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Chapter 3: Lies, Diary, and Games

Emily doesn’t really know what to do. What do you do when a boy walks up to you and kisses you out of nowhere? Plus, he’s really cute too... The brunette shakes her head. She can’t think like that for four reasons. 1.) She’s far too busy to have a boyfriend even if she is taking a break from writing. 2.) She’s trying to get all the stress to go away. A boyfriend would just bring it back. 3.) She wouldn’t know how to act in a relationship. Yes, she writes it, but she’s never been in one herself. She’d get all shy. 4.) She can’t be in a relationship with him anyway. He has to try to get better. Adding more stress would only make him worse.
The brunette starts to walk towards the door. She needs to get back to Claire and the others. Claire. She’s probably going to be wanting to know about this, but Emily can’t tell her. There are those four reasons. Plus, it was just a kiss. Well, it was a little bit more than just a kiss, but that doesn’t matter. It might not happen again. She doesn’t know why Niall did that. It could just be because of his PTSD. It’s not like she knows the syndromes. Going up to a random person and kissing them could be one of them. How should she know? She’s never written that in a story.
Although that would make a good story.
The writer finds herself outside of the door. She doesn’t really know what she’s going to say if anyone questions her, but she does have a slight idea. She just has to get into a writing mood. A writing mood should help her come up with something on the spot. It has before in some cases. Yes, there were only a couple, but she’s also used it in her writing. That has to count as something, right?
Let’s see...
Pencils. Paper. Keyboard. Words.
Pencils. Paper. Keyboard. Words.
Pencils. Paper. Keyboard. Words.
That should do it. She feels connected with language, and her first connected thought is, “Wow. That sounded like a chant a witch would say.” Yep. She’s in her writing mood. Now there is just one more thing before she can go inside. Emily puts her writing skills to use. She’s got it now. Now she has an excuse. Although, it’s pretty simple. Anyone could have come up with it. She mentally shrugs. Well, she guesses that maybe she just isn’t all there when she’s not in her mood. It is who she is afterall. In reality, she’s just trying to think of why she didn’t come up with such a simple excuse before.
The brown-eyed girl opens the door and enters. She doesn’t see anyone at first, but then she spots Niall heading up the stairs. She quickly follows behind. He might be trying to catch up with the others like she is. Up the stairs they go. She finds herself on the second floor. Emily still doesn’t see anyone else, and she can now see that Niall isn’t going to them. He’s heading to one of the rooms. The brunette doesn’t see which one because she feels someone tap her shoulder which causes her to turn around quickly to find out the person’s identity.
A pair of green eyes meet her’s. It’s the curly-haired boy, Harry. He was the one that apologized earlier for Niall’s behavior. Oh! That’s right. She was following Niall. Yes, she was trying to get to everyone else, but she kind of wants to spy on him. Is that wrong? She can just see it in one of her books. After being kissed out of nowhere, the girl follows the boy. She stands outside of his door and listens in order to find out more about him. Does he like her? Is he just messing with her? What is he even like? Wha-
“Hello?” Harry questions while waving his hand in front of her face.
Emily snaps out of it. “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m in a writing mood. Ideas keep coming into my head. That’s, um, why I was out there longer than you guys. I was looking out at the ocean and got this urge to write. I space out sometimes when I’m like that to think of what to write before I actually do.”
“Oh, OK. It’s fine. I understand. Claire actually just sent me to get you.”
“Could you tell her that I need to jot down some ideas first? I won’t be that long. I just have to get these out of my head before it explodes, you know?”
“Sure, I’ll go tell her. We’re on the third floor by the way in the arcade.”
“Got it. I’ll be up there as soon as I can.”
The brown-eyed girl quickly goes into her room and shuts the door behind her. She slowly sinks down to the floor. Wow. Could that have gone any worse? Emily doesn’t remember being that bad at lying. Of course, she normally doesn’t have to lie. Still, she thought that she’d be able to make it sound convincing. Emily is pretty sure she sounded like she was hiding something. Hopefully Harry won’t mention that to Claire. If he did, she wouldn’t hear the end of it.
Emily gets up and sighs. She hasn’t even been there a full day, and she’s already stressed. This vacation was suppose to take her from her personal life and make all of that go away. It seems like this is just making it worse. Of course it’s still better than being at home. She take this stress over the stress at home any day. The brunette feels like she should at least try to get some of this to go away. Normally when she feels it, she writes in her diary. It’s just the last time she did that, it didn’t work at all. The level was too high. Luckily, it’s already going down even if it’s by a small number. She’s pretty sure that this will go away after the words go onto the page. The twenty-one-year-old makes her way over to her bag and takes out the leather-bound book along with a pen. She sits down on her bed and starts writing.

Dear Diary,
The day isn’t even over yet, and it’s been quite a day. I had my first kiss today. I can’t really explain it, but I got this spark from it. It’s just like that spark that I get when a great idea pops into my head. Sometimes I can be in a writing mood, and then there are the times that I get a spark. It’s hard to explain. It’s almost like the spark is the next level.
The kiss may have given me that spark, but it added some stress. That’s why I’m writing in here. I don’t really know that guy that kissed me. He has PTSD as well, so I don’t even know if he meant it or not. He just walked away from me right after. I want to ask him about it, but I’m shy. I’ve never had this happen. Yes, I write about it, but writing about it and actually experiencing it are two different things. I have complete control over my writing, but no one has complete control over the real world.
Anyway, I’m going to end this early because Claire is waiting for me. I may or may not write about this more later. I might just end up thinking about it if having fun with her doesn’t knock me out of it.

Emily closes the book and puts it back into her bag with the pen. She gets up off of her comfy seat and makes her way out into the hallway. Right when she gets out there, she gets this urge to find out which room belongs to the blond, so she can put her ear up to the door. She doesn’t though. It may make a great scene in a story, but this is real life. She can’t invade his personal privacy. That wouldn’t be nice at all. She must refrain herself from doing so.
The brunette makes her way up the stairs. She doesn’t really know where the arcade is located, but she figures it out by following the loud voices. When she gets there, she spots Claire doing a little dance. Emily’s eyebrow raises. What is her friend doing? She starts walking closer to her. The brunette has no idea why her friend is dancing like an idiot. What happened?
Claire spots her and stops dancing. “There you are! You just missed it! I just beat all of them at pinball! Imagine that! They suck, and I rule!”
Louis leans closer to Emily and whispers in her ear. “Is she always like this?”
The brunette chuckles lightly. “Sadly, yes.”
Louis nods his head in understanding. “Well, it looks like I just found myself a good friend.”
“Oh, Emily,” Claire smiles completely unaware that they were just talking about her. “My boyfriend, Stellan, is coming over. I don’t know when he’s getting here, but he thinks that we should have a movie night.”
“That sounds fun,” Liam says,
“Yeah, but I don’t really know what movie we should watch.”
“Well,” Emily tells her friend, “we could watch Toy Story. That movie never gets old.”
“It looks like I just found my friend,” Liam smiles.
Claire giggles. “Why don’t we just all be friends? I’m sure that we all have something in common, and I don’t want to see you guys fighting over our awesomeness.”
“Fine,” Louis says, “but I called Claire first, so she’s a good friend, not just a friend.”
“Well, I’m still her best friend,” Emily smirks. “You can never change that.”
“That’s fine. I have Harry anyway, right?”
“That’s right Lou,” Harry agrees.
“Now,” Claire starts, “why don’t we play some more games while we wait for my cute boyfriend to get here. You guys will just love him. Now, I challenge all of you to try to take me down in Dig-Dug. That right there is my game.” She starts walking over to the machine.
“It’s on like Donkey Kong,” Liam smirks.
Emily frowns. “You’re not going to beat her.”
“Well, why not?” Louis questions. “I think that I can take her. Yeah, she beat us all at pinball, but that doesn’t mean anything.”
“Louis,” Zayn says, “didn’t Claire just say that Dig-Dug is her game?”
They all look over at Claire, who is now over at the game and playing. “She did,” Emily confirms. “In fact, you’re not even going to get her off of that thing until the game is over. We might as well walk away right now. We don’t stand a chance.”
“I see...” Louis says as they continue to look at her.
It takes a couple of minutes before Emily starts talking again. “Well, I’m going to go over and play some Donkey Kong. Who’s with me?” They all raise their hands, completely forgetting all about the Dig-Dug psycho.


Sorry this is so late. I didn't even think it was this late. Well, I'm going to do my best to make sure it doesn't happen that bad again. I mean, I'm going to be busy again, but I really like this story. I don't know why, but it's one of my stories that I always write the chapters the way that I want them to be.
Anyway, I hope that you liked it.


Thanks! :)

QueenDes QueenDes

Luv this story cant wait for the next update♡

Inneke1D Inneke1D

@The Renegade
Thank you!
:) :) :)
Emily is probably one of my more favorite characters that I've made. She's different, but she still has that touch of me. The whole writing bit and not knowing how to act in real life even though she writes about it all comes from me. I can't wait for her character to evolve though. I've got some stuff planned for her.

QueenDes QueenDes

I really like Emily's character in this story. She's a writer, so she gets to almost-break the fourth wall, which is cool. Additionally, she's got a sensible head on her shoulders. Glad you got to update some more - I really like this story too so far :D

The Renegade The Renegade

@The Renegade
Yes, I am. It's in the genes.

I always have a plan on dragging the beginning out because I feel like I rush into things. It never works (except for my newer stories. I'm getting better at it.) This story, however, needs to get right into it.
And arigatou. Meow. :)

QueenDes QueenDes