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The Voice


You can't change your past, only your identity.
You can't see your future, only your present.

Everit Eberly wasn't a normal girl. She had a dark past she would sometimes rather forget, but sometimes, life doesn't give you that option.

Instead of forgetting, she moved on. Changed. She decides to audition for the Voice, and upon arriving, there's a guest coach no one ever saw coming.

What will her life be like on Team Niall?


Adam Levine

Adam Levine

Lead singer of Maroon 5. He's the coach of Team Adam who turned his chair at the same time as Niall during Everit's blind audition. He is very vocal of his love for her voice, and he becomes a friend as the show goes on: to both her and Niall.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton

He's a solo country singer with a beautiful wife. He's the coach of Team Blake who wanted Everit but was unsuccessful in getting her on his team. He's a funny and sweet man who never lets things get boring.

Brinley Pearson

Brinley Pearson

Everit's rival on the show. She's a very angry girl who doesn't mind putting out. In her mind, she's the only one who deserves to win the show. 20.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

She's a pop solo artist. She's the coach of Team Christina. She was very determined to get Everit on her team but couldn't. She's sassy and sweet, and she has a lust-crush on a certain Irish coworker of hers.

Everit Eberly

Everit Eberly

Main character. She has a dark past that she can't escape. She cares more about those around her than herself, she's funny, and she can cook. You better believe she'll stick up for those she cares about--or those she doesn't. She's the kinda girl that'll sacrifice her own happiness if it means making someone else happy. 17.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

1/5 of One Direction. He helps mentor the team members of Team Niall often, but he takes a particular liking to Everit. They quickly become best friends, and his bubbly, loving personality reflects into their friendship. 19.

Jesse Hunters

Jesse Hunters

Friend Everit makes the first week on the Voice. He's funny and charming once you get past that "teenage boy" exterior. 17.

Kiley Black

Kiley Black

Friend Everit makes on the show. She's funny, quirky, and has a deep love for dogs. She's sassy and sarcastic,and you better believe she'll bring a smile to your face. 17.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

1/5 of One Direction. He helps mentor the people on Team Niall, and he quickly bonds with Everit as well. They form a deep friendship as well. 20.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

1/5 of One Direction. He helps out with Team Niall, and he loves Everit. When he meets her, he already knows she's Niall's princess, so he has high expectations for what kind of person she is that she, easily, meets.

Madi Pearce

Madi Pearce

Friend Everit makes on the show. She's sweet and has that Southern girl charm. She lacks confidence in her abilities, but she's insanely talented. 18.

Max Guthrey

Max Guthrey

Everit's best friend. He is in love with her but knows they're not meant to be. He'll protect her through anything, and he's a loyal friend with a big heart. 18.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

1/5 of One Direction. He's the coach of Team Niall on the Voice who gets himself in a sticky situation when one of his team members turns out to be the princess he has waited his entire life for. 20.

Noah Stephens

Noah Stephens

First friend Everit makes on the Voice. He's a good ole Southern boy who will make you laugh and smile, and if you're crying, he'll beat up the bastard that made you. He sees the good in people, and he sees the truth more clearly than others. 19.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

1/5 of One Direction. When Niall gets the opportunity to coach on the Voice in the United States, he more than happily helps out with mentoring. He immediately trusts Everit and finds her to be more than they hoped Niall would find.


  1. 00. Blind Auditions

    Here's where I make my dreams come true.

  2. 01. Introductions

    They say don't fix what isn't broken, so don't. Change it.

  3. 02. Pool Party

    I'm the party starter. You might have a good time, but we party harder.

  4. 03. Battles Begin

    Don't look back. It won't do any good. Don't look ahead. You'll just be misunderstood. Everything you need could be right in front of you.

  5. 04. Mixed Up in the Head

    You keep me on the edge of my seat. I bite my tongue so you can't hear me. I wanna hate every part of you in me. I can't hate the ones who made me.

  6. 05. Eliminations

    For their duet, Jesse’s parts are formatted in bold. Everit’s are italicized. Where they sing together is both formats.

  7. 06. Disaster

    She's so out of reach, and I'm finding it hard cause she makes me feel, makes me feel like I try, like I try, like I'm trying too hard.

  8. 07. Discovering the Truth of Myself

    Test my reality. Check if there's a weak spot. Clingin' to insanity in hopes the world will ease up. Try to make it look like it's all somehow getting better cause I know how to play it pretty good against the measure.

  9. 08. Everit Eberly

    You lose the moon, then be a star. It's not too soon. Be who you are.

  10. 09. Returning to LA

    What about now? What about today? What if you're making me all that I was meant to be? What if our love never went away? What if it's lost behind words we could never find? Baby, before it's too late.

  11. 10. Dinner and Sunsets

    My heart beats fast. I know you're there, and I pretend like I don't care.

  12. 11. Glowing

    Are you ready? Do you know? I feel it too. I feel this for you. *This is where the NC-17 starts to kick in. Slightly graphic sexual content*

  13. 12. Instructions

    Yeah, we can find love, just like that. We can fall hard, just like that. Yeah, we could do it all, just like that.

  14. 13. Arrangement

    I know that we are upside down, so hold your tongue and hear me out.

  15. 14. Misunderstandings

    Tell me what do you see when you’re looking at me? This sense of responsibility is killing me inside.

  16. 15. Nights Like This

    We been going hard for a while now, and we been waiting for a night like this.

  17. 16. Party It Up

    So let's get a party going.

  18. 17. Guests of Honor

    Don't be afraid. Take my hand. Forget the world.

  19. 18. Morning Surprises

    Tell me you won't break my heart, you won't tear my world apart.

  20. 19. Burning Nerves

    I see that sexy look in your eyes, and I know we ain’t friends anymore. If we walk down this road, we’ll be lovers for sure. So tonight, kiss me like it’s do or die, and take me to the other side.

  21. 20. Round One

    Tease me like you do, but it just fuels my desire.

  22. 21. Secrets

    One touch, will make me in love . . . I can't control myself. You know I never get enough.

  23. 22. Warm and Fuzzy

    Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy.

  24. 23. Snuggle Buddy

    Stay here. See me come undone. Just free my soul and turn me on. Lay me down, and stop the time. So long, now leave the world behind.

  25. 24. Late Morning Attack

    One hundred and five is the number that goes to my head when I think of all the years I wanna be with you.

  26. 25. Transition

    We don't have time left to regret. It will take more than common sense.

  27. 26. Placement

    I'm gonna show you tonight. I'm alright. I'm just fine.

  28. 27. Settling In

    Imma love you, girl, the way you need. Ain't no one gonna stop us.

  29. 28. All Before Breakfast

    Don't try to take this from me now.

  30. 29. Demi

    I never wished for anything more than to find what I've been looking for.

  31. 30. Lunch

    We're gonna have a good day . . . we all bound forever.

  32. 31. Stress Relief

    I'm the girl. I can make you smile, and I promise to be true.

  33. 32. Detonate

    I should have turned back. I should have known better than to walk away defeated.

  34. 33. Proving

    I was someone else, someone I do not know.

  35. 34. Comparing Stories

    Don't have to say we're giving up if you walk me home tonight. I swear I could fly beside you or under your starlight.

  36. 35. Missing Pieces

    Everything is ten times better when, when you are next to me. You get the best of me.

  37. 36. Overstepping Boundaries

    And that moment was so hard for me to breathe . . . it was a bad day.

  38. 37. Rooftop Adventure

    Baby if I'm half the man I say I am, if I'm a woman with no fear just like I claim I am, then I'll believe in what you say. There's nothing left for you to do. The only proof that I need is you.

  39. 38. Record Breaking Second

    I desperately want you. I desperately need you.

  40. 39. Movie Night

    See, I been waiting all day for you to call me baby . . . honest, baby, I'll do anything you want to.

  41. 40. The Semi-Finals Decisions

    You can only move as fast as who's in front of you.

  42. 41. Life or Death

    You will survive this somehow because life starts now.

  43. 42. Morning Surprise

    Tell em that it's my birthday when I party like that.

  44. 43. One of a Kind

    You did the impossible.

  45. 44. Mood Swings

    You and I seem crazy . . . I don't know the future. I just know I don't wanna lose ya.

  46. 45. My Path

    If this is a dream, won't open my eyes. Am I asleep? No, I'm alive. I just can't believe that this is my life.

  47. 46. The End

    This is my time to shine. This is my place to find. All that I have inside I never knew. This is my time to show what I must have always known: that nothing's impossible, and dreams come true.

  48. 47. The Promise

    How many times will you let me change my mind . . . I've never truly loved 'til you put your arms around me . . . You put your arms around me, and I'm home.

  49. 48. Finals

    I’m setting fire to the life that I know. Let's start a fire everywhere that we go. We starting fires, we starting fires 'til our lives are burning gold.

  50. 49. One More Piece

    Oh, baby, give me one more night.

  51. 50. The Big Finale

    This is it, guys. The final chapter before the epilogue!

  52. Epilogue. Time Well Spent

    Things are changing. It seems strange, and I need to figure this out. You've got your life. I got mine . . . and although we knew this time would come for me and you, don't say anything tonight if you're gonna say goodbye.


Noah’s lips pressed together. “Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe ‘cooties’ was just a warning word for ‘STD,’ or is that just me?” Now am using that when people say cooties

You seriously wrote about my two favorite things. The Voice and One Direction : ). And the song she auditioned with is amazing. Sick Puppies are awesome

Niall_Is_Life Niall_Is_Life

I love reading this. It's incredible

CallMeBri CallMeBri

I love reading this. It's incredible

CallMeBri CallMeBri

I loved reading this excellent story