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The End is Approaching [PAUSED]

Twenty-Seven - Sweet Treats

*Destiny’s POV*
*Tuesday Afterschool*

“Hey, Mr William!” I exclaimed, entering the ice cream shop. I took off my large black military Parka, and hooked it on the walls, alongside the other winter coats. Pulling up the bright pink cotton socks I had on underneath my brown Suede ankle boots, I checked the time on my grey watch. I strayed out the light ginger coloured soft fringed large blanket shawl I had on, on top of my comfy brown turtleneck sweater. Checking my the two little buns I had created on top of my head, I brushed the snow off my light cream coloured Ivory Velvet jeans.

“Hi, Destiny, love. Listen, I’ll talk to you in a little while. I’ve got my hands full. Justin is late. AGAIN! I can’t even fire that boy. I need him so bad. Oh dear, sit down. I’ll be back soon with your regular okay?” Mr William exclaimed, out of breath, as he ran around the store serving all of his too many customers.

You’d think this place would get a slowler rush during the winter, seeing it was an ice cream shop, after all.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. Take your time.” I insisted, making myself comfy in the corner of the room.

Orders were taken feverishly and then shouted across to the kitchen. Excitement reigned as Mr William ran hither and thither to fill the orders, taking over Justin’s duties as a waiter, as well as helping the one cook in the kitchen.

“Jeez, so many customers on a winter day, at an ice cream store. Mr William should really put into hiring more people. He can’t possibly think he will last any longer like this.” I say, to myself.

I noticed the long line of customer growing impatient as they waited for their tables. It’s not as if all the tables were taken it's just that there wasn’t anyone to lead them there.

Deciding to take matters into my own hands. I stalked up behind the counter, pulled on an apron, which clearly needed much improvement, and grabbed a couple menus and a notepad, while Mr William was busy in the kitchen preparing the orders.

“Hello. Welcome to The Frozen Spoon! Do you need a seat for three?” I began, smiling brightly to the first customers in line. It was a lovely family of three – a mother, father and a little boy, who looked about six or seven-years-old.

“Finally!” The mother sighed out.

“Yes, please. A table for three.” The father smiled brightly.

“Right this way,” I say, leading them to a small table in the corner of the room fit for four people. “Here are your menus. Please call me once you have decided on what you would like. Also, we apologise greatly for the long wait. There has been a delay in some of the waiter’s arrivals.”

“Thank you so much.” The mother nods.

I repeat the task for the next three groups of people waiting in line, leaving about three tables empty. I was just about to start on the taking everyone’s orders, as a large group of friends enter the shop.

“Wait, please,” I say, without looking at them, as I rush to the first family to take their orders.

“Hello, I’m so sorry for the wait. What will it be today?” I say, holding up the notepad and ready to write down the order. I scribbled down the table number, as I listened to them.

“No, no. No worries at all. To be honest, you were pretty fast, faster than the usual waiter, actually. Plus, you’re much prettier than him.” The mother smiled at me.

“Oh.” I blushed, “Thank you so much.”

“So I’ll be having a waffle cone.” The mother starts.

“Single or double scoop?”



“Rocky Road and Vanilla.” The mother finishes, with a smile.

“Alright, and you sir?” I started, turning my attention to the father.

“Uhm, a sundae please.” The father began.

“Waffle or no,” I asked.

“Mhm. Yes, waffle. Two scoops of chocolate and one scoop of vanilla ice cream, as well.” He quickly adds.

“Would you like peanuts added?”

“No thank you.”

“Whip cream?” I asked. The father turns his attention to his son who was nodding his head frantically.

“Yes.” He chuckled, “I’m sharing with my son.”

“Alright then. One waffle ice cream cone, two scoops of rocky road ice cream and vanilla ice cream for mommy. And a waffle sundae boat, with three scoops, two chocolates, and one vanilla, with whip cream for the father and son. Correct?”

“Yes! Thank you!” The mother nods, as she hands me the used-menus.

“Wonderful! Your order will be here shortly.” I smiled at the family, before rushing to the counter. “Order up!” I shout, ringing the bell on the counter and I placed the order slip next to it. Rushing to the three other waiting tables, I took their orders and rushed it to the counter.

*Mr. William’s POV*

“I’m exhausted,” I panted, prepping the five orders I had at hand, with my one and only cook, Yosuph Saha. “My gosh, I can’t even imagine the long line up that must have formed at the door.”

“Is Justin, still not here, sir?” Yosuph asks as he adds the fudge cream on the waffle ice creams.

“No. I’m going to kill that boy! I can’t even fire him on such short notice! The little help he gives is a lot.” I cry out.

“Sir, the five orders are ready. Do you want me to come and help your server?” Yosuph asks.

“No, no. You stay here. Your clothes are absolutely dirty right now. Plus, you’re much, much better in the kitchen. These people are coming back for your cooking and baking, anyway.” I sighed, “I’ll take them.”

“Sir …” Yosuph starts just before, I leave.

“Yes, Yosuph. What is it? Quickly.” I urge him.

“You really should invest in two new waiters and another cook. This way you can focus can the cash register.” Yosuph shyly says.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get to it. Promise.” I sighed, knowing all too well that he was right.

“Order up!” Someone shouts towards the kitchen, ringing the bell at the front counter, just as I was about to exit the kitchen with the two orders in my hands. Yosuph and I exchanged looks are confusion, as the both of us rushed out to check what was going on.

“Destiny?” I said out loud, in a whispered voice. We watched for about 30 seconds as Destiny had gotten all the customers in their seats, and had them waited. Running around as she took everyone’s orders and made their wait enjoyable. She talked to each of the customers as if she were natural.

“My gosh. So polite. So sophisticated. Sir, isn’t that your goddaughter.” Yosuph smiled looking at the marvellous job she was doing.

“Yeah! She is. My gosh! I’m hiring her immediately!” I exclaimed.

“Grand idea, sir!” Yosuph smiled brightly, quickly tiring to the kitchen to bring the three other dishes to the countertop.

“Three more orders, Mr William. I have four here in total. Who are these orders going to? I can do it right now. Everyone’s waited, and there is just one group that needs to be seated, they can wait another minute.” Destiny smiles brightly handing Yosuph the four orders.

“Table 1, 3, 6, and 9.” Yosuph pointed and named each tray. “I’ll get these done right away, Ms Baker.” he nodded happily, as he quickly retired into the kitchen.

“My dear. You’re an expert at this, have you had previous work as a waitress?” I asked her, my eyes gleaming brightly.

“No, actually, Mr William. I’ve never actually had a job.” Destiny shrugged, blushing.

“Well, how about I give you, your first job?”


“Yes! I would love you have you on the team, and I desperately need you. Please don’t say no.”

“Oh! Definitely, Mr William!” Destiny exclaimed, happily.

“Great, love! Get to work, and I’ll be at the cash register.”

“Yes, sir!” Destiny giggled, taking the trays to their respective tables.

“That lifesaver! Now to work on hiring people.” I said to myself. Immediately, I got working on finding my “Need Employees” sign and worked on some interview questions.

*Destiny’s POV*

“Finally.” I sighed, all the tables waited, and everyone had their food. Just four tables that need their food, but that’s okay, Yoseph's working on that.

“Welcome to The Frozen Spoon. We sincerely apologise for the long wait. How many seats will you be needing?” I quickly say, brushing out my apron, as I didn’t get a chance to look at who the customers were.

“Fifteen, please.” A familiar voice said.

Liam? I thought, immediately looking up, and being stunned to see my former friends standing in front of me.

“Oh, Destiny! Hi!” Bella exclaimed, throwing her arms around me, “You work here?”

“Mhmm, yeah, as of today.” I choked out, taking in a large breath of air, I escorted the group of fifteen to a table of ten and pushed a table of five next to that one. “Here’s your seat. Please call me when you are ready to order.”

Thankfully I scurried away to the two families leaving their seats to go and pay for their meals. Clearing up the tables, I took them to the kitchen, when Yosuph was.

“How do you manage to survive all day long?” I cried out, exhausted. “I swear I haven’t even been here for more than 30 minutes and I am already dead, tired.”

“I know what you mean, Miss. It’s tough work, but don’t worry you’ll get used to it.” Yosuph smiles at me, as he finished the next four orders.

“Another thing, call me Destiny, please.” I insisted.

“Of course.” Yosuph chuckled. “Your four orders are ready.”

“Thank you, Yosuph.” I smiled, as I took two orders and gave them to their respective tables.

“Hello. Here are your orders. One waffle ice cream cone, two scoops of rocky road ice cream and vanilla ice cream for mommy. And a waffle sundae boat, with three scoops, two chocolates, and one vanilla, with whip cream for the father and son.” I smiled, placing the dishes on the table.

“Thank you so much, love.” The mother smiled brightly at me.

“Thank you.” The little boy says to me.

“Awh, no problem, Big guy. Please let me know if there is anything else you will be needing.” I smiled, before taking away the next tray.

Just as I was about to go for the other two trays in the kitchen, I hear Niall call me, “Waiter!” he screams out.

“Hush, Niall. Call her by her name. You’re so rude.” Bella demands, in a hushed voice, thinking I can’t hear her.

“I’ll be right there,” I say, not wanting to look at him.

I ran into the kitchen to get the two other orders to give to their respective tables.

“Hey, so what’s it going to be?” I say, reluctantly, much too tired to create a scene now.

“Uhm are you ready? There’s a lot of orders, you’re going to have to take down.” Elizabeth says, apologetically.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I nodded, with a small smile.

Just before they could begin ordering, Justin burst into the shop. “Oh no,” I whispered under my breath.

“What’s wrong?” Mabel asks.

“He is about to get fired.” I quietly say. We watched us Justin approached the angry Mr William.

“Good morning, Will!” Justin proudly says, walking behind the countertop.

“Justin, come here right now.” Mr William demanded.

“Yeah man, hold up,” Justin replied carelessly. “Just let me get my apron. Where’s -?”

“Justin! Right now!” Mr William shouted, angrily.

“Okay, jeez …” Justin said, a little shaken up. Everyone’s attention was directed to them, now. Mr William didn’t seem to care about the gazes they were getting.

His normally calm and pleasant demeanor slowly changed and his face contorted in an all – consuming anger.

“Okay listen up Sonny.” Mr William started with spit. “It’s been 3 years since you’ve been here, and you’ve just gotten way to comfortable around here. You’ve constantly been lately, sloppy with the orders, and are just not quick on your feet. You’re absolutely rude to the customers. After so many reminders you just can’t straighten up, can you?” He continued, his anger rising with every word, as did his voice, “Oh! On top of that,” Mr William added, with a clenched fist, “I’ve been losing a lot of money from the cash register, and highly doubt it was Yosuph. I’m going to keep this short and simple.” He says, slowly calming down, “Thank god Destiny came around here, when she did. My beautiful goddaughter will take over your place.” Mr William shot quick smile of gratitude towards me, making me blush, before turning back to Justin, and ending it all. “You’re fired, and have a restraining order against this area. I don’t want you anywhere near here. Get out!”

Speechless, Justin shot me a dirty look and clashed his shoulder into mine, striking me hard.

“Ouf!” I cried out, silently, but quickly recovered, as I angrily watched him leave.

“Don’t come back!” Mr William called after him. A roar of applause came from the customers, as they were happy to see the boy finally leave.

“Thank god he is gone. Nothing but a pain. I swear if I had to deal with another encounter with him, I don’t think I’d ever come back.” The father of my first serving customer said as the mother smiled brightly at me. “This young girl really is a beautiful replacement.”

“A little too gassed I see.” Louis chuckles.

“Shut up. Let me live in the moment.” I say, as my cheeks burned brighter than a finely polished, perfectly red apple, “Now, what do you guys want?”

It seemed as if everyone were too tired to cause a scene today. Each of them ordered, except for Niall and Harry, as usual, they were being salty. Liam ordered for them, instead. Neither of them dared look at me, as usual. Oh, well, I thought. What’s different? I really don’t care anymore.

“I’ll be right back with your order.” I smiled at them, out of duty.

There were about six hours left until closing time, halfway through, Mr William let me have an hour break. I called Mum to tell her the great news, and she was more than thrilled.

Before I knew it, the next three hours passed by quickly, and it was time to close up the shop.

I slumped in one of the cute, little armchairs in the corner of the room, as Yosuph offered to lock up the store, before sitting on the couch next to me.

“How was your first day?” Yosuph laughed lightly, looking at the almost-passed-out me.

“It was fun in all in the beginning, but shit becomes serious after Mr William hired me. I didn’t want to let him down … especially not yell at me like that.” I say, whispering the last part. Yosuph chucked at me, knowing I had been referring to Justin.

“The boy had it coming. He is such a horrible co-worker. Waste of time, money and space, if you ask me. He was such a sweet boy for the first few months, but then he started slacking, in the name of school and ‘extracurriculars’. If you know what I mean.” Yosuph says, with a prolonged sigh, as he slouched in his seat, as well.

“Yeah, I thought he was pretty sweet last year as well.” I nodded in agreement, “I think Mr William’s right, he just got too comfortable. So, he took advantage of him.”

“Hey, there my little workers. How are we doing, tonight?” Mr William smiled at us, before sitting down next to Yosuph.

“I’m actually less tired than usual, Sir,” Yosuph says, with a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, me too.” Mr William nods in agreement, “It’s probably because we have Destiny here. Oh, I’m so happy you’re on the team.”

“I’m happy too, Mr William, but I’m more tired than usual. Way, way more tired than usual. What do you mean you can’t be exhausted? This was tough work, how do you do it every day?” I cried out, laying my head on the chair.

“You’ll get used to it, don’t worry.” Yosuph chuckled.

“Alright, I don’t usually do these meetings, but I think we need one for Destiny.” Mr William started, “Alright, honey, I’ll email you all the information you’ll need to actually work here. So, don’t worry about that for now. But, I just wanted to ask if there are any adjustments you’d like to add to the shop. I’ve always loved my employee's input into making this place better.”

“Well, actually, the uniforms, and just the whole set up,” I added.

“Yeah, I’m not really enjoying these uniforms anymore, to be honest,” Yosuph says, in agreement.

“Alright, alright, we can look into that.” Mr William says.

The three of us continued to talk for the next ten, or so, minutes before Yosuph offered to drop me off home.

“Thank you so much, Yosuph. I had fun today, I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” I smiled at him, as we pulled up to my crib.

“Of course. Goodnight Destiny.” He smiled back.

“Goodnight, Yosuph.” And with that, I closed the car door shut and walked up the doorsteps to my house. Just before entering, I looked back to see Yosuph’s old red Toyota, driving away. Behind the rolling away car was Harry and Bella going into his house, with his arm around her, as they laughed about something which seemed to be super funny. I let out a small smile, to go along with it light sigh, before entering my house.




Please update sooooonnn i’m dying to know about the whole storyyyyyy omg LOVE IT!

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Amazing woah!!! This is getting so good!

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Is that a "woah thats amazing" woah, or a "woah thats really bad" woah ...?

Jeeeeeeez the first chapter is strong! I'm probably, and hopefully going to catch up in like to days. Ohh, I just can't wait to see what happens! Great story! Love you <3

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