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Chapter 2: The Lads, the Beach, and the Kiss

“We’re really sorry about our friend,” the British boy with curly locks says. His eyes are green, and he has dimples on his cheeks. He’s wearing a blue plaid shirt with skinny jeans and white sneakers. “I’m Harry by the way.”
Emily takes in all of their names as they introduce themselves. Louis has soft brown hair and blue eyes. He’s wearing red pants that are rolled up to show off his ankles and a striped T-shirt. Liam also has brown hair that is in a quiff, but he has brown eyes. His attire consists of a white shirt and blue jeans. The last of the four of them is Zayn. He has dark hair done in a quiff and slightly darker skin then the rest of them. His eyes are brown, and he’s wearing a white T-shirt with skinny jeans as well. They all seem like they’d be great characters in a book, but she just isn’t getting that spark from them.
“It’s fine,” Emily tells them. “Claire already told me why he’s acting that way.”
“We really wish that we could help, but he isn’t letting us at all,” Liam sighs. “He keeps running away from us. It’s like he hates everything that he’s ever cared for. He won’t even play his guitar or talk about football. It’s terrible.”
“Well, let’s try something different,” Claire suggests. “I was planning on taking Emily down to the beach to relax and maybe do a bit of swimming. What do you think, Emily?”
“Sounds great,” the brunette smiles.
“Great. Do you guys want to join us?” They look at each other and nod. “Awesome. We’re going to get ready. It looks like you’re going to unpack some stuff to get to your swimsuit.”
“Dang it,” the brown-eyed girl says sarcastically.
“We’re going to try to get Niall to come with us,” Louis says. “I don’t know if he will, but we should at least try. We’ll be down as soon as we can.”
The girls nod before going into their rooms in order to change. Emily shuts the door behind her and opens up one of her bags and starts taking all of the clothing out. She’s a rather neat girl, and she doesn’t want them getting messed up. Stacks of clothes slowly start to take up a corner of the bed before she finds what she is looking for. It’s just a simple two piece bathing suit with the bottom being a skirt. It’s lavender just like most of the stuff she owns.
The brunette takes the two pieces into the bathroom with her. The bathroom is just as amazing as the room itself. The walls are a seafoam and the tiles are white. The sink and tub are pure white, and the cabinet in it is a dark brown that goes together very nicely with the walls. Besides the large tub, there is also a shower as well, and there is a tall rack next to the shower and tub which are next to each other. A chair is placed for decoration in the corner and has a pale yellow flower sticking out of a vase. Yes, the room is absolutely lovely.
Emily discards her current clothes and replaces them with her bathing suit. Once this is done, she she puts the tan capris that she had on and the cardigan back on. The shirt that she had on underneath gets folded and placed on her bed. It’s not like she wore it that long, and she doesn’t plan on changing into something different after she takes the bathing suit off. Why would she? The only way that she would is if they swam all day and she was changing into pajamas. This won’t happen though because she doesn’t want to end up like a prune.
The brown-eyed girl walks out of the room and waits for her friend. It doesn’t take long before the black-haired girl makes her way down the hall and towards her. She has the same clothes on, but she has a beach bag in her hand. Claire gives Emily a smile before making taking her wrist and taking her down the stairs and out the door. The smell of the beach fill their nostrils as they make their way towards the water. The duo just stop short of the liquid.
Claire opens up the bag and pulls out two beach towels for them to lay on. One of them is sky blue and the other one is a pale yellow. It’s like the sun and the sky. The yellow one is handed to the brunette, and the blue-eyed girl keeps the blue one. It’s probably because it matches her eyes. Emily and Claire lay them down on the sand before laying down on them. A bottle is handed to the brunette. It’s sunscreen. They both put some on and wait for the boys to get out there with them.
“Do you think that they’re going to be able to get their bandmate to come out?” Emily asks as she stares up at the beautiful sky.
“His name is Niall, and I’m not really sure. That was the first time that I saw them. They came here yesterday, but I was hanging with my boyfriend all day.”
Eventually, they came out, and three of them ran towards the water before getting them in. Liam and Niall walk slowly towards them. The brunet is obviously just walking with him to make sure that the blond didn’t run back into the house. He didn’t. Although, he didn’t go in the water with Liam either. He just stood there a foot away from the brunette girl. Instead of looking at the sky, she turns her attention to the blue-eyed boy. There it is again. There’s that writing spark. He glances down at her before sitting down in the sand next to her. His eyes watch his friends with no expression on his face.
“Emily,” Claire says as she stands up, “are you going to get in?” She starts to take her tank top off and then slips out of her shorts.
“I will in a second,” Emily says. “The scene is pretty, and I’m hoping that it’ll help me with my story.”
“Suite yourself.”
The black-haired girl runs into the water and joins the four boys that are having fun. Well, it doesn’t look like Zayn is having too much fun because he’s not going in deep like the others. Emily just kind of watches them as they all start laughing and splashing each other. It’s rather peaceful. Of course, sound can’t just come from the group. An Irish voice makes it’s way into the air as well.
“So are you a writer?”
Emily turns her head towards head towards the blond. She just kind of looks at him for a second. He’s still not looking at her. His eyes are still on his friends, and when he said that, he sounded disinterested. If he doesn’t care, why did he ask it in the first place? Is it just because they are going to be living with each other and it would be a smart idea to learn a bit about the other? Emily can’t really seem to piece it together. She’s never written anything like this before, but she really wants to now.
“Yes,” she finally says.
“Anything that I might have heard of?”
“Probably not. My pen name is Emmalie Lavender, but my real name is Emily Allen.”
“You’re right. I haven’t. I’m Niall by the way, Niall Horan.”
“It’s nice to meet you.”
Niall still isn’t looking at her. This is really puzzling Emily. Mostly, it just wants her to write. She wants to rush back into the house and write down what is happening in detail. The brunette doesn’t though. This is suppose to be vacation, and she’s suppose to be enjoying it with her best friend. Claire wouldn’t like it if she just got up and left her. Besides, that would be rude anyway.
It’s Emily’s turn to ask a question. “Are you going to get in the water? You’re wearing swim trunks.”
Well, now he doesn’t want to talk to her at all. She’s fine with that. “OK. Well, I’m going to go and have some fun.”
Emily gets up and unbuttons her cardigan before slipping it off her shoulders. Her capris are next, and she feels like someone is watching her. The brown-eyed girl sneaks a glance at Niall, who is actually watching her now. She doesn’t know why he is. She didn’t think he was interested in her in anyway. Maybe it’s just because something is happening by him, so his eyes are watching that something. That makes sense.
The group splash around and get closer together. Emily is really starting to like these guys. They are pretty cool. Although, Claire is still better than all of them. You can’t go wrong with choosing her as your best friend. Niall doesn’t enter the water at all or say another world the whole time. He just sits there and watches.
When they are out there long enough, they head back in. Niall, of course, is going closer than everyone else, but so is Emily. She’s just a little bit ahead of Niall. The brunette gets up to the house, but a hand grabs her wrist and pulls her back. She’s pulled away from the door and over to the side of the house. She finally looks to see who has her. It’s Niall. What is he doing?
The blond drags her a little bit before pushing her up against the wall and attaching his lips to her’s. She grabs onto his shoulders to push him away but doesn’t. That spark is there again. Emily doesn’t know why it’s there again, but it’s there. Could it be because it’s her first kiss? She does write romance. She doesn’t understand it. One of his hands rests on her waist, and the other one goes behind her neck in order to push even further on her mouth. He turns it into an open mouth kiss. Emily doesn’t really know what to do, but she follows his lead. This is all like in one of her stories. It’s giving her that spark. His tongue finds it’s way into her mouth, and she continues to follow his lead. His tongue flicks against her’s. Then out of nowhere, he pulls away and leaves her standing there questioning everything.


Sorry, this is late. I was freaking out earlier though because my email was on my favorite online radio show, Full Frontal. Jack and Alex think I'm crazy!
Hope ya liked the chapter!


Thanks! :)

QueenDes QueenDes

Luv this story cant wait for the next update♡

Inneke1D Inneke1D

@The Renegade
Thank you!
:) :) :)
Emily is probably one of my more favorite characters that I've made. She's different, but she still has that touch of me. The whole writing bit and not knowing how to act in real life even though she writes about it all comes from me. I can't wait for her character to evolve though. I've got some stuff planned for her.

QueenDes QueenDes

I really like Emily's character in this story. She's a writer, so she gets to almost-break the fourth wall, which is cool. Additionally, she's got a sensible head on her shoulders. Glad you got to update some more - I really like this story too so far :D

The Renegade The Renegade

@The Renegade
Yes, I am. It's in the genes.

I always have a plan on dragging the beginning out because I feel like I rush into things. It never works (except for my newer stories. I'm getting better at it.) This story, however, needs to get right into it.
And arigatou. Meow. :)

QueenDes QueenDes