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The End is Approaching [PAUSED]

Thirty-Two – Recollections

*Bella’s POV*

I was leaning against the wall, waiting for my last-minute date to come back with our drinks, when the kiss came out of nowhere.

One-minute Ryan was at the end of the wall engrossed into a conversation with his best mate, the next he was up against my body kissing me, passionately.

His hands clasped gently on my back, pressing in softly, pulling me closer to his body.

After a few seconds, he broke away and nervously smile, “I’m sorry. I had to. Just once.” The look on my face told him everything that it shouldn’t have. There wasn’t the outrage that should have been there. If anything, I had the same expression I have for expensive clothes and jewellery.

The kiss seemed inconsequential, like Ryan could laugh about it with his boys, and me with my boyfriend.

But no way that was possible …

Without thinking, I clasped hands around his neck and brought him into a fiery and passionate kiss.

If my date came back, he never made it noticeable.

*Owen’s POV*


Nervous wreck.

Everything wrapped in immense happiness.

Talking to Bradley right now makes me feel like …

How a small girl would, when, she sees a unicorn in front of her and just wants to grab it, but hesitates cause the unicorn looks so gorgeous and fluffy – with that long silky hair and that rainbow horn on their head. Everything feels like its all too much to handle, that if she makes one wrong move, everything will go to hell. So, she just stands back and admires the sparkle and aura of the unicorn.

Never have I ever understood what it meant by butterflies in your stomach but being here right now standing in front of Bradley, I could feel the whole zoo in there – crashing and thrashing inside. It was crazy.

Every word I would say, I revised it a hundred times in my head. Flipping words here and there. Taking this out and putting that in. ‘You look beautiful’ – so generic. ‘That dress is gorgeous’ – what about her?! ‘That hair looks great on you!’ – what?? ‘Beautiful your face’ – is that even English?

“Owen?” Bradley calls to me.

“Bradley.” I echoed her, trying to be charming.

“Dance with me.” She asked.

“Oh god, no! I don’t dance.” I shook my head, stepping away from her. I wasn’t about to show Bradley the idiotic side of me – not yet at least.

“Come on.” Bradley insisted, pulling on my arm.

“Nope.” I persisted, shaking my head, as she continued to tug.

“Please. For me?” Bradley pouted, batting her eyes at me.

“Urgh … fine.” I sighed, giving her big brown eyes. I let Bradley drag me to the dance floor.

‘Dumb Love’ by Sean Kingston was playing, and Bradley busted into a whole routine, but she danced like she had two left feet.

“Come on! Dance, Owen!” Bradley insisted, laughing at her own terrible moves.

“Oh, what the heck!” I exclaimed, throwing up my hands, as I too joined her on the dance floor. We looked like the goofiest kids on the floor – complete fools, five-year-old’s to be exact.

The music is all nineteen nineties now, but we were still dancing like it’s the jive, twisting turning, holding hands as we change sides.

We’re all grins, and laughs, we look like idiots, and we couldn’t care less. Inside we’re just happy, happy and more alive than we can ever be in school.

I feel the part of me that’s really coming out to play, to explore the vibes of the music and just let my body go free. All the burdens of life melting on to the dance floor.

The butterflies were never far away, but just far enough for me to enjoy this precious moment of freedom with Bradley – feeling entirely comfortable for just a night.

*Destiny’s POV*

“Okay! Okay! Stop! I have a better one.” The boy exclaimed, trying to speak above my crackling laughter.

“Sure, you do you.” I choked out in-between laughs.

“Okay, come on let me try.”


“Again. Again. Again.”

“Fine. Go.” I chuckled, as I patiently waited for the curly haired boy to speak. It reminded me of someone I used to know, but I just couldn’t put my finger on who it was.

He cleared his throat, loudly, and begun, “Okay. What was the thunder cloud’s favourite gift to give on Valentine’s Day?”

“What?” I asked.

“A box of Shocklates!” He announced, proudly. I stared at the boy for a solid few moments, unimpressed.

“Oh, come on that was good.”

“No. honey. No.”

“Your funny bone is just dead.”

“Yeah? Okay.” I nodded sarcastically, “it's my funny bone that’s dead.”

“Whatever.” He huffed, crossing his arm as he faces away from me.

“Oh, come on. I’m sorry. Don’t be like that.” I pleaded, touching his arm gently.

The boy appeared before me, in all his grandeur. A tailored red wine suit with a charming, matching red tie. His chiselled jaw lifted with a smile he tried to hide from me. His eyes had a bright green tint to it. He looked so charming and smart. Every word he said sounded beautiful. I just wish I knew who this boy was.

But then again, I was kind of glad I didn’t.

I looked up at him. Seeing him made it seem like space and time just became the most delicate point imaginable as if time collapsed into one tiny speck and exploded at light speed.

We had such a great time laughing and talking about the stupidest things.

“Alright! Let me try another!” The boy exclaimed.

“No! You can stop driving me crazy now, I’ll walk from here, thank you very much.” I cried out quickly, stopping him from further embarrassment.

He laughs at my quick remark. It’s a sound that sounded so familiar. A sound I hadn’t heard in a thousand years, and it’s a sound I could wait another thousand years to hear. He leans close, as our breaths mingle.

We were so close to kissing, but I quickly pull away, as he does too. “So, tell me about that girlfriend of yours.” I immediately say to cover up the awkwardness.

“Oh yeah. She’s – She’s nice. I like her, a lot. She makes me really happy.” He replies, vacantly.

“Oh. That’s nice.” I nod with a smile, slightly disappointed to hear that, but I wasn’t about to let him know that. “Does she have a name?”

“Yeah, but I can’t tell you.”

“What! Why not!”

“Because, remember, we are trying to keep ourselves strictly anonymous.”

“Right. Sigh.”

“Do you think we know each other?” He asks, after a while of silence.

“Uhm,” I chuckled, thinking how dumb that question was seeing that we were talking right now.

“I mean, behind the masks, do we know each other without them?” He tries again.

“Oh.” I giggle, “Maybe.” I shrugged.

“Probably got some classes together huh?”

“Yeah, I pretty sure.”

*Harry’s POV*

“So, you got yourself a man?” I asked the beautiful girl in front of me, praying she would say no.

“Uhm, not really, to be honest.” Bullseyes! “I wouldn’t call it dating. I mean no one would if they really knew what was up, but everyone thinks we are. So, I don’t know.” She says.

“Okay.” I laugh at her complicated explanation; just glad she wasn’t taken.

I stared into her bright big blue eyes, they were so fucking familiar, but I just could not remember who I am thinking of right now.

But honestly, I couldn’t care less, being her with this girl, whether I know who she is or not was giving me all sorts of feelings. Mainly happy feelings.


That’s what I felt.

Extremely happy.

I felt weightless like I am swimming in a pool of love. It was perfect.

I haven’t felt like this since … since Destiny. Funny thing is, even with this girl, this girl who is making my life so amazing in just a few minutes I have known her, all I could think about was Destiny. If I could just know who this girl was, then maybe that other horrible excuse for a girl would get out of my mind.

I know for a fact that she wasn’t Destiny, cause this girl had absolutely no hint of an accent – purely British.

The life around me felt so soft and friendly, despite being in a room full of drunken teenagers grinding up on each other. All I could think about was this girl – this girl and Destiny. Who knew I could fall in love again like truly falling in love, especially after Destiny left.

“Alright friends! We’re going to switch things up and play some slow music. BUT! To add a little twist, and get you kids to mingle some more, we’re going to ask you to leave the gal or guy you came with and find someone entirely new to dance with. Go dance with a stranger, kids! Have fun!”

“Hey, stranger. Can I have this dance?” I smile at the red-dressed girl in front of me before she could disappear.

“Oh, my. So polite. Of course.” She smiles back.

The deep curve of her lips makes the world stop me. A smile that brought back a million memories in a split second.


“Hi, I’m Harry.” I smirked at her, “Harry Styles.”

This babe was definitely checking me out, just another girl to make my move on. This is going to be fun.

“Hey, I’m Destiny. Destiny Baker.” She smirked back, raising an eyebrow. Her thick Canadian accent really echoed itself. I chuckled at her quick wit.

Cute. I thought.

“Well, my mum, she asked me to bring this for you and your father.” I smiled, extending my arm to give her the bowl I had been holding.

“Oh, tell her we said thanks.” She smiled back, taking the bowl from my hands. “You don’t mind me asking, ‘what is this?’”

“No, it's alright,” I laughed, at her overly rated politeness, you could instantly tell she was from Canada, “Uhm, it is lasagne.”

“Ooh! My favourite!” She squealed, admiring the food, and making me laugh, again. “Thanks, again.”

“No problem,” I smirked, leaning against the wall next to the doorway, as I tried to think of ways of getting her to see interest in me. I could already imagine all the fun I could have with this girl in bed. “Oh yeah, uh, my mum wanted me to tell you that, you and your parents are invited to this party thing my Mum’s throwing this Friday.”

“Oh cool! I’ll tell my dad.” She says with a nod, not caring much for my appearance, but more for the lasagne.

“Tell your dad what?” A deep voice asks. It belonged to a man who came up next to Destiny. Immediately I stood straight up, I haven’t ever met the parents of the girls I slept with. "Oh, hi there. I am David Baker. You can call me, Mr Baker. I’m Destiny's father." The man said, extending his hand for me to shake.

"Hello, Mr Baker," I said, shaking his hand. ‘David. David. David. Where have I heard this name before?’ I thought to myself.

"Now what is it you had to tell me?" Destiny’s father asked, again.

“Oh, my mum is having a party on Friday," I explained.

“Oh, yeah?” Mr Baker asked.

“Yes, and she invited both of you,” I confirmed and continued.

“Tell her, we will gladly crash her party.” He smiled.

‘David Baker! Oh right! The man dad always talked about. Mom was pretty sure he was gay for this man. Apparently, the best of friends. … Yikes never slept with one of my dad’s friend’s daughters before. First time for everything, right?’

“I will.” I smiled. “Well, I guess I’ll see you around, Destiny.”

“M-kay, Bye.” Destiny smiled, and I could tell she was watching me walk away. Perfect, just what I wanted.

*End of Flashback*

“I still don’t know who you are.” The girl says to me, as we slow dance on the dancing floor.

“Same, for me with you,” I reply with a shrug.

“You think we should keep it like this?” She asks.

“Yeah. Or else we wouldn’t be strangers anymore. Would we?” I tried, sadly knowing that keeping ourselves anonymous would probably be the best idea. Or would it?

“No. We wouldn’t.” She giggles.


“Alright! Alright! My turn!” I exclaimed, with a bright smile plastered on my face. Destiny raised an eyebrow at me.

“Who are you going to ask … the table?” She jokingly says, causing giggles and chuckles to erupt lightly.

“Yes,” I smirk at her. “An extraordinary tale,” I say, looking loving at one of the empty tables.

“I bet you the table will reject you on a matter of 3 seconds.” Destiny laughs.

“Mhmm … maybe.” I smirked. “Or you’ll just become jealous.”

“Oh, please! Jealous! For you!” Destiny says. “I am too good for you, Harry.” The girls, boys and our parents let out light laughs, as well.

If this were anytime before this year, that would’ve really hurt my ego.

“Alright, we’ll see,” I say, giving her an evil smirk. “Mum, flower please,” Mum smiles, shaking her head as she takes out a blue rose with a baby blue piece of paper sticky out of it.

The flower looked is beautiful, delicate and fragile. I knew it was Destiny’s favourite colour. She’s told me nearly a million times.

My friends exchanged looks, as they tried to keep themselves together, knowing very well what was about to happen next.

I begin walking towards Destiny. Just I as got closer to her, staring straight into her bright blue eyes, as she peered into my green eyes, as well. Just as I was about to get close to her, I made a beeline to the nearest table and kneeled down on one knee.

“Oh, dear table, will you make me the happiest boy on earth and be my girlfriend?” I say lovingly.

Smirking, I watched Destiny’s face turn a light shade of red as she bit down on her lip and buried her head in her hands. Everyone burst out laughing.

She looked so cute when she’s embarrassed. Note to self, embarrass Destiny all the time.

“Alright. Alright.” I chuckled. “Honestly, speaking this is for you, Destiny. Will you please be mine? Will you be my girlfriend?” Putting out the rose for her to take.

Destiny glared at me with narrowed eyes, and a beautiful smile, she just couldn't get rid of.

I laughed lightly. “Please?”

“No. Go away.” Destiny laughed, pushing my chest back.

“What?” I looked at her with innocent, wide-eyed.

“I don’t want to be your girlfriend.” Destiny shook her head, still blushing a little bit.

“Awe. Come on. It didn’t seem like that a couple of minutes ago.” I smirked at her.

“Oh shut up!” Destiny blushed, attaching her tongue to the right side of her mouth.

“Fine. I’ll just go out with the table.” I smirked, teasing Destiny.

“Oh, you little … “ Destiny glared at me. “Gimmie that.” She extended her hand for the rose.

“I will only give this to my girlfriend. Are you going to be mine? Yes or no, Destiny?” I smirked, with a grave look on my face.

“Yes,” Destiny mumbled, under her voice.

“Um. I couldn’t hear that. Repeat it, Destiny.” Zayn smirked.

“Yes,” Destiny said a little louder, glaring at him.

“What was that Destiny? Did you say no?” Liam questioned.

“Omg. Yes! Okay. I’ll be your girlfriend, Harry!” Destiny finally said, loud and clear.

“Eyyyyy!!!!” All our friends cheered, laughing and clapping along with all our parents.

I handed Destiny the blue rose. She beamed me a huge smile, as she took the rose.

“Thank you.” Destiny smiled, uncontrollably, as she bit her tongue gently. Her eyes lit up, as the corner of her mouth grew wider. The dimples in her cheeks appeared as her whole face showed her enjoyment of the moment.

She shook her head and laughed lightly.

I have been dying to ask her out for months. I promised dad I would've after he asked Mum to marry him again.

Gemma had been dying to see the moment too, but she couldn't make it, so I asked Zayn to record the entire moment since he was the best filmer from us all. He filmed dad’s proposal to Mum and mine to Destiny.

Destiny stared at me with her bright blue eyes, smiling. Her smile was like the sun lighting up the sky. As if nothing could contain it.

“Destiny?” I ask.

“Yes, Harry?” she says.

“Will you be mine now and forever?” I ask, as sweetly as I could.

Destiny only nods, speechless and smiling brightly.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, out loud, in pure happiness.

I threw my arms around Destiny’s waist, picking her up hugging her tightly and twirling her around. Destiny hugged me back, as well, giggling. It felt like we were melting into each other. Our eyes closed, we lost track of time and felt like we were the only ones on the planet. We smiled in joy and embraced one another.

I felt ... safe, comfortable, and complete as if all the world’s worries disappeared.

Now I know the true meaning of a perfect hug. A hug is where for a moment, in her arms, you feel like you can fly. A hug that is so soft, gentle, and warm. One that binds the two souls together.

That is precisely how I felt at this very moment. Making me feel as if, she – Destiney Baker, was 100% my one and only. I could feel the spark.

The room was filled with cheers and clapping. Coming back to reality we released one another, with redden cheeks and bright smiles.

The rest of the night went by with laughter and smiles and jokes. I had my arms around Destiny, the whole time, as I held her close to me.

Everything was peaceful and perfect.

*End of Flashback*

That was the worst memory I had of Destiny because it was the best moment of my life.

Fuck. I swore in my head. Why that image? Why now? I was smiling like an idiot, but I could feel my heart breaking into a thousand pieces all over again.

Destiny … why haven’t you left my mind yet?

Why do I still love you?

I held the mystery girl in my arms as we silently danced to the slow music of "Halo" by Beyoncé.

“I love this song. It’s so beautiful.” She says, to me.

“Yeah?” I smiled down at her, as we slowly danced arm-in-arm, cheek-to-cheek, we were so close together it felt as though we might just melt into one another.

“Yeah. It’s beautiful.” She smiles back, as we continued to dance.

“Hit me like a ray of sun; Burning through my darkest night; You're the only one that I want; Think I'm addicted to your light,” She sang, her voice just as angelic as Beyoncé herself. Voice so beautiful, I wish she would never stop. Who does she remind me of …?

“Why’d you stop?” I asked her, upset that she stopped singing.

“Oh, I’m not too good.” She shyly says.

“You’re joking right?” I peered into her eyes, trying to see if I could get the slightest clue of who she was.

“Oh, shut up,” She giggled, taking her eyes out of my sight.

I gently put my finger on her chin and turned her head towards me. I gazed into her eyes again, and slowly leaned in to kiss her.

Again, she pulled back, “You have a girlfriend. This is wrong.”

“It’s –“ I started, but was cut off by the lady at the mic, on the stage.

“Alright, Minglers. It's nearly the end of the night. Why don’t you seal it with a kiss with your new stranger?”

“It’s the rules,” I quickly say, looking back at her with a small smirk and hopeful eyes.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want you getting into trouble because of me.” She presses.

“Trust me, love. It’s alright.” I say, gleaming into her baby blue eyes. I wanted to feel her lips against mine. I wanted to close to someone and feel something for them. I can’t believe it took me this long to realise that I didn’t really love Bella. She was just a mere distraction … distraction from …

The beautiful girl in front of me nods silently, moving her head closer to mine. I move closer, frozen with both fear and excitement. She leans in, just as our forehead gently rest against one another.

Closing our eyes gently, with both our breaths shaking, “Thank you,” she says, in a barely audible whisper.

“For what?” I reply, my voice low and husky.

“For tonight.” Her voice wavers, exhilarated from the tension between us.

She slowly leans closer and kisses my warm lips.

I kissed her as the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. My hands rested below her eye, my thumb caressing her cheek as our breaths mingled. Her arms gently wrapped around my neck.

It was chaos in my head; who was she? Who did she remind me of? Why can’t I get Destiny out of my head? Am I cheating on Bella? Have I become just like every girl I have ever dated? What is Bella going to say if she finds out? Never mind, I would know exactly what she would say … or really, how she would feel.

But forget about that, right now, I have the most gorgeous human being in my arms, kissing me so gently … so passionately, so much love. From a mere stranger … or not. Bella could leave my mind, but Destiny? Not so much …


Near the end of the movie, the girls fell asleep, making us having to carry them to bed. I picked up Destiny, bridal style and gently put her on the bed.

“Should I help her change out of her clothes …?” I say, thinking out loud. I debated for a couple moments whether to let her sleep in those worn clothes, or invade her privacy, not wanting to wake Destiny up.

“Ugh. I’m just going to wake her up.” I finally decide after I had undressed. I start to gentle shake Destiny awake.

“Mhmm.” Destiny moans. “What do you want Harry?”

“Destiny, you should change out of your clothes,” I tell her.

“Oh, you, big baby. Couldn’t you change my clothes while I was asleep?” Destiny moans.

Damn, I could’ve done that. I facepalmed myself.

“I didn’t want to invade your privacy,” I say.

“You are my boyfriend. So, it doesn’t matter.” Destiny mumbles, “And I’m sleepy. Let me sleep.”

“But you shouldn’t sleep in uncomfortable clothes,” I tell her.

“It's okay,” Destiny says.

“But-” I begin, but Destiny cuts me off.

“Oh my gosh. Harry!” Destiny whines, grabbing hold of my arm and pulling me onto the bed. I fall directly on top of her. “Hi.” Destiny sleepily says as she looks up at me.

I laugh, still on top of her. “Hey, baby,” I say, planting a kiss on her forehead.

“Kiss.” Destiny whines, gently tapping her lips. I laugh before I start kissing her on the mouth. She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me back, both of our eyes gently closed, taking in everything from that moment.

Destiny pulls away, keeping her arms around my neck and me still on top of her, her eyes slowly opening as, she says, “I love you, Harry.”

“I love you too, baby.” I smile at the perfect girl underneath me.

“Now let’s go to sleep!” Destiny says, moving her body to face inwards. I laugh getting off her and laying down next to her. I watched as Destiny fell into a deep sleep. Afterwards, noticing her dress, I made a decision.

“I’ll change you,” I say out loud, shaking my head. I get out of bed and grab one of her tights and my white t-shirt.

I slip the pants on her, and slowly and carefully lean her upright and take off her dress. She had a bra on underneath.

“Too hot.” I smile, looking at Destiny’s body, but not for too long. I slip on my t-shirt over her head and pull it down. It seemed a bit too big for her, but she still managed to look cute in it. I leaned her back down onto the bed, put the dress away and climbed back into bed. I wrapped my arms around Destiny and slowly drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

*End of Flashback*

As she kissed me, my brain lit on fire, and the warmth spread throughout my entire body. In a matter of minutes, I was addicted. It felt as though I wouldn’t ever be able to function without these lips.

Still despite everything memories of Destiny flashed back and forth between my mind, clogging up my airway.

‘Why Destiny? Especially when I have this beauty in my arms,’ I thought, again.


I flipped the last of the waffles, taking them down and putting the 20 waffles on ten separate plates. Rummaging through the fridge, I found a bucket of ice cream and proceeded to scoop out two per plate, after smearing a thin layer of Nutella on each waffle.

I was pouring the hot liquid fudge into a little, decorative gravy bowl, just as Destiny walked into the kitchen, hugging me from behind and planting a light kiss on my back.

“Hi, baby.” I chuckled, as I grabbed hold of her hands and turned around to face her. I kissed her forehead, as I watched a smile form on her lips.

“Harry!” Destiny exclaimed, letting me go.

“Yes?” I smiled, knowing exactly why she was screaming.

“What is that?” She questioned me.

“Waffles with Nutella and Ice Cream.”

“Excuse me? For breakfast!”

“Yes, darling,” I say, with a shrug.

“Not healthy Harry!” Destiny exclaim, smacking my head lightly.

“Well … I don’t really care because you see this is yummy.” I smirked.


“Destiny!” I mock her, turning Destiny around and hugging her from behind, as I shoved my head into her neck, tickling her with my nose.

“Harry.” Destiny laughed, choking on her fit of giggles.

“Hey, if you two are done having sex, we would like breakfast now.” Liam teased us, barging into the kitchen. Immediately, Destiny shoved me away from her as her face turned bright red.

“First of all, we aren’t having sex. And secondly, you’re ‘breakfast’ is not healthy.” Destiny quickly stuttered out before rushing out of the kitchen.

“Liam.” I laughed, raising up my arms. “This close you know.”

“I’m sorry mate.” Liam laughed.

“We weren’t having sex!” We hear Destiny shout to us. Liam and I cracked up upon hearing her words.

*End of Flashback*

*Destiny’s POV*


“Destiny, please listen to me. I’m really sorry.” Harry pleaded.

“Honestly, Harry.” I begin, regaining my memory. “How could you be so careless about this? I trusted you. Could you not have just told our friends verbally, was that so hard? Now the entire school knows, and everyone is probably talking shit about me.”

“I know I’m an idiot. I deserve for you to be angry at me. But I’ll fix it. I’m your boyfriend, and I will protect you. Nothing will hurt you. I swear!” Harry explained, sincerely. I could tell he was telling the truth.

“Really Harry? How will you fix this? Memory eraser? Do you have that?” I asked, still angry and tired.

“I don’t know baby. But I know I won’t let you get hurt.” Harry promised.

“I’m too tired to argue now …” I sigh.

“Good.” Harry smiles and lifts me up bridal style.

“Harry,” I whine stretching his name. “Why do you love picking me up so much?”

“Just because I love you,” Harry says with a smile. He takes me into his room and lays me on his bed. “Let’s take a nap!”

“Yeah. I need that!” I say, feeling my forehead, as I slowly forget about the events that happened earlier. “Oh my gosh! It feels like 100°!”

Harry brings my body close to his and holds me tight.

“I’ll protect you, baby,” Harry says as we both drift off into a dreamless sleep.

*End of Flashback*


“My turn!” I exclaim as I begin my attempt to tickle him. Although to my unfortunate luck Harry wasn’t ticklish. Harry shook his head with a smirk plastered on his face. “Are you not … ticklish?”

“Nope!” he smirked, flipping over and continued tickling me. I began to die in laughter all over again.

Oh, dear god why a, I so ticklish?

“Wait! Wait!” I choked in between my laughs.

“Yeah?” Harry smiles, as he stopped tickling me. Immediately, I flip as over again, so that I was sitting right on top of Harry.

Immediately, I attached my lips with his, a give him the kiss I had craved for a kiss for a long time, always waiting for the perfect moment, and right now, it seems utterly right.

At first, Harry appeared to be in shock, but he quickly recovered. What started out to be a gentle kiss turned out to be an intense make-out session … my first kiss.

I moved my hand from his chest to around his shoulders, where I entwined my fingers with the ends of his soft brown hair. He brought his hands down to my waist while pulling me closer to his chest.

It felt like the world had stopped, and we had been kissing forever. We were infinite at that very moment. Everything was perfect. The boy took my breath away. Every time we would break apart from the kiss, Harry would say “I love you”, but I would cut him off by kissing him again. It felt so good that I didn’t want to stop one bit. Each kiss was full of passion and life. I loved it … I loved him!

“Uh … guys?” We heard Elizabeth from the door. Immediately I stopped his kissing and dropped myself onto him and hid my head in Harry’s chest in embarrassment. Laughing, Harry wrapped his one arm around my waist, and another held my head against his chest.

“Don’t worry it was just a kiss. We are both fully clothed.” Harry says with a chuckle.

“Damn. I thought she finally gave it to you.” Louis smiled.

“Oh, shut up, Louis,” Harry says.

“Destiny’s first kiss!” Elizabeth exclaims.

I mumble under my breath, giggling, but still hiding my head in shame, as Harry laughs.

“What?!” I could hear Ally exclaim, surprise and happiness filling her expression.

“I know right!” Elizabeth says.

“But she is embarrassed about it.” Louis laughs.

“I’m never kissing you again,” I mumble to Harry.

“What? No, no!” Harry exclaimed. “Guys. Shut up, or else this would be the first and last kiss I get from her!” Giggling, I continued to hide my face in Harry’s chest.

*End of Flashback*

I pulled away from the kiss and broke into a fit of chuckles over the last memory. Destiny’s always been so stupidly scared of anything sexually – it was still too adorable …

“Why … Why are you laughing? Did I do something wrong?” The girl says to me, nervously.

“Oh! Oh my gosh! No, no.” I immediately exclaimed, shutting up, “I just … I had this memory, and it was hilarious. I’m sorry.”

“What was the memory …?” She asks shyly, rubbing her elbow as she looked at the ground.

“Oh uhm … It was –“ I started, just then some drunk jerk shoved the girl out of the way pushing her into my chest.

“Ouf!” She cried out, falling out to me. From an instinct, I grasped her tightly to me so she would fall to the ground. “I’m sorry. Sorry.” She choked out without thinking, as she tried to slowly move off me.

“Watch where yo-!” I started to yell at the jerk who pushed her before I was being strangled at the neck.

“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry!” the girl cried again, being pulled right back to me. Our necklaces had twirled around each other.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. Here let me get this.” I assure her, reaching the necklaces and started to untangle them.

As I was working away at the stupid knot, I noticed something strange … we had matching aeroplane charms … Destiny?

“Oh my gosh! Thank you. I’m so sorry I bumped into you.” Destiny says to me. It had to be her. What another girl in the school would have the exact same aeroplane charm as me.

With my eyebrows scrunched together, I glared at her face, trying to confirm my theory. Not bothering to reply to her comment, my hands creaked up to her mask, and slowly begun to remove it. Just before I could get a proper grip on the mask, Destiny snatched her head away.

It has to be her! And she knows I know.

Destiny? I try to say out loud, but the name won’t escape my mouth. I don’t want to ruin the night. It was the best. The strange thing was I was afraid that she would say no that she wasn’t Destiny.
“I had fun. Like actual fun. Thank you.” She says to me, nervously looking at the ground. She was fiddling with her aeroplane necklace.

Destiny always played with her necklace whenever she was nervous or was hiding something.

“Me too. I had lots of fun here, with you.” I nod, with a smile, trying to get to her eye level so I can get a better look to make sure she really was Destiny.

“Yeah.” She gives a small smile towards the ground, “Gotta go find my date now. Huh?”

“Yeah. Me too.” I say, giving her a half-assed smile, I didn’t want her to leave. I don’t want this night to end. Fuck man, why’d I have to get all question about who she was, I could always find out later.

“Bye.” She says, slowing starting to walk away.

“Bye.” I quietly call after her


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