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The End is Approaching [PAUSED]

Thirty-One – Dance With Me, Darling

*Owen’s POV*

Adam’s silver-grey Mercedes S600 cruised down the street towards the school. Adam and Destiny sat upfront talking about the upcoming school sports tournament while Bradley and I were in the backseats, being, rather quiet.

Bradley Cooper has been my crush since the fourth grade.

She moved into town that year and was put into my class. She had already made a ton of new friends in a single day, even though I could not make one in all the seven years I have been going to this school. I was never really the social type.

When lunchtime came around that day, I was sitting alone, as usual, but Bradley, for some strange reason, came and sat with me instead of her many new friends. I had merely guessed that the pressure of being the new kid was all too much for her and that all the attention had scared her.

Moments passed, and I had realised that all it took was a simple, “Hey! Can I sit with you?” to cause her to fill my every inch of my mind and heart for the next seven years.

Moreover, yes, I know, seven years is a very long time not to make a move or anything, but honestly, I was, and probably still am in no rush to get a girlfriend. Also, to the fact, that everyone was just expected to have a crush on someone or else, they will start thinking otherwise of you. Plus, it was never a dying crush I had on her, so I lived on pretty much the same without her being mine.

Since then I would have just admired her from far. We stayed good friends, not best friends per say – like in the movies, but friends.

Frankly, I have never really had a “best friend”; someone who was like family to me; someone to run to whomever I had a problem or someone who would come to me with their's. I’ve always just had a bunch of friends, of course, that was until Destiny had alone, but that’s a whole different story.

I turned to look at Bradley, who was playing with the little sparkles on her dress. I ’m not sure if you’d say she was classically beautiful, but her large liquid brown eyes held such intelligence and serenity that it was impossible for me not to be held prisoner by them. Her cheekbones weren’t exceptionally high, and her nose was a little too long to be perfect, but there was this undeniable symmetry to her features, and perhaps that’s what held me so captivated.

Her long black hair which she wore in a messy bun every day, so long and fluid tonight, lying gently over her shoulder bones, back and kissing her soft skin.

I dug my fingernails into my palms – it was all I could do not to stutter and blush when she addressed me.

“Owen, you look very handsome today,” Bradley says to me, with a sweet smile, clearly trying to make conversation. Even though I don’t have a major crush on her, I can’t help but get nervous around her.

“Oh. Uh, thank you,” I blushed. “You look absolutely … just … wow!” I nervously chuckled, stuttering, as I gave her appearance another look-over.

“Thank you,” She laughs, clearly noticing how nervous I had become. “Destiny you look stunning, as well. And Adam, super stylish suit.”

“Thanks, Bradley.” Adam winked at her, looking at her through the reflection of his front mirror.

“I just love your dress, Bradley. It’s gorgeous.” Destiny exclaims, gleaming at Bradley’s beaded periwinkle, bright blue, open-back long dress.

“Thanks. You know, you’re much nicer than everyone says.” Bradley pointed out.

“First impressions don’t count,” I chuckled.

Moments later Adam announced, professional, “Ladies and gentleman, we have arrived!” We all had a little laugh, as Adam drove her car into a parking spot.

“Oh wow! Would you look at the school?” Destiny exclaimed as we all climbed out of the vehicle, “They really managed to pull this off!”

“Didn’t the school council do this? I asked as we all admired the decorations hung up outside of the school. There were red ribbon and white lights wrapped around the railings leading up to the front entrance. A vine of red roses outlined the opened entrance into the school.

“Oh yeah!” Destiny answers.

“Aren’t you on the student council?” I asked again.

“Oh. Yeah, I am. You see the club president thought it would be a good idea to split the team. One of half works on this ball, the other on the upcoming winter carnival.” Destiny explained. “I’m in the winter carnival.”

“That’s cool.” Adam says, getting restless, “How about we go inside now? It’s getting a little bit chilly out here.”

“Wait! First, put on your masks!” Bradley quickly shouts out, as she pulled on her navy blue coloured mask.

Before entering the school, we all slipped on our masks, until we were unrecognisable.

“Holy shit,” Adam exclaimed, as we enter the cafeteria, where the dance was taking place.

“This place looks so perfect,” Destiny says, admiring all the decorations.

“It’s gorgeous,” Bradley says in awe.

I was speechless looking at the red ribbons running from the centre of the ceiling to all sorts of edges and corners of the room. There were several tables set up around the room, covered in a jet-black tablecloth and decorative flower pieces on top of each. There was a bannister separating the table are from the dance room. The bannister its self-was decorated with red and white roses.

“Are we at a wedding or something? Look at this place!” Someone said from behind as they are awestruck by the appearance of the room, as well.

There was already a lot of people gather on the dance floor and at the tables, chatting, laughing and dancing away.

“I’m going to take this beautiful lady away, and you two can have your space,” Adam says as he held Destiny’s hand.

I nodded my approvable and watched them leave, as my anxiety levels increased. Destiny quickly turned around to mouth the words ‘Have fun!’ before she and Adam disappeared into the mob of teenagers. A little bit of luck would’ve been better, I thought.

“So, you wanna dance?” Bradley asks, after a few minutes of silence.

“Oh! Oh. Uh, yeah, of course! That’s why we’re here, right? Let’s go.” I stutter out, before leading her to the dance floor. I was supposed to ask her to dance.

*Destiny’s POV*

No one could see the dance floor anymore. It was wall-to-wall jam-packed with people dancing, grinding, and laughing to the obnoxiously loud music. To add to the insanity, someone had smuggled in some sort of alcohol into the school, which of course Adam had in his system.

The harsh scent of drink could easily be smelt off his person. He knew it, and so did everyone else, but everyone else smelt the same, so it really didn’t matter.

The scent was so strong, it was crazy impossible that one of the chaperones on duties hadn’t noticed yet.
Adam struggled to keep his balance, as he used me for support. His legs clearly weren’t working as he told them, neither were his hands, because they were all up in my business.

“Destinnyyyy, dance with me, girlfriend,” Adam garbled, trying to rub his body against mine.

“No, thank you,” I say, shaking my head. I put up my hand against his chest in an attempt to keep him away from me.

“Oh, come onnnnn.” Adam garbled, “A sexy girl like you should be having more fun. Take that thing off, girlll.”

His excessive hugging, giggling and head lolling finally got to me, and I was fed up with it.

“I’m going to the restroom, Adam,” I tell as I make an immediate start for escape from this disaster.

“Whatever, bitch!” Adam slurred, after me.

“Urgh.” I groaned as I pushed past the sweaty bodies.

*Harry’s POV*

“Someone, please remind me again, why we asked out parents to drop off us here.” Niall started, his brows pushed together as we watched our parents’ vehicles drive away.

“Because they wanted to.” Elizabeth says, “And we don’t argue with them. Especially on nights like this.”

“Why?” Mabel asks.

“What are you new? When our parents go out for dinner, as a group, they stay out super late, so that means we can do whatever we want for a long, long time,” June smiles brightly.

“’Whatever we want’ as in, getting freaky, huh?” Niall smirks at his girlfriend.

“Shut up, Niall.” June giggled, pushing him away.

“With you looking like that, I just can’t,” Niall says as he gives her outfit a once-, twice-, thrice-lookover, with the desperate, awestruck look plastered on his face.

June’s whole outfit had the whole wicked witch of the west theme to it, she was head to toe covered in all shades green. She had on cute little off-shoulder dress, with matching dark green heels and a P.A.R.O.S.H. Lovery coat. She dressed her blond hair into a half up braided style.

Niall managed to colour code perfectly with June. From the dark green suit to the green silicone wristwatch he wore.

“You girls are actually looking real fine today.” Liam smiled brightly, wrapping his arm around Ally.

“Thank you, baby.” Ally smiled at him brightly, planting a quick kiss on his cheek.

Ally really went all out for this dance. She had an elegant burgundy theme to her look. She wore a super poufy, mermaid dress, with an off-shoulder pattern. Ally’s hairstylist managed to pull off a neat upper hairdo, adding glitter and sparkles to her hair. She wore the magenta charmed necklace, her father gave her for her sixteenth birthday, with colour-matching ball drop earrings. Jumping into magenta colour Gucci heels, she had hung her purple, and gold metallic Capri masquerades mask in-between her freshly painted nails.

Liam matched with a black buttoned up shirt. He wore a magnate coloured suit, with a matching bowtie and dress pants. His had a jet-black colour lathered mask.

“Alright, you two don’t be getting all freaky and end up having sex right here and now.” Mabel chuckled, but stopped almost immediately, realising what she had done.

Everyone looked at her with distressed looks.

Destiny only ever made that joke about Ally and Liam. It was her thing, and everyone knew it. But it doesn’t matter anymore. She is gone, she has no right to banter with as anymore. She lost it when she left.

“Don’t worry, Mabel. They can’t, ‘cause if they do, Ally’s dress with getting ruined, and I don’t think she wants that.” I say, trying to lighten up the mood, winking at Mabel. After a few moments of silence, everyone let out a forced laugh. “By the way, Mabel, you are looking absolutely gorgeous.”

“Thank you, Harry.” Mabel smiled at me.

“I know right! Mabel, see, I told you.” Zayn laughed, kissing her cheek.

Zayn and Mabel were wearing matching black outfits.

Mabel wore a huge poufy black dress, with a little bit of cleavage showing. She had matching black platform heels and classy colour-coded jewellery. The saloon lady threw her hair into a cute fishtail braid, adding a ton of sparkles to her hair. Her mask was adorable and elegant, but it hadn’t managed to cover much of her identity, because of its asymmetrical black lace design.

Zayn had a clean white shirt, with a black suit coat, which had beautiful white fading details all over the jacket. Matching with his suit, he had the classic, slim-fit dress pants on, with a little bowtie and black wristwatch. Zayn’s mask had a more identity covering touch to it, as it was shaped into a half covering raven’s mask.

“How about your date, Harry?” Amanda elbowed me, whispering.

“Right. Sorry. Carly, you look absolutely stunning tonight. You sure do know how to clean up well.” I say, smiling at my last-minute date.

“Thank you.” She smiles at me, blushing.

“Alright, kids, masks on,” Louis exclaims as everyone follows his lead of strapping on their masquerade masks.

“Shall we?” I ask, in the most gentleman-like attitude as possible, holding out my arm for Carly to hold.

“Definitely.” She smiled, holding my arm gently as we walked in together.

“Oh, my goodness,” Zayn says, being the only able to spill out words of amazement as we walked into the beautifully decorated cafeteria.

“Your half of the student council really has some competition now,” Louis laughed at the girls.

“Shut up,” Elizabeth clucked lightly, smacking his arm.

“Ouch!” Louis cried out, sarcastically.

“Oh, shut up,” Elizabeth says, again, scrunching up her face as she brought it closer to Louis’s. Louis cupped his girlfriend’s cheeks as kissed her passionately.

“Now go, off with you! Go be with my best friend!” He cries out dramatically, as he falls into Ally’s arms.

“Off!” Ally cries out, struggling to keep up the overly dramatic Louis.

“Have fun, guys.” Niall smiles, kissing June goodbye as he takes Elizabeth to the dance floor. Everyone parts away with their dates, in hopes of getting to know their partners’ best friends better.

The cafeteria was hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, all of them competing with the rock music that dominated the atmosphere. The crowd was full of high school students laughing, dancing, drinking and grinding up on each other.

Just like any other high school party I’ve been to, actually, except the teacher chaperons and the lack of alcoholic drinks.

“Want to dance?” Carly tries, filling up the empty silence.

“Yeah, okay.” I nod.

A heavy silence settled between us, as we slowly grooved to the music keeping a good amount of distance between us. The silence was thicker than the nervous tension in the atmosphere. Our unsettled eyes glance unceremoniously around the other people dancing and having the time of their lives. We tried to avoid catching glances of one another.

Being here with Carly, I felt painfully out of place, like a pepperoni that had mistakenly made its way onto a vegetarian pizza. She’s beautiful and everything, but I know I'm supposed to be here, at this dance, with someone else, someone who isn’t even Bella.

“Nice party, huh?” Carly shyly says, tryna make conversation.

“Sure, I mean, it's amazing how turned these kids are getting without any alcohol,” I replied, nonchalantly.

“Oh, actually I think I heard someone smuggled in some alcohol. They poured it into the students’ punch.” Carly pointed.

“Oh yeah?” I ask, almost too excitedly, “Want to try some?”

“Oh … uhm, yeah. Sure.” Carly reluctantly says, “I’ll just wait here.”

“Okay. I’ll be right back.” I say, with a small smile. I had half-assed intentions of coming back, and I knew that Carly knew it too.

*Destiny’s POV*

Walking into the restroom, I reunited with the run-down bathrooms, owned by our high school. I fixed my hair and makeup, in the dirty old vanities hung up on the walls. I watched the water leak from the faucets when it was in use. Tiptoeing out of the dirty-floored bathroom, I was met by continuously loud music and the horrid smell of the alcohol.

I found my way back to Adam, who had three girls grinding up on him. ‘Ugh, gross.’ I thought to myself, as my face scrunched up in disgust and I struggled to look away from the mess, which was, to my unfortunate luck, my date.

“Oh, well.” I thought out loud, “Didn’t want to come here with his boy in the first place. Or at all, as a matter of fact. Why do I keep letting Bella talk me into stupid crap, like this.”

Grabbing hold of my big dress, I squeezed between the thousands of sweating, disgusting teenagers and managed to make it to the back of the cafeteria, alive.

Fixing my mask on correctly, so that no one could tell who I was, I leaned against the back wall of the cafeteria, next to the refreshments stand. Pulling out my phone, I played my favourite pastime game: Flow Free, praying no one would recognise who I was.

*Harry’s POV*

“Jesus Christ,” I spat out, as I finally managed to shove my way past all the sweating drunk kids.

“Jesus, don’t tell me that what I look like, drunk,” I say to myself under my breath, looking at the mess that exploded in the school cafeteria.

It was so damn clear that nearly everyone in this room was completely drunk. From kids slurring their words to stumbling around the dance floor. They created a whole mess on the ground, with their shouting, screaming, yelling, jumping, and what they thought was dancing – it looked more like standing sex.

How did none of the chaperons notice the alcohol? I thought. Its been nearly two hours into the dance, and not one of the teachers even interreacted with another kid, despite the student councils, of course, who wasn’t drinking at all.

“That thing got alcohol in it,” I hear a voice say, as I am about to reach for the red punch.

“Oh, does it now?” I smirked, as I continued to pour the drink, without looking up, “Then it is probably the best part of this night. I don’t even want to remain-“ I start but instantly cut myself off when I look up to see the who owner of the voice was.

“Fuck,” I mumbled under my breath. The owner was a girl. A beautiful girl, at that fact.

She wore this fabulous red wine ball gown that spread out so gracefully. The top section hugged her body tight and was beaded with several silver jewels. Her brown hair was thrown up into a perfect high bun, with stray strands flowy gently around her face. A face which I wish I could recognise, but it was much too difficult with the Venetian red and black mask she wore. All I could see was her baby blue eyes, which were decorated nicely with a gold colour. Her full lips were painted a red matte colour.

“Hello?” She says, breaking me out of my trance.

“Oh! Uh, sorry.” I chocked.

“You okay?” She giggled. Her giggle softened the room and seemed to drown out the loud, obnoxious music playing in the background. Its as if her gentle sound could make the lamplight more golden and the fire burn warmer.

“Yeah.” I chuckled, biting my bottom lip. “So, you had enough of all this cliché dance crap too?”

“What makes you say that? I mean I could be having the best time of my life just standing here, waiting for the night to end so I could go home to my comfy bed and pillows and, oh, so much yummy food-“ She cried out dramatically, before nonchalantly saying, “Yeah, you’re right. I hate it.”

“That’s what I thought.” I laughed. “Want a drink?” I asked before the conversation could have a chance to die, by now Carly was entirely out of my mind and I all I wanted was to be with this mysterious girl.

“Sure, I mean, what the hell, right?” The girl shrugged, with a smile. I liked that smile. I nodded as I bit my bottom lip and poured her a drink.

“Here you go.” I smiled back, handing her the red cup.

“Thank you. Cheers?”


“So, you have a name?” She asks, after taking a sip of her drink.

“Me? You cannot tell-“ I start, completely shook that she did not know who I was. I mean everyone at this school knows who I am.

I continued to look at her with confusion, as she taps on her mask, and then it clicks, “Oh! I am sorry. I am so stupid. I completely forget I got this mask on.”

“Yeah, I probably would’ve too if this thing was not so itchy.” She cried out. “So that name of yours?”

“Right uhm. How about I get yours first, mhm?”

“Mine. No.”

“I insist. Ladies first, of course.”

“Then, you should go, if we are following the rules, that is.”

“Ha-Ha. Very funny.”

“I try.” She shrugged, with a smile that revealed a little dimple.

“Okay. How about this,” I suggest, “neither of tell the other their name and we shall keep this strictly anonymous.”

“Sounds good to me,” she shrugs, nodding in agreement. “So, tell me a little about yourself, Curly.”


Hey loves! I hoped you enjoyed this update. So sorry it took so long.

This summer I will be fixing this story up, and the plot will most likely turn out different.

It's just a heads up, so you might want to reread the whole story this summer when I start reposting from the beginning. Until then, the storyline will continue as previously planned.

Also! I will be trying to the learn and understand the code to an app called "Episode" which many of you may know, so I turn the series into an animated story. So if you're interested in seeing the Moving to England Series come to life then make sure you keep your eyes peeled for news on the first posting of the series on Episode.

Remember to comment your thoughts on the chapter, the plot, and what do you think of Harry and Destiny coming to Episode! Do you want to see your favourite characters come to life?!

Vote, Subscribe and continue to keep reading my stories. I love you guys so much.

See you in the next chapter! Hope everyone stays well.


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