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Stupid With Love

Standing On The Edge

Niall P.O.V.

I am standing on the edge of the roof. I’m crying and my body is shaking. I’m looking up at the stars and wondering what the point was to everything. Wondering if I really did make a change in the world, or if I just thought I did. It’s like I told Harry, the world will keep spinning even when we are gone. Harry. Harry should be showing up anytime now to talk me off the ledge. Where is he? Suddenly I was falling, but this time I was falling forwards off the roof. As I fell I heard a faint cry from above me, I’m pretty sure it was someone calling my name, but I couldn’t make it out clearly over the wind rushing past my ears. I didn’t scream. Why aren’t I screaming? The building is a blur of light as I fall past it. The ground is getting closer and closer and there was no way I could stop my descent. It was in that moment that I knew I couldn’t be saved, that Harry was the one on the roof calling out my name. But he was too late. He will always be too late. I closed my eyes as the ground got too close, just before I knew I would hit it everything went black.

I sat upright, startled out of my nightmare. I was cold and sweaty. I lie back down and stare up at the ceiling, thinking about the dream. I tried to roll over but I was stopped by a figure next to me, a figure that was snoring softly. Harry’s arm was thrown over my body, as if he was trying to protect me from my dreams. He wasn’t. The room was still dark, leaning over harry I saw that it was 3:46am. I lifted his arm off me, and got out of the bed. I pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt and walked out of the hotel room. I need to see Liam.

I knocked on his door. And waited. I knocked again, three sharp taps. Finally I heard footsteps on the other side of the door. The door opened slowly and a girl with bleached blonde hair stood on the other side of it.

“Well where is it?” she asked, looking behind me. She was wearing on of Liam’s shirts; she was short enough so that it covered everything from her shoulders to the middle of her thighs.

“Excuse me?” I asked, completely confused.

“You are room service aren’t you? We ordered some food, and we’ve been waiting forever, so where is it?” she asked again, looking annoyed.

“I’m not room service. Where is Liam?” I couldn’t stand to look at her anymore.

“He’s in the bedroom,” she said, studying me. I tried to push past her, but she stopped me, closing the door a little more.

“Just what do you think you are doing? Who are you?” she asked me.

“I’m someone who I thought meant something to him once upon a time,” I replied.

“Babe. Who’s at the door? Is room service finally here?” I heard Liam shout from somewhere in the hotel room.

“I don’t know. It’s some guy who wants to see you,” she shouted back.

I heard more footsteps and in a minute Liam was standing in front of me. I just started at him, anger written all over my face.

“Oh Niall. What are you doing here?” he asked me.

“I ah-, I was coming to tell you that I’m staying in Australia with Harry for a while. But now I don’t understand why seeing as you’re clearly busy. So I’ll just be leaving,” I told him, turning away.

“Are you and Harry like a thing now? Are you going around to all the guys in the band, giving them each a turn?” he asked his voice like ice.

“You don’t get to ask me that. You lost the right to ask me that kind of question when you cheated on me,” I said to him, turning back around to face him.

“Yes Niall, I cheated on you. You need to get over it already. We were never exclusive, we never had rules. You never said I can’t go out and fuck someone else and I never said you couldn’t,” he said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Do you even know what a relationship is Liam? Just because something like that isn’t actually said, does not mean that you can do it. Have a heart Liam,” I shouted at him. “You know what, you two deserve each other,” I said, gesturing to the girl who was looking completely taken aback standing next to Liam. “But if she is naïve enough to believe that she is going to get anything from you after tonight, she can forget about it right now. God knows I’ve been down that path,” I finished.

“That’s not my fault,” was all he said.

“Of course it’s your fault Liam,” I shouted again. I heard doors in the corridor opening, Louis, Zayn and Harry all stuck their heads out, confused as to what was going on in front of them.

“Can you guys quieten down, it’s 4:00 in the morning and some of us have a long flight to catch in the morning,” Louis said, annoyance in his voice.

I had had enough, “Louis shut the fuck up,” I turned and shouted at him.

He was taken aback by my words and shut his mouth.

“Niall just leave it. He’s not worth it, you know this,” Harry said to my calmly.

I walked up to Liam, stood on my tiptoes and placed my lips close to his ear, he flinched back but I grabbed his shirt and pulled him back to me.

“You don’t deserve anyone,” I whispered in his ear.

I pulled back from him, his eyes wide. I looked him right in the face for a moment and turned around, walking back to harry. It was at that moment that the girl Liam was with decided to speak up.

“What going on here?” she asked. Everyone ignored her.

Harry looked at me, sympathy written all over his face, I just gave him a sad half smile. He moved to the side so that I could enter my room and go back to bed.

“He’s not worth it, Niall. Just forget about him,” Harry said as I passed him.

“I wish I could,” was all I said as I walked into the bedroom, climbing under the covers and willing myself to sleep. Harry hadn’t followed me.

I could hear noise outside, so I pulled the blanket over my face to try and block it out. It wasn’t helping, the noise got louder, and someone was banging on my door.

“What do you think you’re doing, Liam? Leave him alone, and just go. You’ve already screwed your relationship with him up, don’t make it any worse,” I heard Harry say forcefully. But the banging continued.

I ripped the blanket off of me and walked towards my door. I pulled it open, to find Louis and Zayn holding Harry back, and Liam standing by his door telling the girl he was with to leave. They all noticed me standing there.

“What the fuck is your problem, Liam? Leave me alone,” I shouted at him. I looked around at every single one of them, stepped out of my room, slammed my door and ran down to the lift. I couldn’t deal with it; I had to get out of there.

“Get off me, I need to make sure he’s okay,” Harry yelled, in the distance. I heard footsteps running after me, so I picked up the speed. I ran down the hallway, down the stairs, through the lobby and onto the street. I could still hear Harry. I ducked down an alley way, and stood panting against the brick wall. But it didn’t help, I saw Harry slow at the mouth of the alley and turn towards me, I stared at him, hoping that it was too dark for him to see me. To my disappointment he started walking towards me; I slid down the wall and sat, with my back hard against it. I silently cursed the tears that were streaming down my cheeks. Harry knelt down in front of me; I looked up to find him staring at me.

“I can’t go back there, Harry. I can’t face any of them,” I sobbed.

“It’s okay, Niall. We’ll go back when you’re ready. They would have gone back to their rooms by now anyway,” he said. “But I think we need to get out of this alleyway.”

I nodded and we stood. Harry didn’t take me back to the hotel, instead he took me to a park a little ways down the road and sat me down on a bench. He immediately started talking about how stupid Liam was being, and asking how he could have done this. I listened to him for a bit, placing my head on his shoulder, making a comment where it was necessary, but mostly I just let him talk. His slow, raspy voice was slowly lulling me to sleep. And it wasn’t long before I was drifting into unconsciousness and thinking, ‘Harry will make someone so happy one day.’




anyways, thank you for reading. and let me know what you guys think (:


Both narry and niam, I tend to lean a bit more towards narry though.

Jayy Jayy

I did <3 Your story is amazing so you are a Niam Horayne shipper,right?

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT

If you read the sequel 'loved you first' there may be a happy ending. But no promises. I hope you enjoyed the story anyway.

Jayy Jayy

No!!!This can't end like this!!! :'( It's a Niam Horayne Fanfic were is the happy ever after? :'( :'( :'(

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT


FREAKING AWESOME when your done with it let me know so i can read it ;)