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The End is Approaching [PAUSED]


Destiny Baker.

Harry Styles.

Everything – and everyone – in between.

Tragic turn of events. Heartaches. And unanswered questions.

Did Destiny actually lose herself to Owen? What does Owen have with Destiny? What’s going to happen to Harry? Will he ever be happy, again? What about the girls? Have they lost their best friend, forever? What ticked off Mr Baker so bad that he had to, nearly kill, Harry?

Start reading to find out the answers!

Check out Book 1, if you haven't already: Moving to England

Banner Credits to starship. Check out her current story: Blossom!


01) Destiny Baker

01) Destiny Baker

Played by: Emily Rudd

02) Harry Styles

02) Harry Styles

Played by: Harry Styles

03) Owen Stiller

03) Owen Stiller

Played by: Cole Sprouse

04) Bella Thorn

04) Bella Thorn

Played by: Hailee Steinfield

05) June Bush

05) June Bush

Played by: Elle Fanning

06) Niall Horan

06) Niall Horan

Played by: Niall Horan

07) Ally Thomas

07) Ally Thomas

Played by: Mia Mitchell

08) Liam Payne

08) Liam Payne

Played by: Liam Payne

09) Mabel Miles

09) Mabel Miles

Played by: Selena Gomez

10) Zayn Malik

10) Zayn Malik

Played by: Zayn Malik

11) Elizabeth Maxwell

11) Elizabeth Maxwell

Played by: Hilary Duff

12) Louis Tomlinson

12) Louis Tomlinson

Played by: Louis Tomlinson

13) Jeanie Cooper

13) Jeanie Cooper

Played by: Brittany Snow

14) Granny Smith (Annie Smith)

14) Granny Smith (Annie Smith)

Played by: Maggie Smith

15) Faith (Johnson) Baker

15) Faith (Johnson) Baker

Played by: Jessica Alba

16) David Baker

16) David Baker

Played by: Patrick Galen Dempsey

17) Neal Cassidy

17) Neal Cassidy

Played by: Chris Collins

18) Amanda Key

18) Amanda Key

Played by: Anna Camp

19) Josh White

19) Josh White

Played by: Dylan O'Brien

20) Allen Hawks

20) Allen Hawks

Played by: Cameron Boyce


  1. One - The Beginning of the End

    //I hate that I’m in love with her//

  2. Two - The Other Side

    //All I do is think of him//

  3. Three - Moving On

    //I hate everything//

  4. Four - Sign of the Times

    //She made her choice. She is gone//

  5. Five - Everything Has Changed

    //Were we bad friends//

  6. Six - New Beginnings

    //There’s a new person//

  7. Seven - Forgive; Forget

    //This is what you wanted//

  8. Eight - Change

    //This year just got a lot better//

  9. Nine - Guilty

    //You did this to me. I hate you//

  10. Ten - Humorous Pain

    //I need answers//

  11. Eleven - Anger and Destruction

    //We would’ve died for you//

  12. Twelve - Ying-Yang

    //My fucking guardian angel//

  13. Thirteen - Broken Promises

    //She was suppose to be my one true love//

  14. Fourteen - Pain-Relief

    //Pain. Hell. Suffering. Blood//

  15. Fifteen - Breaking the Vow of Silence

    //I still don't care. I shouldn't care. I won't care//

  16. Sixteen - Toxic Air

    //We need to talk//

  17. Seventeen - The Game of Love

    //Two can play this, “I don’t give a damn” game//

  18. Eighteen - Death is the End

    //The truth, Owen? You don’t want me to say the truth//

  19. Nineteen - More Broken Hearts

    //That night it wasn’t only my heart that was broken, but my parents as well//

  20. Twenty - Different Times

    //Who, the fuck, are you, even, now//

  21. Twenty-One - Money. Power. Fear.

    //Their Pandora boxes opened, sending each word full speed ahead to shatter their souls into a million pieces//

  22. Twenty-Two - Dishonesty & Justice

    //GA. Guardian Angel - Pickles//

  23. Twenty-Three - Fear

    //The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive//

  24. Twenty-Four - Life Lessons

    //Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime//

  25. Twenty-Five - Abuse

    //The freedom my country promised me, where is it at//

  26. Twenty-Six – Mysteries

    //It’s going to be a Girls ask Boys, Ball//

  27. Twenty-Seven - Sweet Treats

    //Rocky Road and Vanilla, please//

  28. Twenty-Eight - Agony

    //Destiny? What’s wrong? Are you okay//

  29. Twenty-Nine - Switching Things Up

    //Are they trying to break up relationships//

  30. Thirty - Pre-Party

    //My perfectly painted nails traced the outline of my cleavage//

  31. Thirty-One – Dance With Me, Darling

    //So, tell me a little about yourself, Curly//

  32. Thirty-Two – Recollections

    //Anxiety. Nervous wreck. Everything wrapped in immense happiness//

  33. Moving to Wattpad!

    The adventure continues ... on a different website.


Please update sooooonnn i’m dying to know about the whole storyyyyyy omg LOVE IT!

shinta arian shinta arian

Amazing woah!!! This is getting so good!

megsworld megsworld

Is that a "woah thats amazing" woah, or a "woah thats really bad" woah ...?

Jeeeeeeez the first chapter is strong! I'm probably, and hopefully going to catch up in like to days. Ohh, I just can't wait to see what happens! Great story! Love you <3

BlackoutSilence BlackoutSilence


megsworld megsworld