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To Help Thy Directioners (Reviews and More)


So I'm going to act out like an editor would do.

The first chapters will be to helpful tips on writing and making your story a little bit better. The chapters after that will be if you need help on any of the below:

1.) reviews, helping you to try and make your stories well made.
2.) editing, if you want to send me chapters before you post, I'll edit them to make sure they have proper grammer and punctuation so people won't complain.
3.) storry ideas, if you have an idea but don't know if it will do good or not, send me the idea and I'll let you know or help with it to make it better.
4.) character ideas, characters are essential in a story, I'll help with you to not create pointless characters.
5.) cover title, a story needs a good cover on this site unfortunately, and I can help with that if needed.
6.) any other help you may need that isn't listed.

in the comments below or in messages, leave your name /username of the account I'm helping with, what number of the section above you want me to help with, and /or any other stuff you want me to know or help with.


  1. First step: Is you Admitting you are a Beginner

    introduction to helpful tips in writing

  2. First Chapter is everything, think of it as gold

  3. Starting Your Story

  4. Description

    very important role in good stories

  5. 13 Going 30


  6. Point of Views

    helpful for a lot of people on his site

  7. Don't Burn Out

    @Hopless Directioner

  8. Tongue Tied


  9. Characters

    if you need help with characters

  10. Character Development


Hey, I would like my story to get reviewed, so I can see where I might have any flaws in my writing, or just an overall "how good is this story", ya know? My readers aren't leaving me a lot of comments, and I really want an outside opinion on my story. It is called "The Job That Changed It All". Harry fanfic. Thank you!


" Change My Mind"

Jasper_Renee_II Jasper_Renee_II

What story? You have 3 on it

bananabreeana bananabreeana

Number 6 I just want to know of my fanfic is any good, it's my first, I'm trying to get all the opinion on it I can. I was wondering if you could give me a rate on it. My name is Lindzey, and my username is @Lindzeyluvs1d.
Thamks love!!!

Jasper_Renee_II Jasper_Renee_II

Can you review my story:In-Her-Mind?


Joint-lit Joint-lit