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The Heart Of UK, Or The Crown Of USA?


"How could you do this to me? It was a mistake from the beginning..."
To whom is our main character, Kimberly Blake, saying this? She seems like she regrets something terribly.

*KEEP IN MIND* Beauty is a two sided weapon, not everybody can be careful with which side He/She Chooses.

Are you ready to be amazed in a world filled with Beauty, Betrayal, Lust, & Love? This story is going to make you live in each scene it portrays in every chapter; especially if you are a Harry Styles Fan.


*Harry Styles

*Harry Styles

Main Charater.

*Kimberly Blake

*Kimberly Blake

Main Charater.

Cindy Blake

Cindy Blake

Kimberly's Baby Sister.

Eleanor Calder

Eleanor Calder

Louis Tomlinson's Girlfriend.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

A Member of the One Direction Band.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

A Member of the One Direction Band.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

A Member of the One Direction Band.

Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik's Fiance.

Sandra Preston

Sandra Preston

1st Runner Up of Miss USA (Becomes A Close Friend To Kimberly.)

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith

Liam Payne's Girlfriend.

Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson

Kimberly's Manager.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

A Member of the One Direction Band.


  1. This is Me, And This is My Current Plan

    This is Me, And This is My Current Plan. (1st Chapter)

  2. A Plane and A Car

    A Plane and A Car.(2nd Chapter)

  3. Pervert!

    Pervert!(3rd Chapter)

  4. Sassy, Yet Classy

    Sassy, Yet Classy.(4th Chapter)

  5. Morning!

    Morning!(5th Chapter)

  6. On A Mission

    On A Mission.(6th Chapter)

  7. Not You Again....

    Not You Again....(7th Chapter)

  8. Tempting Much?!

    Tempting Much?!(8th Chapter)

  9. Game Over Harry?

    Game Over Harry?(9th Chapter)

  10. My Mystery Girl

    My Mystery Girl.(10th Chapter)

  11. It Has Begun.

    It Has Begun.(11th Chapter)

  12. "I Forgot to Give You This"

    "I Forgot to Give You This".(12th Chapter)

  13. Win and Lose

    Win and Lose.(13th Chapter)

  14. Liar

    Liar.(14th Chapter)

  15. Why Do You Care?

    Why Do You Care?(15th Chapter)

  16. The Evening Isn't Over Yet?

    The Evening Isn't Over Yet?(16th Chapter)

  17. I Feel Comfortable Now

    I Feel Comfortable Now.(17th Chapter)

  18. The First One We Share

    The First One We Share.(18th Chapter)

  19. I Wanted To Help

    I Wanted To Help.(19th Chapter)

  20. Do It For Harry

    Do It For Harry.(20th Chapter)

  21. Wrong Number? Not Really

    Wrong Number? Not Really.(21st Chapter)

  22. Who Would Have Thought!?

    Who Would Have Thought!?(22nd Chapter)

  23. One Surprise For Harry Styles Coming Right Up!

    One Surprise For Harry Styles Coming Right Up!(23rd Chapter)

  24. The Date

    The Date.(24th Chapter)

  25. Announcing Through The Night

    Announcing Through The Night.(25th Chapter)

  26. Good Bye One Direction "For Now"

    Good Bye One Direction "For Now". (26th Chapter)

  27. Relationship? I Guess...

    Relationship? I Guess...(27th Chapter)

  28. 1 Stone Idea, Strikes 2 Birds of Solutions.

    1 Stone Idea, Strikes 2 Birds of Solutions.(28th Chapter)

  29. What's Wrong Harry?

    What's Wrong Harry?(29th Chapter)

  30. I Don't Deserve You.

    I Don't Deserve You.(30th Chapter)

  31. Can You Let Me Kiss You?

    Can You Let Me Kiss You?(31st Chapter)

  32. Meeting The One Direction Ladies, & One More Downstairs?

    Meeting The One Direction Ladies, & One More Downstairs?(32nd Chapter)

  33. Same DNA

    Same DNA.(33rd Chapter)

  34. No More

    No More.(34th Chapter)

  35. You Belong to Me!

    You Belong to Me!(35th Chapter)

  36. Health Drops With Each Tear Shed.

    Health Drops With Each Tear Shed.(36th Chapter)

  37. Whoa There!

    Whoa There!(37th Chapter)

  38. Afraid From Tomorrow

    Afraid From Tomorrow.(38th Chapter)

  39. More Than A Manager

    More Than A Manager.(39th Chapter)

  40. Twitter and Blinding Lights?

    Twitter and Blinding Lights?(40th Chapter)

  41. Oh Harry...

    Oh Harry...(41st Chapter)

  42. Thank God

    Thank God.(42nd Chapter)

  43. Glow

    Glow.(43rd Chapter)

  44. Steeling Eyes

    Steeling Eyes.(44th Chapter)

  45. My Place?

    Warning: Sexual Content!(45th Chapter)

  46. Opened Up.

    Opened Up.(46th Chapter)

  47. Huh?

    Huh?(47th Chapter)

  48. No More Please

    No More Please.(48th Chapter)

  49. He Said, She Said

    He Said, She Said.(49th Chapter)

  50. Feeling Better?

    Feeling Better?(50th Chapter)

  51. Good Morning Indeed

    Good Morning Indeed.(51st Chapter)

  52. You Are The Only One

    You Are The Only One.(50nd Chapter)

  53. Worried About The Future

    Worried About The Future.(53rd Chapter)

  54. Welcome!

    Welcome!(54th Chapter)

  55. I Shouldn't Have Asked

    I Shouldn't Have Asked.(55th Chapter)

  56. The Killing Past Of Them Both

    The Killing Past Of Them Both.(56th Chapter)

  57. A Match to A Dream

    A Match to A Dream.(57th Chapter)

  58. Mom

    Mom.(58th Chapter)

  59. I Want Your Present Part 1

    I Want Your Present Part 1.(59th Chapter)

  60. I Want Your Present Part 2

    I Want Your Present Part 2.(60th Chapter)

  61. 1 More Left Harry.

    1 More Left Harry.(61st Chapter)

  62. Perfect Night, Frustrating Morning

    Warning: Sexual Content!(60nd Chapter)

  63. Rethink Please?

    Rethink Please?(63rd Chapter)

  64. What's Going On?

    What's Going On?(64th Chapter)

  65. The Hurtful Truth

    The Hurtful Truth.(65th Chapter)

  66. "Have a Good Life With No Problems."

    "Have a Good Life With No Problems."(66th Chapter)

  67. A Knock of Warmth

    A Knock of Warmth.(67th Chapter)

  68. Toxic Truth

    Toxic Truth.(68th Chapter)

  69. It's Time

    It's Time.(69th Chapter)

  70. Harry's Thoughts

    Harry's Thoughts.(70th Chapter)

  71. Kimberly's Thoughts; & A Side Dish Of Plans

    Kimberly's Thoughts; & A Side Dish Of Plans.(71st Chapter)

  72. Put Yourself In My Situation

    Put Yourself In My Situation.(72nd Chapter)

  73. This Can't Be True

    This Can't Be True.(73rd Chapter)

  74. Oh Baby...My Baby

    Oh Baby...My Baby.(74th Chapter)

  75. A Plan Initiative

    A Plan Initiative.(75th Chapter)

  76. We Need A New Plan

    We Need A New Plan.(76th Chapter)

  77. Not Now Harry

    Not Now Harry.(77th Chapter)

  78. "It's About You and Harry..."

    "It's About You and Harry..."(78th Chapter)

  79. What?!?

    What?!?(79th Chapter)

  80. News Of Improvement?

    News Of Improvement?(80th Chapter)

  81. The Heart Of UK, Or The Crown Of USA?

    The Heart Of UK, Or The Crown Of USA?(81st Chapter)

  82. NEW STORY!



Guys I swear I love you all so much hand I am really happy you are so overwellemed with the story, you brought me tears of joy really <3 I promise that I will consider a sequel, but I still am no sure. If not, then I will create a new story hopefully soon with a breath taking story line which I'm sure you will all love <3 I love you so so much and without you the stroy is nothing <3 God Bless You all and thank you for wishing me luck for my university studies I really appreciate it so very much <3 xoxo
Starzella Starzella
Love the endingā¤ it's amazing how I said at first start another story! And you did we both brain stormed and one incredible story of course written by the best you^-^ love this girl,
onelovebaby1 onelovebaby1
This can not be the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
REPLY IF YOU AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alovinliam alovinliam