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Stupid With Love

Everything Is Fine

Liam P.O.V

I stood in line at a coffee shop I had found down the street of our hotel, it was a quite little place, only a few people occupied the coffee tables that filled the store. I looked around grateful that it was a weekday, so no teenage fans came running up to me. Well I assumed they were at school, because I hadn’t seen any around. There were four people in the line ahead of me, and so my mind drifted to him. I was ashamed of the way I had treated him the other day at the interview, but I feel like it’s the best way to handle the situation that we have unfortunately found ourselves in. I can’t touch him. Hell I can’t even look at him. It makes me feel sick to my stomach, to think about being with him. What was wrong with me? To allow this charade to go on for so long. So long that Niall fell in love with me. It’s cruel what I did to him, I led him on, and I made him feel things that I myself would never feel. Not for Niall anyway. I could never feel that for Niall. But does that make me a bad person? No, I don’t think so. I believe it makes me human, I’m allowed to make mistakes, in fact it’s what makes me a human.Making mistakes. It was never my intention to lead him on, but that’s what happened, and I can’t change what happened now. It’s done and gone. It’s in the past.

I finally got to the front of the line and ordered five coffees. Upon getting them, I walked back to the hotel. I decided that I don’t want to do nothing all day, so I walked to Harry’s hotel room and knocked on the door. After a minute a very tired Harry with bed hair pointing in all directions, opened the door.

“We’re all going site seeing.” I announced cheerfully.

All I got in return was a hard stare.

“Liam, do you realise what time it is?” Harry asked, while continuing to look me right in the eyes. As if I had woken him up at some ungodly early hour.

“Ah, 11am?” I replied cautiously.

“What? No it’s not, it can’t be.” He replied, surprised.

“Harry, it’s almost lunch time and I want to go site seeing. Shower, get dressed, whatever you need to do, but we’re all leaving in half an hour.” I told him, handing him one of the five coffees I was carrying. And walked to Louis room.

Louis greeted me the same way, except he knew the time. He seemed rather keen to come site seeing so I handed him a coffee and left him alone to get ready.

“Meet in Harry’s room in half an hour.” I told him, before he closed the door.

Zayn’s room next. He surprised me by already being up and showered. I told him the plan for today and asked him to check were places were and things that we could do on his computer. I handed him his coffee and walked past my room and knocked on his door.

I knocked. And waited. And knocked again. And waited again. On the third knock I yelled “Niall! You alive in there.” I was trying to sound friendly, making a attempt to act like nothing was wrong.

The door swung open, reviling an annoyed Niall in just his boxers. “What do you want?” He asked me, his voice had a hostile edge to it.

“We’re all going site seeing today. Zayn is putting a list together as we speak. So get ready and meet in Harry’s room in half an hour. Here’s your coffee.” I said, still attempting friendliness.

“Whatever.” Was all he said, shutting the door in my face.

I had to stumble back a step, so the door wouldn’t hit me. I left the coffee by his door in case he wanted it. Just remember Liam, keep up the charade, just for a little bit longer. And that’s all I could do. I walked back to Zayn’s room with my coffee to help him pick out our activities for the day.
We decided on; black light mini golf in Docklands, The Eureka tower (The edge), Victoria Markets, Medibank Icehouse, Luna Park in St Kilda, Chill out Ice Lounge, The Zoo and The Wharf Hotel. Thinking that will keep us pretty busy. Half an hour later we walked down the hall to Harry’s room. This time I didn’t bother knocking, the door wasn’t locked so we walked straight in. Niall was sitting at the table and Harry was no where to be seen.

“Hey Zayn, hey Liam. Ah, sorry for shutting the door in your face, you know how I get in the mornings, always cranky. And thanks for the coffee.” He said to me with a smile.

I didn’t smile back, I couldn’t or I was going to cave in. “No problem.” Was all I replied as I walked out of the living room to find Harry.

“Is Louis here yet?” I heard Zayn ask Niall.

“Nah, he said he’d be over in a few minutes.” Niall replied. “You got the list?” He continued, referring to the activity sheet.

Zayn must have shown him, because I heard Niall say that the Mini Golf sounds awesome. I found Harry standing next to his bed, putting on a jacket.

“You ready to go?” I asked him.

“Yeah, just have to find my phone. Louis here yet?” He asked, just as Louis called to us to hurry up from the living room.

“I guess that answered that.” Harry said, laughing.

We walked into the living room to find the other three boys standing by the door, waiting. Louis opened the door and walked out, followed by Zayn, but Niall waited in the room and held the door open for Harry and then for me. Harry gave him a big grin and said thanks, I suddenly became very interested in my shoes and walked straight past him. We took the elevator down, Niall stood next to me. Because of his fear of elevators he always had to touch someone to make sure they were there with him. Unfortunately that some one was me. He tried to grab my hand, from the outside it would have looked innocent enough. But we knew what it was, we had done it so many times before, but this time, I pretended that a button on my shirt had come undone and moved my hand to fix it. Then placing my hand securely in my pocket. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Niall’s eyes water. I couldn’t believe it, he was actually going to cry. What have I done to this boy?

We caught a cab from the front of the hotel and first made our way to Docklands. The Cabie found the Mini Golf place easy enough and we filed inside. After 3 games of 18 holes each we decided it was time to leave, Harry was becoming cocky after he won 2 of the 3 possible games that we played and I wanted to get away from that as soon as possible.

“What’s the closest thing on our list to the golf?” I asked Zayn, as he pulled out the piece of paper.

“Ah, that would be the markets. It says it’s only two blocks from here, so we should just walk it.” He answered, putting the paper back in his pocket.

Harry, Zayn and Louis walked in front and talked about the amazing hole-in-one’s they all got, while Niall and I walked at the back. He swing his arm over my shoulder and I instantly stiffened at the contact. Sensing this he quickly move his arm away.

“Liam, what’s wrong?” He asked me. I looked sideways and saw he was staring at his shoes.

“Niall, I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about.” I answered him, pretending to be clueless.

“Oh really? Then why is it, you wont let me touch you, and when I do, you flinch? What have I done that could be so bad?” I could tell by the tone of his voice that this was hard for him. He wanted this relationship to work. But I knew it wouldn’t. For a relationship to work you both have to want it, and I didn’t. So it was going nowhere.

“Niall, seriously I don’t know what you’re talking about. Everything is fine. Stop worrying. We’re almost there, just try to enjoy yourself.” I was getting frustrated with him. I walked ahead and caught up with the other three as they entered the market, leaving Niall behind.

After a considerable amount of time at the markets we moved on, first to the Zoo, then the ice rink. Ending our day at the Wharf hotel, looking over the river. It was an excellent finish to a great day. It would have been perfect, however Niall was in a sour mood since the market. What is his problem? I chose to handle the situation by ignoring him. I felt his eyes on me the whole time, but not once did I glance over. I would not give him the satisfaction.

We were in the middle of a conversation about the next leg of our tour when Niall abruptly shoved his chair back and walked out the door.

“What’s his problem?” Louis asked all of us.

“Wouldn’t have a clue, he’s been upset since the market.” Harry counted back.

“Yeah, since he talked to you Liam. Did you guys argue or something?” Louis asked me directly.

“Nah, we just talked, I have no idea what’s wrong with him.” I replied, trying my best to look innocent.


okay, next chapter will be much more interesting. Liam's being a real dick..

anyway, thanks for reading. Always look forward to hearing you're feedback and thoughts (:


Both narry and niam, I tend to lean a bit more towards narry though.

Jayy Jayy

I did <3 Your story is amazing so you are a Niam Horayne shipper,right?

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT

If you read the sequel 'loved you first' there may be a happy ending. But no promises. I hope you enjoyed the story anyway.

Jayy Jayy

No!!!This can't end like this!!! :'( It's a Niam Horayne Fanfic were is the happy ever after? :'( :'( :'(

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT


FREAKING AWESOME when your done with it let me know so i can read it ;)