforted by the fact that I would see Liam tomorrow and everything would be okay.


Our interview today was an actual TV interview, a good change from the recent string of radio interviews we have been doing since we arrived in Australia. The building of ATV10 (Network Ten) Studios in South Yarra, Melbourne came into view as we made our way towards it in our van. We were told that today we would be doing an interview for some show called The Project. I had researched it a bit this morning while I had breakfast by myself, without Liam. The Project is supposed to be a news show, but is known for having a certain funny edge to it. I thought it sounded like fun it was one thing I was actually looking forward to today.

When we arrived we were quickly led to the dressing rooms at the back of the studio for our outfits and make up, it’s a tiring routine at best. I was becoming annoyed at the fact that Liam was not here with me. I had not had a chance to speak to him about this behaviour the day before and it was eating at me, not letting me forget it.

Finally after two hours of making sure every body’s hair and make up is done, and Louis and Harry hadn’t switched outfits like they had in an interview in Sydney. I still find it strange that no one noticed until it was too late and we were already on stage. But the image of Harry in a striped shirt, braces and bright blue skinny jeans is still priceless. We made our way to studio 2 where we were greeted by a guy, who introduced himself as Charlie, and a big red couch.

“Well it’s nice to finally meet you boys. We’ve all been very excited around here since we heard you were going to be paying us a visit. Especially the girls, what do you make of that Harry?” Charlie said, addressing us all as we found our places on the couch.

I looked over and saw Harry blush as he took his seat on the far end of the couch; I smiled to myself knowing full well that Harry loved the attention. Zayn took his seat next to Harry and Liam was quick to sit down next to him. Seeing my chance I pushed past Louis as he made his way to sit next to Liam and sat down in his spot. In the process I landed half on Liam making him suddenly stiffen up and immediately push me off.

“Hey, that’s my seat!” Louis said, strangely outraged.

“Sorry Lou, this seat is taken. But you can always sit on the end.” I replied, batting my eyelashes at him.

He sighed and sat on the end of the couch to my right. Obviously deciding that a fight wasn’t worth the trouble. Of course the audience had loved it and were now screaming for more. A large portion seemed to be yelling ‘Fight, Fight, Fight’ in unison with each other. Do they honestly expect us to do that?

“Hey, everyone calm down, they’re not going to fight,” Charlie said, raising his hand to the crowd to silence them. “Now, to start off the interview. How are you boys liking Australia so far?”

“I think its brilliant actually, the weather is amazing and the many people and fans we have met so far were amazing,” Zayn piped up, praising this foreign country. We all nodded our head enthusiastically in agreement.

“Any favourite parts?” Charlie asked

“Well, just being in a new country is great. Especially because none of us have been to Australia before. The beach, the animals, the people. It’s just all great. WE LOVE AUSTRALIA!’ Louis finished off by shouting, causing loud screaming to erupt from the crowd.

“So any chance of a move then?” Charlie said, more for the crowds benefit then ours.

“Oh you never know, maybe in the future we might have a home here.” Harry said, you could practically hear the girl’s hearts stop.

Charlie laughed, knowing that was exactly the right answer. “So, moving on to the more serious questions. Who is single?”

We all looked at each other, always knowing that this question would come into the conversation somehow.

“Ah, actually at the moment we’re all single.” I told Charlie, which started another round of ear shattering screams.

“Seriously boys? No one special?” Charlie was not convinced one bit.

“Seriously, Charlie. There’s no one special.” Liam answered for all of us.

I looked sideways at Liam, just in time to see his eyes dart from me to the crowd. It was extremely subtle, but I noticed his hand, that had been resting on the side of my thigh, pull away and rest securely in his lap. I continued to look at Liam, while Charlie continued with his questions. Questions that our fans had asked him over twitter. I heard bits and pieces of them, but I couldn’t focus on them. What Liam had said hit me. It probably shouldn’t have effected me as much as it did, but it felt like he was saying it to me. That I was no one special. That I was just a once… or twice…. Or three time thing. I pulled my eyes away from the side of his face.

Pull yourself together man, you can’t do this now, you’re over thinking it. Liam was just answering a question, it’s not like he could have said you two are in a relationship. So get over it, stop over analysing everything. Concentrate on the interview, on the questions. And stop worrying.

“Niall? Niall, hello?” I brought my eyes up to find a hand being waved in my face. I looked around to find Charlie, Harry, Zayn and Louis all looking at me with concern. Not Liam though, he just stared out at the crowd.

“Niall! NIALL! What are you doing man?” Louis voice was yelling at me.

“What?” I replied confused.

“Charlie asked you a question, mate. Now are you going to answer, or are you going to sit there in your little dream world?” He asked me, letting out a chuckle at the end.

“Oh, sorry Charlie. Can you repeat that, please?” I asked him, kindly.

“If you had to survive on one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? That was asked by @Elizabeth_Horan.” Charlie asked.

What? Why the hell did they interrupt my train of thought for that? How many times have I been asked this question in an interview? Five? Six times at least. And for gods sake why do the fans insist on putting our lasts names on their first names, I find it irritating and juvenile. Maybe I’m just moody today.

“Ah, I don’t know. There’s just so many to choose from. Probably fried chicken.” I said, it was the first thing that came into my head, so I may as well go with it. It’s probably different to the 5 other times I had answered this question, but I couldn’t even make myself care.

“Well I guess that just about raps up this interview. I just want to say a massive thank you to you boys for being on this show. And we all hope that you have a great time for the rest of your stay in Australia.” Charlie concluded.

We all stood up and shook his hand, telling him thank you as we walked off stage.

“What the hell happened to you!? You just completely spaced out during the interview,” Louis was I think more concerned then angry, I felt bad about it, but what was I meant to say? Oh sorry I was just over analysing Liam’s answer to the ‘Are you single?’ question. And I think his answer was meant for me, to tell me that he doesn’t love me. Oh yeah and by the way we’ve been carrying on a gay relationship since before the Australian tour, I’m sorry for not telling you guys. And I’m sorry for spacing out. Somehow I don’t think that will go down so well.

So instead I opted for. “Sorry, I don’t know what happened. But it wont happen again.” Louis didn’t look convinced but obviously decided to leave it as he gave me a pat on the back and walked to the back of the building towards our bus. Harry smiled at me and Zayn gave me a reassuring pat on the back just like Louis before they followed. Liam started to walk right past me, but I grabbed his hand turning him around.

“Liam, we have to talk.” I said to him.

Liam ripped his hand from mine as if I had shocked him and he didn’t meet my eyes.

“We don’t need to talk about anything, Niall. Now hurry up, or the van will leave.”

And just like that he jogged down the corridor leaving my standing at the door to Studio 2.


another chapter. Thanks to anyone who reads (: I can't wait to finish writing the next few chapters. There's going to be loads of drama, and more depth. I've been waiting forever to write these next chapters, they were my first thoughts when i decided to write this story, it's just taken a while to get to them, so bare with me. I hope you are all enjoying this story so far, because i have enjoyed writing it so much. Please leave feedback for me, if you have any. Any and all is appreciated. I like to know if people actually like the story. Anyway, i'lll have the next to chapters up in the next couple of days, which is exciting. And i hope none of you hate me, for what happens. (: x


Both narry and niam, I tend to lean a bit more towards narry though.

Jayy Jayy

I did <3 Your story is amazing so you are a Niam Horayne shipper,right?

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT

If you read the sequel 'loved you first' there may be a happy ending. But no promises. I hope you enjoyed the story anyway.

Jayy Jayy

No!!!This can't end like this!!! :'( It's a Niam Horayne Fanfic were is the happy ever after? :'( :'( :'(

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT


FREAKING AWESOME when your done with it let me know so i can read it ;)