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You Are My Eyes (Haven't been edited)


I once thought everything that surrounds me was a blank space, but you have opened my eyes to see the colours of the world. You open my eyes from my heart and you have shown me the beauty of life beyond what our eyes can see.

I can’t see you but I know you are here. I can’t hear you but I can sense your presence. I can’t feel anything anymore, yet you fill me with emotions. I can’t see myself, yet you see me.

I can’t even love myself…yet you love me.

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Harry Styles

Harry Styles

17 years old

Ivanna Jones (Ivy)

Ivanna Jones (Ivy)

17 years old


  1. Last year (Chapter 1)

    ”Am I seeing things?”

  2. Blindy (Chapter 2)

    "Beautiful name for beautiful girl."

  3. Friend (Chapter 3)

    "I am Harry."

  4. Ivanna (Chapter 4)

    “A mutant that can’t see what’s in front of you.”

  5. Secret Place (Chapter 5)

    “I wonder what it’s like to able to see,”

  6. Information (Chapter 6)

    "Nothing is impossible."

  7. Vulnerable (Chapter 7)

    “Too much drama in 24 hours.”

  8. Nothing (Chapter 8)

    "I have nothing, no one but myself."

  9. Unexpected (Chapter 9)

    “There comes a time in life where the unexpected will happen.”

  10. Posters (Chapter 10)

    “Are you Harry’s girlfriend?”

  11. Kicked out (Chapter 11)

    “I hurt her.”

  12. Pure (Chapter 12)

    “I am sorry about everything.”

  13. Guilt (Chapter 13)

    “It was not just a dream.”

  14. Shocked (Chapter 14)

    “I had a milk moustache.”

  15. Lies (Chapter 15)

    "As if I will waste my precious time on her."

  16. One shot (Chapter 16)

    "Her gaze makes me feel like she could see the real me."

  17. Pretending (Chapter 17)

    "But Harry….Ivy is not some girl is she?"

  18. Lip locking (Chapter 18)

    "There is something about you that draws me in."

  19. Sickness (Chapter 19)

    “Zayn…did you put something in these spaghetti?”

  20. Child (Chapter 20)

    “Then why are you here with me? Darling...."

  21. Deja Vu (Chapter 21)

    "Harry is mean."

  22. Avoiding (chapter 22)

    "We don’t want to watch porn livestream."

  23. Secured (Chapter 23)

    "Who is the guy?”

  24. Winter's Ball Part 1 (Chapter 24)

    "I had to sit and watch my best friend with a bastard living under the same roof."

  25. Winter's Ball Part 2 (Chapter 25)

    "You are a selfish bastard."

  26. Confession (Chapter 26)

    "I don’t mind you walking around naked in my room.”

  27. Faults (Chapter 27)

    " It was like some sort of drug."

  28. Fool (Chapter 28)

    "Harry here has been playing with you ever since your first encountered."

  29. Pain (Chapter 29)

    "Her eyes contain hatred, disgust and sadness."

  30. Sorry (Chapter 30)

    "Angel in disguise."

  31. Flashlight (Chapter 31)

    "You light the way."

  32. Stories (chapter 32)

    "I've been living in a lie."

  33. Karma (Chapter 33)

    “Are you all delusional?”

  34. Truth (Chapter 34 )

    "I am just a simple blind girl."

  35. Laughter (Chapter 35)

    "I am here with open arms."

  36. Guidance Angel (Chapter 36)

    "Run back to mama and papa?"

  37. Fight (Chapter 37)

    "He wants to work for it.....work to gain my forgiveness."

  38. Marks (Chapter 38)

    "If only she could see what I see."

  39. Sweetness (Chapter 39)

    "Crazy over you."

  40. Innocence (Chapter 40)

    "He is probably thinking of the worst way to kill me."

  41. Notice (NOT A UPDATE)

    Sorry Guys

  42. Perfect Date – Part One (Chapter 41)

    "I want both of us to treasure this night."


Please update :)

Teresa Horan Teresa Horan


See......we need more people like you in this world <3 <3 Yes!!!! you were very helpful and I messaged you with the biggest spoiler everrrrrr ^_^

@PS2Live the dream

Was I helpful? I have a problem conveying my thoughts into understandable sentences lol But what can I say? I'm just a fanfic reading girl willing to do anything to see her otp continue their story ;)

JustBloo. JustBloo.


DO you know how much LOVE I have for you?? If you don't......well.....I LOVE YOU dear <3 <3


I had this same thing happen to me too! Weirdness! But anyways...

I honestly think that this story has so far been written wonderfully. If there wasn't a plot or designated outcome, I sure as hell couldn't tell. But I know sometimes lack of "structure" puts a strain on the author just because of writer's block and other things like that.

I think from here, you can look at what you've written so far and ask yourself possible ways you can go next and sketch out and organize the rest of the story from this part (sometimes brainstorming concepts with someone else really makes the process easier and in some cases cleaner), and then go back to previous chapters and tweak certain things just so it' ll all wrap up nicely.


You can rewrite it (as you previously stated) and do things differently. The only problem that may arise with that, is since you are so far along in this story (40 chapters) the people that have previously subscribed to your story and have followed it this far may have trouble getting used to a new storyline and character adjustments.

But that's assuming there was a story line before (which it has seemed like), which you said there wasn't. So it's definitely a hard choice.

I think you should trust your gut and do what seems best to you. Everyone else will get over it :)

I'm here if you need a brainstorm session or a convo just to sketch out storylines by the way.

Ivarry shipper for life lolol

JustBloo. JustBloo.