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Hey Jude I & II


Jude Pierce is finally making her dream trip to London to attend a two day concert tribute to The Beatles. Her love for the band and the city is soon overtaken by a simple request from none other than Harry Styles, whom she briefly meets upon her first night in town.

Question is . . .

How many seconds would it take you to say yes, if Harry Styles asked you to play his girlfriend for a night . . . or two?

Hey Jude 3


Billy Martin

Billy Martin

22, Kaycee's cousin and guitarist for Skewed Lines *Book II*

Calvin (Cal) Aurand

Calvin (Cal) Aurand

51, Cinematographer and One Direction's Photographer

Carly Robinson

Carly Robinson

22, Jude's classmate

Gemma Styles

Gemma Styles

24, Harry's sister

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

20, 1/5 One Direction :)

Jude Pierce

Jude Pierce

21, main character, about to graduate with a degree in Journalism

Kaycee Jones

Kaycee Jones

20, singer of Skewed Lines *Book II*

Linda Oldham

Linda Oldham

25, friend in London

Lou Teasdale

Lou Teasdale

31, mom and hairstylist

Roger Tates

Roger Tates

32, friend and professor

Ron and Tammy Pierce

Ron and Tammy Pierce

Jude's Parents

Troy Benson

Troy Benson

20, drummer of Skewed Lines *Book II*

Zac Gauthier

Zac Gauthier

21, Kaycee's boyfriend. Bassist and Vocals of Skewed Lines *Book II*


  1. I'm Jude

  2. No Holding Back

  3. Good Night <3

    Friendly Midnight Foreplay

  4. You Left

    Misunderstandings and assumptions

  5. Shoot Me Dead <3

    Hungry Parts

  6. Late Play Date 1 <3

  7. Late Play Date 2 <3

  8. London Awaits

  9. Two Days

    Just visiting

  10. Kiss Me Slowly <3

    I'm sorry

  11. Is This Real?

  12. Funky Buddha

  13. Let Me Hold Your Hand

  14. The Greatest Ordinary Day

  15. Carnal Flowers <3

    Basically the whole chapter centers around sexual frustration. You are warned :)

  16. Reckless

  17. Public Confessions

    Who is this new girl?

  18. Aftermath

    Now that the news is out . . .

  19. Lazy Lovin' <3

    You know the pattern. One day sweet, the next day . . . extra spicy.

  20. Lucky Fan

    A "regular" day in the office.

  21. Dirty Harry 1

    How is Harry so naughty and sweet?

  22. Dirty Harry 2 <3

    Harry's sexual instincts might be a little much for Jude this time

  23. Never Fake An Accent

    Don't underestimate Harry's prankster side

  24. The Best Surprise

    Last Day in London

  25. See You Soon

    Goodbyes are always hard.

  26. He's All I See

    Back Home

  27. Sperm Donor

    FaceTime Chat

  28. The Ugly Beauty of Fame

    Strange days are bound to happen

  29. I Don't Like Him

    Friend meets Boyfriend

  30. What Wouldn't I Do

    When insecurities take a toll

  31. Love, Sex and Fairy Tales 1

    L.A. skies aren't as blue as London's

  32. Love, Sex and Fairy Tales 2

    The bitter taste of the spotlight

  33. Love, Sex and Fairy Tales 3 <3

    Needing vs. wanting

  34. You Make Me

    Music Video

  35. This Is Nuts <3

    The highs and lows of a protective relationship

  36. Weird Feeling

  37. Adorable Idiot <3

    Breakfast and backs against the floor.

  38. Unfathomably Happy

    Wonderful birthday continues

  39. Sweet Submission

    last night blues

  40. Twisted Reality <3

    What if. . .

  41. Permanent

    Some changes happen for the better some are far worse

  42. 6 months

    One day apart seems like forever, imagine months.

  43. The Coward Behind The Desk

    Some truths are better not revealed

  44. Twenty Two

    The end of a chapter

  45. **BOOK II**

    Characters and Summary

  46. Home Is Where Our Bed Is 1

    Lovers reunite

  47. Home Is Where Our Bed Is 2 <3

    I spend her love...

  48. The Code <3

    Harry and Jude's inside joke

  49. Dressed To Impress

    Schmuck can't take a hint

  50. Mr. Darcy vs. Mr.Grey

    Dreams and role playing.

  51. Acting 1

    Everyone plays a part

  52. Acting 2 <3

    And the winner is...

  53. Body Snatcher <3

    When love turns a darker shade of red.

  54. Turbulence

    The comparing sting

  55. Breathe Slowly

    A Dark Day

  56. Balcony Romance 1

    Heads or Tails?

  57. Balcony Romance 2 <3

    "A little birdy told me"

  58. Skewed Lines

    The first performance

  59. Let's Get Wet

    Last day in Brazil

  60. 69 Ways To Love You

    Next stop . . .

  61. Holmes Sweet Home

    We are family.

  62. Motorcycle Drive By

    A lil more in love each day.

  63. Au Naturel 1 <3

    A kiss of what's to come

  64. Au Naturel 2 <3

    A GRAPHIC love scene

  65. Blind

    After all this time

  66. It's Not Over

    An awaited moment

  67. Good Morning

    The first glimpse of him

  68. Swapping Styles

    Girls Day Out

  69. Love In The Air <3

    A sensual sleeping aid

  70. Graduation Day 1

    Let the ceremony begin

  71. Graduation Day 2

    Curiosity strikes again

  72. Unarmed

    "Harry, I'm afraid."

  73. Full Moon

    Warning sign

  74. Steam 1 <3

    Backseat heat

  75. Steam 2 <3


  76. Goodbye Love <3

    Is the dream better than reality?

  77. Testing Testing

    The First Visit

  78. Find A Way

    The Song

  79. Unknowingly

    About last night...

  80. Old Antics

    What's Jude to believe?

  81. Greater Faith

    Not by sight but by love

  82. And I Love Her

    2 months together

  83. Red Wings <3

    A bloody mess

  84. Fight Or Flight

    Truth Hurts

  85. Big Wknd

    Back to back concerts

  86. Love and Paint

    A fun rehearsal

  87. Animal

    distorted content

  88. I Dos and Regrets

    The contrast of a beautiful day and the poison of the worst.

  89. All The Answers

    To know and do what needs to be done.

  90. Thank You

    The best times

  91. **Hey Jude 3**

    She is up. Link here!

  92. *Jude's Private Blog*

    The day after and the woes to come...

  93. *Jude's Private Blog* 2

    A day to go down in history

  94. One Last Thing


  95. ***Update***

    More chapters

  96. Hey Jude III Update

    Chapter 14: Delicate Lust

  97. Hey Jude III : Chapter 20



85............why am i commenting on dirty things!

harrysbutthole harrysbutthole

48 Is really kinky......but im still readidng it

harrysbutthole harrysbutthole

ok so chapter 35 tells me how to cup nuts...ok

harrysbutthole harrysbutthole

woow not even half of the book and there already fucking!! chapter 6 and 5 are the reason i don't have a boyfriend :(

harrysbutthole harrysbutthole

Hey! Could you please answer me on Whattpad? I would be so honored to translate your amazing fanfiction into Russian.

SonyaDr SonyaDr