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The End is Approaching [PAUSED]

Twenty-Six – Mysteries

*Josh’s POV*

“Today, we face a problem,” The man begun, “And sadly, it isn’t a new one, but an enduring one. Poverty in our world is still, very real. It has become and has been a distressing problem for a very long time. Based on an annual report, over 40% of the poorest people in our world live with less than two dollars a day. One may wonder who exactly these people are, and may think about all those poor people in Africa. You may take pity on them, but may be left puzzled on what exactly you can do to help. But what if poverty was a great deal closer to home than you thought possible. Hi, I’m Marcus Kane, a member of the UNICEF UK team. I’m here to talk to you guys about poverty, and to open your eyes and hearts.”

First-period assembly – all the twelfth and eleventh-grade students of Bridgewater High in one place, at the same time. The school board decided to team up with UNICEF UK to give us a taste of the outside world. I secretly hate coming to these things, it always gets me overly emotional. And besides, I offer my fair share of donations to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation every year, after my Mum passed from the disease. But seeing that I was no longer in Canada, it was probably time for a change.

As I sat next to Ally, in the auditorium, we continued to listen to Marcus.

“London is the most unequal part of the UK.” Marcus continued, “But since the late 2000s the incomes of low-income households in London have risen by more 10%, while the incomes of high-income households have fallen by more than 10%. On top of that, one in four poor children lives in the 10% most deprived local authorities. Poverty is especially geographically concentrated for working-age households: only 13% of pensioners in poverty are in the 10% most deprived localities. One of your friends could be living the poor life, which would mean they struggle to get enough food, resources, etc. They are unable to participate in regular school activities, or buy all the required school attire.”

Poor. When you have too much month at the end of your money. At least that’s what I define it as.

“Okay, I’m going to ask you a question. Are you ready? Okay, tell me, honestly, what would you do if you saw a six-year-old child alone on the streets?” Marcus asked. A couple hands floated in the air, waiting to be picked so they could answer this question. “Yes, you in the uniform.” Everyone laughed, seeing that everyone had on the exact same uniform. “I’m only joking. Uhm, the young lady, blonder hair, blue eyes, and that freakishly bright pink hairband.”

After a light laugh, Caroline stood up, as her blonde hair flowed behind her back, “I’d obviously help them find their parents or guardian. Or take them to the authority. Can’t leave a child on their own on the streets.”

“Alright, alright. Decent person answer.” Marcus says, as everyone let out chuckles and Caroline sat back down with a smile. “But say, this little boy or girl, was covered with dirt and was in torn up clothing.” Hands went up in the air again. “Yeah.” Marcus nodded to Anderson in the front row.

“All the more reason to help.” Anderson pointed out.

“Again, another decent person answer.” Marcus shrugged. “I’ll show you what I mean, as you watch this video we put together. Here we experimented how the public would act towards a six-year-old child in a middle-class outfit, against one who is dirty and dressed in torn up clothing, both alone on the streets.”

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQcN5DtMT-0

Emotions come to my mind like the waves meeting the land.

My heart broke watching it. How could people be so cruel? She is only six years old. What the hell was she supposed to do?

“So, I’m big on debates, and usually with these types of videos people tend to have controversial ideas. So how about we get some opinions going. Teachers, if you may.” Marcus says after the video is finished.

The teachers went around picking out students with their hands raised.

The first person picked was, Amanda Loise, a raven-haired girl in my English class. “It’s so sad to see all these people in the restaurant ignoring a small child, just because of her appearance. All they really had to do was a help. Give a little money so she could buy food or even a small bottle of water. Even if not, they could’ve made them feel loved for a little bit while they got someone on a higher authority to take care of her. But instead, they looked away, pulled their bags closer to them, and pretended as if the child did not even exist. This is absolutely horrendous. I mean, honestly, where has humanity gone?”

“Thank you.” Marcus nodded at her with a smile. “Anyone else.”

“Alright, I get it, it’s not a nice thing to do. But think, reality, here.” August Rush began, “How are we supposed to know that those kids won’t steal our bags, or hurt us. I understand this may come off as selfish, but our priority is to help ourselves. We can’t go ahead and make authentic judgements about a person, in a few seconds, so we really wouldn’t know whether the child was a thief or just an innocent poor kid. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

“I agree with, August.” Andrew says, standing up, “I mean, from my point of view, this can't indicate how people react badly to poor kids. There are many bad people, as there are good in the world. It’s more logical to look at things from the reality’s sight. But, I absolutely don’t discourage helping those in need, through more safer methods. For example, donating, or doing volunteer work, etc.”

“This is so crazy. Why are you two, against the video?” Emily Johnson demanded, angrily. She shut down all the haters in one single blow. “This should be a wake-up call to remind you how horrendously mean you all are. This video is a great experiment. It shows us how politics and society’s rules have turned us into monsters. Made people turn against people. When we should be helping one another. Those people who ate in that restaurant didn’t have to say go away. They could’ve asked them a few simple questions, like are you lost? Are you hurt? Is there any way I can help you? They could’ve called an authority to give them better help, not ask security to make them leave. Even if they were poor or criminals, that girl was frickin six-years-old. Half of us couldn’t even tie our shoelaces at that age, let alone steal or hurt someone much, much older than them in a public area, where there were at least, what? 1000 other people. One adult alone could stop that six-year-old if she tried anything. What if that weren’t the case? That the child wasn’t poor, she just fell in a pile of dirt, gotten hurt and got separated from her family, as we all have done so many times, and still continue to do so. You were once six-years-old too, don’t forget.”

“Those were some excellent observations. Thank you so much.” Marcus smiled, as Emily tried to collect herself as she sat back down in her seat. “Children living and working in the streets are the most disadvantaged and left-behind. They have no access to education and health services. Often, they are unregistered and subject to various forms of violence and also experience a high stigma and neglect from society. Every child has the right to a fair chance at life. We have a choice: Invest in the most excluded children now or risk a more divided and unfair world in the future.”

“To take action, in helping the future of these neglected children. Your school has teamed up with us, and agreed to host a Winter Carnival using raising money to donate to UNICEF.” Marcus explained, “So make sure you listen to those announcements shortly. But also, don’t be discouraged to help out outside of school. We all have a part to play to make this world a better place, so let’s play it. That’s all I have for today. Thanks for having me. Bye!”

As Marcus exited the stage, he left behind a roaring applause amongst the audience.

“Jeez, that was intense,” Ally says as everyone started leaving for their second-period classes. I nodded in reply.

*Third Period*

“Good morning, Bridgewater High! Due to this wonderful morning assembly from the UNICEF UK group, the morning announcements have been delayed until, now.” Astrid says, just as the third period starts. “A couple of announcements for today. First of all, the girl’s restroom on the third floor is closed, because of a flooding issue. So, all the classrooms in that hallway have been relocated to the cafeteria and auditorium for the rest of the day. Second, a reminder that placing a name for a leader in the trophy cup, in front of the school office will last until the end of next week, as well as signing up your team up for the ASSG. Third, due to popular demand, there has been a twist added on to the Fall Ball Masquerade. It’s going to be a Girls ask Boys Ball! Also, the girls gotta ask someone they usually don’t roll with. Mingle, children! I know this is on short notice, but try to get with the new code as fast as you can and have some fun! It’s you're last year of high school, meet new people!”

“Arrghh!” All the girls in our class groaned.

“Shit.” Harry and I swore underneath or breaths.

“Mingle? How the hell am I supposed to do that?” Amanda groaned, shoving her face into her hands.

“Who you going to ask?” I asked her.

“No clue.” Amanda shrugged, propping his chin on her fist.

“And it’s got to be by tomorrow, latest Thursday.” Harry pointed out.

“Oh my gosh. I’ve never asked out a guy in my life.” Amanda sighs, stuffing her face in her hands. “Do you think I can ask Neal?”

“You love him?” Harry asks.

“Yeah.” Amanda nods.

“Then ask him. Fuck the whole, don’t asks someone you already roll with the thing.” Harry demands.

“Actually, they currently aren’t ‘rolling’ together, so technically no rules are broken.” I air quoted, with a small smile.

“Yeah,” Amanda says, with a light laugh.

“Did you actually cheat on him?” Harry asks, through narrowed eyes after a few moments of silence.

“Yes,” Amanda says, blank-faced, as she reluctantly worked away on her project. I glanced Harry a quick look, as he did me. Neither of us was convinced. “You know what, you two should be more terrified of who’s going to ask you.” Amanda continues, changing the subject, quickly.

“I kinda am. I just figured I’d blow this thing off with Bella.” Harry sighed, running his hand through his hair.

“Does no one want to go to this thing?” Josh questioned us.

“God no. It’s literally so cliché.” Harry explained.

“I’m actually kinda excited,” I confessed, quietly.

“Well, good for you. At least you’re in the spirit. I hope someone really nice asks you.” Amanda smiled warmly at me.

“And I hope Neal says yes to you.” I smiled back.

After a while of working away on our projects in Psychology Class, Amanda asks Harry, sightly, “You cool with Bella asking some other guy.”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? It’s just some stupid dance.” Harry shrugged, as he wrote away in his notebook.

“Oh, I don’t know. It was just last year, you were pretty uptight when it came to any other guy, despite our friends, talking to Destiny.” Amanda says, evidently without thinking.

Trying not to show it, Harry’s jaws clenched at the mention of her name. “I thought I said, not to talk about her.” With that, he got up from his seat and asked the teacher if he could excuse himself for a while.

“Shoot,” Amanda swore under her breathe.

“It’s alright, don’t beat yourself over it. We’ve all been there.” I say with a shrug. “He’ll get over it.”

Some time went by as we continued to work away on our separate projects, before I thought to ask Amanda about Neal, again.

“How are you going to try to get him back?” I asked her.

“Neal? Yeah, I want to.” Amanda nodded, “But, then again, I feel like it’s a lost cause.”

“I don’t know. I, really, don’t think so.” I shrugged, ignoring the fact that she totally misheard my question, “I’ve known him for a long time. He hasn’t loved any girl like he loves you. I mean I don’t think he ever told any other girl that he loved her, other than you of course.”

“He told you,” Amanda says, shaking her head lightly after letting out a light chuckle.

“Of course. I’m Neal’s best friend.” I smiled proudly, sitting up straight.

“How am I, supposed, to do this?” She asked, lightly chewing on the end of her pencil.

“First get him to listen. Then, ask him to the dance. Then, you can talk your way through it. No fighting, understood?” I demanded.

“Yeah, but how am I even suppose to ask him.”

“Easy. I’ll take you through the process.”

“Mhmm, take advice from a guy who is still single, and probably has been for … how long, now?” Amanda smirked, raising an eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes in response, before saying, “Hey! How about let’s say, you’re taking advice from a guy who is the man’s best friend.”

“Alright. Fine. Fine. Help me. Please.” Amanda says, throwing her hands midway in the air, proposing her surrender.

“Good.” I smiled at her, as we continued to talk and work on our projects, just as a much more calmed Harry Styles rejoined us.


“Go. Hurry. Do it!” I insisted, pushing Amanda towards Neal, who was talking away with Allen and Louis.

“Okay. Okay. I’m going.” Amanda declared, raising her hands in front of me to tell me to calm down, before walking over to Neal, nervously, “Hey, Neal? Can I talk to you, please?”

“I’m kinda busy, right now,” Neal says, rolling his eyes, not caring to even look at Amanda. Jeez, that man can hold a grudge.

“Neal. Please.” Amanda asked again.

“Fine. Go on.” Neal says, with a sigh, as he crosses his hands over his chest and glares at Amanda.

“Alone, please?” Amanda says, eyeing Louis and Allen.

“Why?” Neal narrowed his eyes at her.

“Don’t you still gotta get that book for English from the library, Allen?” Louis quickly piped up, looking for an excuse to leave the two alone.

“Yeah, I think I do.” Allen nodded, immediately, getting the memo.

“You don’t even have English!” Neal declared as the two scurried away. “Whatever.” He sighed, rolling his eyes, again.

“Neal, listen. Please.” Amanda started, gently placing her palms one his tighten forearms. Immediately Neal snatched himself away from her. Reluctantly, Amanda let him have his way.

“What do you want Amanda?” Neal demanded.

“Go to the Ball with me. Please.” Amanda asked.

“Why would I want to go and do that? So, you can leave me at the end of the night with some other guy? Huh?” Neal demanded, rudely spitting at her.

“Neal, please.” Amanda pleaded, her eyes getting glassy.

“Plus, it's supposed to ask someone you usually don’t roll with.” Neal pointed out, his arms still crossed and his eyebrows drawn together.

“Well, technically, we aren’t ... right now.” Amanda tires, with a slight shrug. Neal narrows his eyes at her and glares at her as if he were trying to make a decision. After hearing no response, Amanda continues, “I got you a box of your favourite doughnuts.” She says, holding up a nicely decorated bright blue box.

“Are you trying to bribe me?” Neal glared at her, releasing a little bit of the tension from his arms.

“If it helps, then yes … I also have this Starbucks gift card. It’s yours if you say yes.” Amanda adds, biting her lips.

“What am I? A white girl?”

“Well, I mean if you were then, I’d be the guy, that you’d be asking out, right?”

“I just want those doughnuts. One night, Amanda.” Neal sighs, “That’s it”

“Yes!” Amanda cheers, putting aside the box and jumping at Neal for a hug, “Yes! That’s fine! I love you!”

“One night, Amanda,” Neal demands, trying to hide his laughter, as Amanda pulls away.

“Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.” Amanda waves it off, handing Neal his prized doughnuts.

“Have you decided who to ask, yet?” Harry starts, turning to Bella.

“Me? No idea.” Bella shrugs.

“Okay, so I’m thinking. Since, this is all stupid, bogus, crap. Let’s bun it and go together.” Harry insists.

“Harry, come on! Have some fun! Get with the school spirit!” Bella declares, full of spirit, as she munches away on her sandwich, “You know what! I’m going to go ask Destiny!”

“You’re going to ask her to the dance?” Zayn questions her, with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh! No. No. I meant I’ll go ask her to go guy-hunting with me.” Bella smiled at him, cheerfully.

“Why are you always with her? I mean, you could ask one of us.” Zayn points out, with a slight shrug.

“Yeah? And when’s the last time you guys actually said yes? As a matter of fact, you guys never ask me to do anything with you, either.” Bella shrugs, rolling her eyes, as she spits out her words with a bitchy tone.

“Yeah, we do …” Zayn trails off, feeling hurt.

“Looks like someone is rubbing off on her …” Liam whispers, rolling his eyes.

“Well, we gotta give her some credit. It’s not like we haven’t been, not ignoring her.” I point out. My friends shrugged in response.

“Whatever. Let her go.” Niall waves his hand, despite him being the only one of us who actually liked Bella, truly, “You girls know who you’re asking?”

“No clue.” June sighs, resting her head on him.

“Destiny! Destiny! Destiny, come here.” Bella calls to her, newly made, best friend.

“Why don’t you go over to her?” Elizabeth asks.

“Because I don’t want to, problem?” Bella shots back.

“Jeez, okay. Whatever.” Elizabeth says, under her breath, hurt.

“Yeah, Bella? You know you can also come to me. It’s kinda always me coming to you?” Destiny points out with a shrug, as she walks over to our table.

“Uh …” Bella stutters, as Elizabeth tries to hide her smirk.

“Anywho, what is it?” Destiny quickly adds before Bella could make a fool of herself.

“Let’s go boy-hunting, find some cute guys to ask together.” Bella cheerfully says, shaking off her last comment.

“Oh god no. Bella, you’re crazy, I wasn’t even going to go. I’m still going to crash this thing with Neal.” Destiny insists.

“What? Why wouldn’t you want to go?” Bella urges.

“Oh god, Bella. So many reasons.” Destiny points out, rolling her eyes, dramatically.

“Tell me one.”

“Okay fine. This Ball, has happened during the same month, and a day since the beginning of this school’s history, alright? And so, that means my parents have gone to it.”

“You won’t go, ‘cause your parents went,” Bella demands, drawing her eyebrows together.

“Shh, Bella. Let me finish. Alright so, my Birthday is on August 11th, yeah? And I was born a month late. Also, it’s been exactly 16 years since my parents were in twelfth grade. So, honey, you do the math.” Destiny explained, raising an eyebrow, as she begun to wait for Bella to put two-and-two together.

“What? … Wait … Oh … OH! OH MY GOSH! Your parents had! Oh my god! Oh, poor you.” Bella exclaimed, loudly, once the dots were connected.

“Yup. I am going to hate myself. Oh, and guess what? My Mum, yeah, she is making me wear the same dress she wore, that same year.”

“Oh god!” Bella laughed.

“Don’t laugh Bella. It’s my Conceivement Day.” Destiny rolled her eyes, with a small smile.

“Oh my gosh. Okay. Okay. But still, come on!” Bella insisted.

“I can’t leave Owen,” Destiny exclaimed.

“Please, Destiny. Please! Please. Please. Please. PLEASEEE!” Bella begged, continuously.

“Oh my gosh! Fine! On one condition.” Destiny declares.

“Name it.” Bella smiles proudly.

“No one touches Owen.” Destiny demands.

“Argh!” The girls all groaned under their breaths, in unison. A small smirk plays on Destiny face as if she knew they were going to do that.

“Whatever. There are more guys out there. Come on, Destiny! Let’s get our flirting on!” Bella cheers, happily. Grabbing hold of Destiny’s arm.

“Yeah, let’s go do that …” She trailed off. As she was about to be pulled away by Bella, I burst into silent snickering. To my unfortunate luck, Destiny noticed.

“What are you laughing at?” She glares at me, stopping Bella. She must’ve known it was directed towards her.

“Nothing.” I shrugged, struggling to hide the smile that was left behind.

“No, come on. What’s so funny?” Destiny insisted, her eyebrows drawn together, as she steps closer to me.

“Love, you couldn’t flirt with anyone, even if you’re life depended on it,” I admitted with a smirk, after a prolonged sigh of defeat.

“Wanna bet on that?” Destiny declared, narrowing her eyes at me.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” I chuckled.

“Definitely.” She nodded.

“Well, alright then. I could use a little cash. Bet you a hundred that, you can’t.” I smirked up at her, with a slight shrug.

“I bet you fifty, I can,” Destiny demanded.

“Mhmm? Why so low? Confidence not as strong, eh?” I smirked, with a raised eyebrow.

“No. It’s just that, it’s all I got, at the moment. I lent some money to a friend recently. Not getting paid back, so I’m running little short.” Destiny explained, with her eyes still narrowed at me.

“Yeah. Alright.” I smirked, with a shrug.

“I’m not lying!” Destiny demands.

“Never said you were! Jeez.” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the hair for defence, “Also, you only win if the guy says yes, but I win if he doesn’t.”

“What? No!”




“Ugh … fine.” Destiny grumbles, giving in.

“Now go; flirt.” I proudly order her.

“Mkay … him.” Destiny declares, pointing at the only Southeast Asian kid at our school, Omar.

“Oh God, no. Too easy.” I shook my head, before picking out a guy for her, “Him.” I turned everyone’s attention to Adam. He was known to be a lot more good-looking than Omar, also to the fact that he really doesn’t date anyone. Adam is a more reserved kind of guy, which apparently makes him even more attractive. At least that’s what I heard.

“Uhm, yeah, no.”

“But I want you to go ask him.”

“And I want you to shut up.”

“Why he too hard for you?”

“No” Destiny asserts.

“Then, do it,” I demanded.

“So, what are we fighting about today?” Owen says, coming up next to Destiny.

“You say it as if this a regular thing,” Destiny says, looking innocent, while everyone gives her death glares, and Owen gives a sly look at Neal and Amanda, smirking. “Anywho …”

“I bet Destiny couldn’t flirt and ask out a guy to this Ball,” I explained, rolling my eyes.

“You can’t?” Owen questions her, surprised.

“Of course I can, don’t be ridiculous.” Destiny claims, brushing off the comment. Own opens his mouth, about to say something, but decides against it almost immediately.

“Looks like Neal wants to say something.” Zayn points out, motioning his head towards his direction.

“Neal, what do you want to say?” Destiny questions him.

“Nothing. I’m not talking to you.” Owen shakes his head.

“Okay.” Destiny chuckles lightly.

“You know what –.“ Owen starts but gets immediately put now as he notices Destiny’s raised eyebrow.

“Nevermind. I’m leaving.” Owen sighs, walking away.

“Okay, I don’t you around here much longer, so hurry it up. I want my money, so go on, ask Adam. Go, go.” I insisted, seeing Harry getting restless at her presence.

“Omar.” Destiny insisted.

“Adam,” I demanded.



Just then, everyone’s attention was directed towards Omar, who was currently picking his nose.

“Okay, Adam.” Destiny chokes out, trying not to puke.

“Okay, good go. Now!” I chuckled out, after recovering from the slight tendency to throw-up.

Destiny walks towards Owen who wasn’t far from ear-span and begins to study Adam from afar.

“Babe, that’s not how you get a guy. Probably scare ‘em away, though.” We hear Owen say, with a smirk, as he leaned up against the wall, a grin plastered on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

“Shut up, Owen. I’m thinking.” Destiny demands, still studying Adam. “Ummm,” she says, echoing her thoughts. “Okay! I’ve got it!” Destiny springs up, running away.

“Where the heck is she going?” I demanded, “I want my time’s worth for having to talk to her.”

“Dunno.” Liam shrugged, as he watched Niall and Harry try to ignore everything that was happening with Destiny.

“Okay, I’m back. Wish me luck!” Destiny says to Bella and Owen.

“Why do you have coffee?” Bella questions her.

“You’ll see.” Destiny smirks.

Destiny starts walking towards Adam, who’s talking slowly next to one of his best friends, Michael Smith, not really paying attention to where he was going. Sipping on her coffee, cautiously, she continues to inch closer to Adam. Everyone observes to see what she was planning on doing.

Suddenly, Destiny crashed into Adam, the scorching hot coffee spilling all over her white uniform shirt.

“Oh my gosh!” Destiny cries out, as she holds the dripping coffee cup away from her, and tries to move her body away from the soaking, coffee stained her. “My clothes! I legit washed this today! Urgh!”

“Oh! I - 'm so sorry! Uh - Oh jeez! Your white shirt! Uh - here, take my hoodie, I’m wearing another shirt underneath anyway.” Adam exclaims, frantically. Immediately, he pulls his hoodie over his head, revealing part of his incredibly toned body.I watched as all the girls flocked their eyes towards them.

I really don’t see what’s so special, I got them … sort of.

“Thanks …” Destiny says, clearly and successfully, actually, hiding her smirk. She takes the hoodie and holds it away from her wet body. “Hold this for me, would ya?” She says, shoving the dripping coffee cup in Adam’s hand. Without warning, she rips off her soaked shirt. All there was left, was a simple bra, upon her slightly dripping wet body. Struggling to look away, Adam looked up, a smirk dancing on his lips, as Destiny seductively changed into his hoodie, a grin playing on her face as well.

“Damn, you judged her completely wrong.” Zayn laughed.

“Dude, all your money is out the window now.” Liam chuckled, as I stared, completely stunted.

“Alright, Adam. Tell me what you think about this. 8 pm. Prom Night. You looking all fine, as well in that suit you will be wearing. And I’m at your door, looking like a dime, ready to pick you up and take you to the prom. How does that sound?” Destiny smirked at him, as she rolled her stained coffee shirt, and shoved it in her backpack.

“Only if there is going to be an after party.” Adam smiles.

“Obviously.” Destiny shrugged.

“Then, that sounds like a grand ol’ idea.”

“Good. Be ready at 8, ‘cause boy, I ain’t waiting one minute longer.”

“Got you.” Adam smiled.

“Bye love.” Destiny smiled, leaving him with a wink, as she waved goodbye, and begun walking proudly towards me. I braced myself for the upcoming events.

“Money please,” Destiny smirked, putting out her palm.

“But - how - what - I - uh, fine …” I say, letting out a prolonged sigh, as I placed a fifty on her outstretched palm.

“Thank you very much. Nice doing business with you, sir. Goodbye, now. ” Destiny smiles brightly. Just as she is about to turn around and leave, she turns to Bella, “Hey girl, you still need help finding a guy?”

“No, I think I might have someone in mind.” Bella shakes her head, smiling back at her.

“Cool. See you later, then.” Destiny waves at her, as she is leaving with Owen by her side and a vast smirk plastered on her face.

“What the hell just happened?” I stood there, shook to my cores. I just lost a substantial fifty to Destiny.

“You just got played by the new and dis-improved Destiny Baker.” Neal laughed, knowing exactly how it felt to be played by her.


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