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You Only Find Love Once


Michaela Lee and Niall Horan. Best friends since birth. Both parents went to college together and had no idea that they would end up living next door to each other in Mullingar, Ireland. When Carol fell pregnant with Michaela only two months after Maura fell pregnant with Niall, they knew that their children would be best friends but had no idea it would be a boy and girl best friend relationship. When Niall and Michaela were born, they didn’t go one day without seeing each other. And that’s when the best friend relationship started between the two. They became Inseparable.

Around early childhood, Niall and Michaela did everything together from holidays, birthdays and even Christmas. Niall and Michaela developed a cute little relationship, always taking care of each other, always protecting each other. When the two got to the age of ten, both parents started to tease them about the relationship. Always saying the typical stuff ‘you two look so cute together’ or ‘I can’t wait for your wedding’. It always got them think though about their future, even at a young age. But they didn’t let that get in the way of their happiness and stayed as best friends.

In teenage years, where the two was in secondary school, the teasing got worse. Parents teased them in front of friends and then in got into school. Both their friends started tease them and tell them how good they looked together. When Michaela got to the age of 15 she got bullied because she had to have braces on her teeth. Michaela got bullied on a daily basis but always got protected from Niall. Niall never let Michaela bet upset about anything, especially when it came to boys or boyfriends. That’s when Niall became the over protective boy best friend.

At prom was when the love started. Niall and Michaela both had little crushes on each other but never though anything would get serious until prom night. Niall and Michaela both had dates but weren’t happy with their dates because secretly they wanted to be each other’s date but were too scared of telling each other. That night Michaela date cheated on her with some blonde at her school and obviously Niall didn’t take this well. Niall ditched his own date for Michaela and gave her date and broken nose and a black eye after what he did to Michaela. But when Niall got back to Michaela she was so upset and vulnerable that Niall had to go comfort her at the time of need. But that night they both shared a passionate kiss and that’s when Niall realised he wanted to Michaela walked down the aisle at his wedding and that’s when Michaela knew she wanted Niall on one knee proposing to her. But they didn’t tell anyone about the kiss and talked about the kiss and decided just to ignore it. Both too scared to admit their feelings for each other but will that come between them ?



Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry has always been the cheeky one and won't change. Harry and Olivia his girlfriend was set up together by Michaela nearly two years ago. Good friends with Michaela and loves to tease her about her relationship with Niall.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

Liam is of course the smart, sensible and responsible one of the band. Liam is very confused with his emotions concerning love, constently having something new on his mind about it. Good friends with Michaela and loves to tease her about her relationship with Niall.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Louis is alsoo very cheeky like Harry but is deffiantly more sassy. Louis was set up with his girlfriend Eleanor two years ago by Michaela. Best friends with Michaela and loves her company. Loves to tease her about her relationship with Niall.

Michaela Lee

Michaela Lee

Michaela is just a free spirit. She can be classed as a lot of things when it comes to her personality. She diffiantly has a split personality. Best friends with Niall since birth. Has had a big secret since his prom night that he has been hiding. Gets teased by the band and her friends because of her relationship with Niall. Also a professioanl dancer

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Niall the irish heart throb obviosuly, the charming one that loves to joke around. Best friends since birth with Michaela. Has had a big secret since his prom night that he has been hiding. Gets teased by all the band because of his relationship with Michaela.

Olivia Church

Olivia Church

Olivia is defiantly the party animal, one if the reasons why her and Michaela get on so well. Got set up with Harry two years ago by Michaela. Been friends with Michaela since five years old. Loves to tease her and Niall about their relationship.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Zayn is usually names the quiet one but is actually very silly and stupid behind closed doors. Has been engadged to Perrie since This Is Us premiere. Good friends with Michaela and loves to tease her about her relationship with Niall.




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