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The End is Approaching [PAUSED]

Twenty-Nine - Switching Things Up

*Harry’s POV*

“This, girls ask boys thing, really got me on edge,” Louis commented with a sigh, as he ate his lunch. The fourteen of us friends were gathered at our regular lunch table.

“I know right. Why was this so necessary? I mean seriously, what’s wrong with going with your girlfriend like normal people? Are they trying to break up relationships?” Liam added.

“That’s actually true. Bare couples are going downhill after tonight.” Niall nodded in agreement.

“Okay. Okay. I was thinking-“ Elizabeth started, but got cut off by the timid Samantha Jones.

“Josh. Uhm, can I talk to you?” Sam asked, shyly.

“Uh, yeah? What’s up.” Josh asked, in confusion and he drew his eyebrows together and walked over to her.

“This boy is so fucking clueless. She is clearly getting ready to ask her out.” I whisper to the group so Josh and Sam wouldn’t hear.

“Oh my gosh! Really! Yass Josh!” Ally cried out, too loud, by accident. “Uh, sorry, I- he got a perfect grade on his English paper. That’s all.” Ally quickly stuttered, when she noticed the two of them staring at her.

“Oh, good job Josh.” Sam smiled at him.

“Uhm thank you …” He replied glaring at Ally.

‘Sorry.’ She mouthed to him. We all continued to look at them out of the corner of our eyes.



“I’ll see you, then.”



“Bye.” Josh smiled brightly at Samantha as he watched her walk away. “Yes! Got one of the pretty girls in this school to ask me out! Ha! Losers.”

“Excuse me?” June says, giving Josh a death glare, as did her friends.

“I mean, you guys- girlies are pretty too, but you know, I’m – I’m just not allowed to look at you like that.” Josh timidly says, fearing his life.

“Mhmm. Sure.” Mabel says, shaking her head.

“Nice save.” Zayn laughed, high-fiving Josh, and then realised Mabel had been giving him a death-stare as well. “What? It was a good save.” He says, keeping his stance. Mabel rolled her eyes.

“Right, so Elizabeth you were saying ...” Niall starts.

“Oh! Right! So, I was thinking, why don’t we just switch for tonight, and not really go out of our group? You know what I mean.” Elizabeth explains.

“So, like I’d take Louis instead of Liam?” Ally says.

“Yeah, and I’m taking Niall.” Elizabeth smiles.

“Yay! We were picked! We were picked!” Niall squealed, with Louis.

“Okay. Okay. I pick Liam.” Mabel shouts out.

“Well, then I want Antwon!” June demands

“You know what, I’m just going to take Allen to the dance, who needs you, girls, anyway.” Zayn declares.

“But, it’s girls ask boys.” Mabel points out.

“I can fix that,” Allen announces, gently grabbing a bunch of Elizabeth’s hair, and plopping on top of his head. He spread it out on his head to make it look like his own hair. “Zayn. Babe. My love. Go to the dance with me.”

“O. M. G! Allen! My baby! Of course, I will! Why did it take so damn long to ask, girlfriend?” Zayn squealed back, like a love-sick girl.

“Well, that just leaves you, buddy-boy,” Josh says, patting my back.

“What! No! Bella doesn’t have a date.” I protested.

“Actually, I do.” Bella interfered.

“Who??” I demanded to know.

“Oh, just a friend I used to hang out with before I joined this group. You wouldn’t know him.” Bella explained.

“Try me.” I insisted.

“Maxwell.” Bella simply says.

“Who?” My friends and I say in unison.

“Exactly.” Bella shrugs, “You people don’t pay attention to anyone, but your own group.”

“That’s not true.” Liam protested.

“It is true.” Says a kid that walked by our table.

“Who’s that?” Niall whispered to Zayn.

“See!” Bella exclaimed, shaking her head in disappointment, “That kid, was one of the many that you boys used to bully, from like, what, the first day of high school, until … actually until the day you all met Destiny. You boys really gained some humanity from her. I will never understand why you kicked her out of this group.”

“Kicked her out! Are you mad? Let’s get one thing straight-“ Niall started, instantly being triggered by her words. Despite, how right he is and wrong she is, I wasn’t about to let him yell at my girlfriend like that, especially not in front of me.

“Niall!” I demanded, giving him a death-glare, telling him to shut the fuck up.

“No, shut up! I-“ Niall started again, louder than before.

“Niall! Sit down before I punch your skull in!” I growled at him again, raising my voice, so it was louder than his.

“You know what, fine. Whatever. I’m going to class.” Niall says, after a moment of silence. He had given up and just wanted to get out. “Elizabeth, you’ll pick me up tonight, won’t you.” He says, to Elizabeth with a slight smirk.

“Sure, Niall. Don’t be late.” Elizabeth says, trying to hide the little fear that grew inside her, and smiled at Niall.

“Of course.” Niall nodded a smile at her before disappearing.

*Later on, that same day*

Upon realisation that their unbearable teacher was not present that day, the news spread like wildfire across the classes. Other students, who weren’t fortunate enough, walked solemnly to their respective classes dreading the nauseating hour of education awaiting them. With faces as expressionless as corpses, the burdened students were offered looks of pity from the more fortunate ones as they walked passed the free class, textbooks in hand, to the physics class.

It was last period with June and Haylee, and the sub had given us a free period to catch up on some pending work. Naturally, we did nothing. June, Haylee, a couple other guys in our class, and I sat around and talked away about the one-to-many dramas that were happening at school.

Without warning, a timid girl in our English class, Carly Wood, walks up to me. “Harry?” She says.

“Yeah?” I asked, sitting on top of June’s desk, looking at her, as did the rest of my friends.

“I was wondering if you would like to go the Masquerade Dance with me.” She says, shyly, almost in a whisper.

Before I could say anything Haylee pipes up, “Oh no, sorry. He is going with me.”

“What? No, I’m not. Shut up, Haylee.” I quickly say before I turned my attention back to Carly, and with a small smile, said, “I’d love to go with you, Carly.”

“Really? That’s great!” Carly pipes up happily.

“Pick me up at 8?” I say, with a smile.

“Uh- Yeah! Of course! Yeah!” Carly says, before running back to her friends.

“What is wrong with you Haylee?” I spat at her.

“I didn’t think you would want to go with her. She’s so weird, and so not pretty.” Haylee shrugs.

“What are you saying? I think she’s adorable.” June interrupts.

“She’s a really nice girl, from what I’ve seen,” Marcus adds on.

“See. Don’t be rude Haylee.” I say, shaking my head in disappointment. “At least now I don’t have to worry about going out alone.”

*Louis’s POV*

I watched my feet take steps across the concert sidewalk, my dirty black dress shoes hitting the ground with each step. I was walking home alone that evening since everyone else was so busy. The girls had last minute shopping to do before the dance tonight. Harry and Bella went out, to god-knows-where, to be honest. Zayn and Niall had detention, and Liam just went a-wall, which he had been doing for a long time now.

Walking down the street to the bus stop, I realised I don’t get much time to myself. As I watched the bus approach me, I was debating against whether I should take it or just walk, to get more time to myself. Finally, walking won over, and I started down the road to my house.

My mind wandered off to several thoughts: friends, family, school, my future …

Everything seemed pretty fine with my friends, except the gaping hole, Destiny had left, and despite the great effort, Bella just couldn’t replace her. Everyone felt it, they’ve said it. Niall hasn’t said anything, but the way he acts, it's so clear he wishes Destiny would just come back. And Harry? Well, I guess he is numb to the broken heart Destiny left him with. A broken heart, everyone knew that Bella would never be able to fix.

Another thing about my friends was that Bella really wasn’t my friend. I didn’t like her much, just as the other felt. She seemed so different and distant from the rest of us, makes one wonder how the heck Harry decided to settle for her. Sure, she is nice, and everything, but she gives off this vibe. This vibe that says she is trouble.

Well, maybe my vibe-readings are just totally off because I had nothing many pitch-perfect vibes from Destiny, but apparently, that wasn’t how it ended. Still, though, I don’t really believe we lost Destiny. Or, at least I don’t want to think that we did.

Suddenly I heard some sort of beeper go off, loudly. I looked up to see Destiny frantically rummaging through her backpack to retrieve the buzzer. Seconds after getting a hold of it, one of the guys on the football team, Michael, bumped into her, on purpose, causing her to drop the beeper. Michael and his friends walked away, roaring and laughing noisily.

Not having time to get back at the boys, Destiny, with fear and concern plastered on her face, frantically went for the beeper. She looked like she was about to cry if she couldn’t get a hold of it.

Immediately the scene from yesterday in class brushed through my memory. All I wanted to do was run to her side and help her get better, it killed me to see her like that, but Harry was there, and he would’ve killed me.

Without a second to think, I rushed at the beeper, before a car could run it over.

“Destiny, here, here. I have it, don’t worry.” I exclaimed, handing her the beeper.

Grabbing it from me, she yanked out her phone, and cried out, “Shit! It’s dead.”

“Here. Here’s mine.” I say, still waiting for her to stop worrying.

“Thanks.” She says, as I quickly unlock it and give it to her.

Destiny punches in the number written on her beeper and pressed call.

“Hello. Yes. Yes. The beeper went off. I-. What? No. No! NO! But I did it as fast as I could- But.” Destiny says through the phone, as her eyes become glossy with tears.

“Thank you for your phone,” Destiny tells me, after hanging up. She slowly places my phone back into my palm, with her head hung low.

“Destiny …” I call after her softly, but she begins to walk away. After not being to help her yesterday, I was determined to help her now. “Destiny. Destiny, come back.”

“No, Louis. Thank you for your phone, but I have to go now.” She says, clearly holding back tears.

“Destiny! Look at me! What’s wrong?” I demanded. I stopped myself in front of her, gripping her shoulders tightly, as I stared into her face. “What’s wrong?” I ask again, much softer this time.

“I can’t-“ She says, cutting herself off, to keep herself from spilling out the tears.

“You can’t tell me?” I ask, trying to finish her sentence. Quietly she nods. “It’s okay you don’t have to, but I’m not about to let you go home like this.”

“1-“ Destiny starts, apparently going to reject me, but I cut her off immediately.

“No, Destiny. I insist. Let’s go.” I say, making a little hole in my arm. After a moment of hesitation, she looks up at me, and then slowly sticks her arm through the hole and held on to me. “So, how have you been?” I tried, in attempt to fill up the awkward air. She looks at me, with the ‘Are you serious?’ look. “Okay. Okay.” I chuckle.

We continued walking down the concert sidewalk, arm-in-arm. I looked over at Destiny, who was walking unusually slowly, almost robotically, as if her brain was struggling to tell each foot to take the next step. It was if she were in a stupor; like someone under hypnosis in one of those scooby-doo cartoons.

Arriving at her house, it hadn’t looked like she was doing any better. I can’t let her go feeling bad, it definitely doesn’t make up for the guilt of yesterday. I was determined to get anything out of her.

“Destiny?” I say, stopping in front of her. I cupped her face and tried one more time, “Are you, seriously, alright?”

“I’m – I’m …” And without the slightest warning, tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down her face. Anyone could notice the muscles on her chin tremble like a small child. Immediately, I grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug try to whisper soothing words in her ears.

“I’m – I’m sorry …” Destiny choked between her tears, trying to let go.

“No, Destiny, it’s okay,” I say, and with that my arms squeezed around her, a fraction tighter, and I could feel Destiny start to breath more slowly, as her body melted into mine as every muscle lost its tension to the winter air.

After a while, she stopped crying and slowly let go. “Thank you,” She said, with a sniffle. She dared not look up at me. So, I had to place my finger and her chin and slowly lift it up to reveal her face. She gave me a little smile, a smile with a slight twist to it, like the smile of a child, who was determined no to weep again.

“No problem. You best get ready for the dance tonight. You are going, aren’t you?” I say.

“Yeah. Yeah, I am, gotta keep up with that bet, right? Or else I’ll never get my money.” Destiny, with a little laugh, which sounded like it was more of a sigh from the nose.

“True. True. So, like I was saying, gotta look your best. You don’t wanna go there with a uniform on, do you?”

“Of course not. Same to you, then.”

“Oh right. I gotta go change now. My date will be here soon.” I say, in a funny voice making Destiny giggle a bit. Mission Accomplished! “I’ll leave you alone now.”

“Yeah. Alright. Thank you, again.” Destiny says.

“No problem. Bye.” And with that, Destiny walks up to her front door and disappears.

I stated there, staring at her front door. “It was nice talking to you again,” I say to the air.



Please update sooooonnn i’m dying to know about the whole storyyyyyy omg LOVE IT!

shinta arian shinta arian

Amazing woah!!! This is getting so good!

megsworld megsworld

Is that a "woah thats amazing" woah, or a "woah thats really bad" woah ...?

Jeeeeeeez the first chapter is strong! I'm probably, and hopefully going to catch up in like to days. Ohh, I just can't wait to see what happens! Great story! Love you <3

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megsworld megsworld