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The End is Approaching [PAUSED]

Nine - Guilty

*Harry’s POV*
*Friday Night*

I lay on my bed, a couple hours before the party tonight, excited for a release after this stressful week of homework, school, and dare I say it, Destiny.

As soon as my tired head touches the comfortable pillow, the doorbell rings. I groan, as I push myself off my mattress and make my way downstairs. Guessing it was Bella at the door, I swing it open, tiredly and freeze.

“Destiny?” I ask, quietly.

“Harry,” She says, looking up at me with sad eyes. Her eyes have circles under them, but they are just as bright as ever. Her now-short hair is pulled back with a brown headband, a yellow flower on the side, pointing to the once-happy, innocent girl she was. Her usually tangled hair was now tamed, making her look almost cute.

What the hell am I thinking? It’s fucking adorable, is what it is.

I swallow, hoping to ease away the dryness that has crept up in my throat. Why the hell is my mouth so dry?

“Harry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. For everything. I want to take it all back. I want you back. I miss you. Harry, I still love you.” She says. Every ounce of guilt and regret I felt rushed back at me hitting me like a hurricane.

Despite my obvious guilt, I reach out and hold her hands in mine. “Oh, Destiny.” I breathe out, like a love-struck little boy. I pull my arms around her waist and press my lips against hers.

I try to kiss her gently, but she wants more. I don’t even care that Bella could walk in on us. I don’t even care.

I felt a little lightheaded, something started to tighten around my neck, just as I realized that Destiny’s hands were wringing me, as she kisses me, fast and hard.

She pulls away, smirking at me, as she continued to suffocate me. “You fucking idiot. You did this to me. I hate you. You made me lose everything! I hate you so much. I hate your pathetic, loser, worthless, unworthy love.” She whispers into my ear, as I chocked for a breath of air.

“Harry! Wake up! Harry!” a familiar voice exclaims, as I feel hands grip my shoulders and shake me very fast, back and forth. My eyes fly open, and I shoot straight up, as the feeling of sweat collected right above my raised eyebrows.

I heard the sound of giggles, familiar giggles. “Bella! Fucking hell.”

“You looked so scared!” She laughed even louder. I roll my eyes as I get off the bed. “Oh, don’t do that. Come here.” She says, as her laughs die off. She straddles my waist, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me tightly to her. I inhale her familiar smell. Sighing, I pull away slightly, only to inch closer so I could kiss her.

Suddenly, I felt my stomach turn as my lips met hers. The guilt feeling raises up from my stomach through my chest and to my neck. Immediately, I push Bella off me and race to the bathroom. Flinging open the toilet seat, I began to hurl whatever I had to snack on earlier.

I feel my girlfriend’s hand on my back, soothing me, as I emptied my stomach.

When I’m done, I fell back, leaning on my elbows. Bella reaches over and flushes the toilet before kissing my forehead. My eyes flutter closed for a second. She turns on the sink and wipes cool water over my face, before handing me my toothbrush.

After cleaning up, I walk back into my room. “Are you ill?” Bella asks as she plops down onto my bed.

“No, I think I just might’ve had something bad to eat,” I instantly say, knowing that I’m lying. She looks at me, unconvinced, “I feel better now, I swear.” I say, giving her a faint smile, before wrapping my arms around her and attempting to kiss her.

Immediately, her hands fly up to my chest. “No way! You just threw up!” She laughs, as I pout before she kisses my cheek. I give her a long hug, as I tried to ignore the dream I just had. By now I had forgotten most of what was in the dream, all I remembered was kissing Destiny and the electric feeling it gave me.



Please update sooooonnn i’m dying to know about the whole storyyyyyy omg LOVE IT!

shinta arian shinta arian

Amazing woah!!! This is getting so good!

megsworld megsworld

Is that a "woah thats amazing" woah, or a "woah thats really bad" woah ...?

Jeeeeeeez the first chapter is strong! I'm probably, and hopefully going to catch up in like to days. Ohh, I just can't wait to see what happens! Great story! Love you <3

BlackoutSilence BlackoutSilence


megsworld megsworld