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Stupid With Love

Breaking Out

Liam P.O.V

Australia. We were finally here, as soon as we stepped off the private jet in Sydney the humidity pushed it’s self against us. We started to walk towards the terminal to collect the bags and already I could feel the sweat trickling its way down my back. But we were finally here. As soon as we stepped through the terminal doors we came face to face with about fifty security guards.

“Where only here for your safety. We’ll have to lead you through the back doors of the airport though there is a giant mob out the front just waiting for you guys. We’ve already put your bags in the van” The security guard who looked like he was in charge quickly said to us.

I was so happy to hear those words that I almost hugged him. As much as I love the fans we just got off an extremely long flight, we were all jet lagged and we weren’t exactly in the mood to pose for pictures and sign autographs. Mostly I just wanted to be with Niall, we hadn’t talked much on the flight but that was mostly my fault, I was in my own little world and as much as they all tried to get me out of it, they couldn’t. But I’m okay, right now I just wanted to feel his small but strong arms around me, then everything would feel alright.

We made our way out the back doors and piled into the black van that was patiently waiting for us. It was a short drive to the hotel and we all pretty much stayed silent. The hotel wasn’t anything special like some that we had stayed in, but they told us it was 5-star, and it’s not like I’m complaining, I just wanted a bed to sleep in. We each got given a key to our rooms. I walked down the corridor to room 519, put the key in the lock, turned it and collapsed straight onto my bed.

I heard a loud knocking on my door and I pried my eyes open to look at the time, 8pm. Wow, I had slept almost 4 hours. How did that happen? The knocking continued.

“I’m coming. Hold on!” I shouted at the unwelcome knocking.

I unlocked the door and peeked through it, Louis, Harry and Zayn stood on the other side of the door. I opened it up fully.
“Oh by all means, come in.” I said sarcastically as they barged their way past me.
“Where going out, hurry up and get dressed.” Louis said
“Where are we going?” I asked confused. “We don’t have any band things on tonight or tomorrow.”

“Exactly, so we are going to take full advantage of that and go clubbing.” Harry said, which a big grin on his face.

“Alright give me 15minutes and I’ll be ready to go.” I said as I raced off to the shower.

“Take your time mate, Niall went and got food and he’s bringing it back here for us.” Louis yelled after me.

Oh so that’s were Niall was, I decided to take my time just like they said. I got to the shower and started the water and removed my wrinkled clothes slowly and stepped under the hot stream. I stood there letting it wash over my skin. After what seemed like an adequate time I stepped out and grabbed the towel. Realising I had left all my clothes in my room I wrapped another towel around my waste and walked out drying my hair. I got dressed and went to meet the other boys in the lounge room. I could see Niall had returned with the food, Nandos of all things. How did he even find one here so quickly? I walked forward and sat down at the spear seat next to Niall, he looked extremely happy to see me.

“Liam!” He said excitedly.

“Hey mate.” I replied without missing a beat, while I slapped him on the back. It had only been 5 hours since I’d seen him, but I really did miss him. That probably wasn’t a good thing, but for now I didn’t care.

We ate while Louis cracked jokes that weren’t even funny, while Niall laughed as loud as he possibly could. You couldn’t help but love the boy, his laughing was contagious, and once he started laughing you just had to laugh right along with him. We finished the food and started to make our way downstairs.

“Guys, we have to be quiet in this part because we kind of have to sneak past Paul and the other guards to get outside.” Louis said quietly with a glint in his eyes.

“WHAT? Why?” I said loudly.

“Because they won’t allow us to go out and party unless we are already out and it’s too late for them to do anything about it. They won’t know were to find us. Come on Liam, its part of the thrill.” Louis whispered, still smiling.

“For you maybe.” I muttered.
“Come on, Babe. It’s exciting, just try and enjoy it. Once were out the doors we can do anything we want, without having to worry about the bodyguards.” Niall stood on his tiptoes to whisper in my ear. I glanced over to him and smiled when I saw him grinning at me. We got out of the elevator that led into the lobby and Louis quickly did a hilarious commando crawl to the wall that would hide us from the people in the lobbies view. He looked up and gave us a thumbs up indicating for us to do the same. We each gave him a variation of the same look to say no, and that wiped the grin off his face.

“You guys are no fun.” He said as he fake pouted.

We all just laughed and how easy he became disappointed. Louis ducked his head around the corner to check if the coast was clear.
He look back at us and said “okay, me and harry will go out first, wait for my signal and then Liam and Niall you come out and then Zayn.”

We all nodded. As an after thought he said “Damn, If only we had walky talkies, that would be so much better. Oh well, I’ll remember that for next time.” He rounded the corner and harry followed. Niall, Zayn and I looked around the corner as we waited and saw Louis walking with his back against the wall looking around frantically for someone who might spot them and give them away. Little did he know that he was making himself look extremely suspicious, but it was hilarious to watch I had to admit. I looked over to Harry, who was walking with his shoulders slumped and one hand over his face, he looked so embarrassed.
They got to the front revolving doors, and I realised Louis hadn’t told us what the signal was. I looked over at them trying to figure out what it could be, when an alarm started blaring in my ear and I saw Louis and Harry frantically waving at Zayn, Niall and I. We ran through the frantic lobby and out the revolving doors and met up with Louis and Harry.

“That was your signal! The fire alarm! Seriously? Very subtle” I yelled at Louis.

“Well it worked didn’t it?” He said alarmed at my outburst.

“Come on, let’s just go to the club.” I said as I started to walk off towards the lights assuming that’s the direction we would be heading.


Both narry and niam, I tend to lean a bit more towards narry though.

Jayy Jayy

I did <3 Your story is amazing so you are a Niam Horayne shipper,right?

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT

If you read the sequel 'loved you first' there may be a happy ending. But no promises. I hope you enjoyed the story anyway.

Jayy Jayy

No!!!This can't end like this!!! :'( It's a Niam Horayne Fanfic were is the happy ever after? :'( :'( :'(

Liam_is_HOT Liam_is_HOT


FREAKING AWESOME when your done with it let me know so i can read it ;)