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Being the friend of a rich girl has it's benefits. The big one is that she has a summer house on a relaxing island. That's just what Emily needs to get over the stress that has recently reappeared in her life. Of course, she never thought that another form of stress would make it's way into her world. In fact, she never thought that she would become the person that is created from just his touch.
"His" is referring to Niall Horan. He was recently rescued after being held captive for a month by a crazy fan, and he isn't doing too well. He refuses to go to therapy or do anything that is normal and has always made him happy. He's sent to the same island to live in the same house because the music company is sick of him not getting over his ordeal. He never thought that he would end up in the kind of relationship that starts. He never thought that he would change so much because of PTSD.
Neither of them thought what the summer was going to hold.
I do not own 1D, but I do own Emily, other characters, and the story, so don't steal!
Warning: This story will have a lot of adult content in it. The chapters will be marked.



Thanks! :)

QueenDes QueenDes

Luv this story cant wait for the next update♡

Inneke1D Inneke1D

@The Renegade
Thank you!
:) :) :)
Emily is probably one of my more favorite characters that I've made. She's different, but she still has that touch of me. The whole writing bit and not knowing how to act in real life even though she writes about it all comes from me. I can't wait for her character to evolve though. I've got some stuff planned for her.

QueenDes QueenDes

I really like Emily's character in this story. She's a writer, so she gets to almost-break the fourth wall, which is cool. Additionally, she's got a sensible head on her shoulders. Glad you got to update some more - I really like this story too so far :D

The Renegade The Renegade

@The Renegade
Yes, I am. It's in the genes.

I always have a plan on dragging the beginning out because I feel like I rush into things. It never works (except for my newer stories. I'm getting better at it.) This story, however, needs to get right into it.
And arigatou. Meow. :)

QueenDes QueenDes