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Chapter 1: Sand, Shore, and the Spark

The yellow sun beats down on the white sand. The sky only has a few thin clouds in it and probably won’t be getting any more for the rest of the day. It’s on the warm side, but it’s not overbearing at all. In fact, it’s rather nice. The clear salty sea comes up onto the shore before retreating yet again back where it belongs. A large and spacious house can be seen just far enough from the shore. Most of it is made of windows on the side facing the shore, and it makes sense because it is all a beautiful sight. The house is away from the small town, so it’s backyard is a lush and beautiful forest. It is an absolutely stunning sight.
There is a twinkle in the chocolate eyes of the twenty-one-year-old that has just arrived. The fact that she is away from her life just makes her eyes smile even more. The stress will be gone, and relaxation will take over. Her friend was right. This is what she needs right now. She doesn’t need the real world. She just needs this island as her getaway. She is definitely going to give her a hug when she gets inside. She hasn’t even started doing anything, and she already feels like she’s in a dream.
The chocolate-eyed girl makes her way across the beach and over to the house. She puts up her brown sugar hair up into a ponytail in the process. it takes no time at all for her friend to answer the door and pull her into a hug. Her friend has charcoal hair with icey-blue eyes. Only a bit of grey eyeliner sits on the top of her eyelids. Besides that, there is no makeup on her face. It’s not like she needs any anyway. Her outfit is simply a dark blue tank top with denim shorts.
“It’s so great to see you!” the blue-eyed girl smiles. “Come right on in! I’ll take you to your room for the summer, so you can put your bags down. This is going to be so exciting!”
The brunette laughs at her friend a bit as she enters and shuts the door behind her. “Don’t waste all of your energy now on just greeting me.”
“I can’t help that I’m happy that you’re going to be spending the entire summer with me. I never thought this day would come. We normally only get to hang out for a month at the most. This right here, this was meant to be.”
“That is true. Now, are you going to take me to my room? These bags are getting heavy.”
“Of course! Now, follow me!”
Brown eyes scan the house as she follows her friend of five years through the enormous house. She never thought that she would ever be in a house like this as a child. Now look at her. Her best friend has a house like this on an island for the summer! She really has come far in life, and it’s even more unbelievable considering that she’s part of the reason they have all of this money. Well, she isn’t, but her pen name is. To think of all she has accomplished in just five years. Who knew that meeting a girl online because she was talking about a book would not only get her a friend but also get her into a better publishing company.
The house is even more amazing on the inside. They pass the living room. Well, it’s one of them according to her friend. There is one on each floor. That would make three. The room has dark blue couches and a loveseat. The carpet is tan like sand, and the walls are a pale blue. The room was definitely inspired by the beach outside. It’s hard to believe that the owner of a publishing company has such a house even if it is the top company. It didn’t make sense until she told her about how her dad invests and most of the money has come from that. Plus, they were already up there to begin with. Her mother was a singer. The brown-eyed girl had forgotten about that because her friend never talks about it.
Quickly changing subjects to her new book, the brunette refuses to tell her what it’s about. It’s a surprise, and the only one that will know is the blue-eyed girl’s father. The last one was dedicated to the black-haired girl, and somehow it was leaked right after she told her. Never tell a blog addict about the plot of a book in progress. Although, she actually doesn’t know what the next one will be about. She knows that it will be a romance, but it is unclear what the actual plot is.
When they reach the room that the brunette will be staying in, they open the door and enter. The chocolate-eyed girl smiles at what she sees. Her friend knows her so well, and it is obvious that she picked out this rom because it is so her. The walls are lavender which is her favorite color, and the carpet is white like the sheets and the bed. The pillows match the wall, and all the wood in the room is light. It’s about the color of sand. There is a deck where her laptop could go, walk in closet, and a bathroom that is probably just as beautiful as the room. The room is simple and pretty just like everything else she likes.
“This room is lovely,” the brunette says before sitting down on the bed. It is as soft as it looks. Good. She finds that the easiest to sleep on. “You know me so well.”
“I would hope so.” Her friend sits down next to her. She bounces a bit when she does so. “I mean, we’ve been friends for five years now.”
“It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. It feels like yesterday when I first told you what my pen name is.”
“It feels like a week ago when I invited you here.”
“That was a week ago.”
“Where is your room?”
“It’s down the hall. This floor is only bedrooms. The top floor is the arcade and theater and stuff. Well, there is also my dad’s room as well. He didn’t feel right being on the same floor as me because of my boyfriend.”
“Am I going to have to put earplugs in at night when he’s over?”
The black-haired girl playfully smacks her friend’s shoulder. “No. I don’t know why you guys keep thinking that. It may be more of my personality in the joking department, but my boyfriend is like a guy version of you. He thinks that it’s special and shouldn’t be done all the time. That reminds me. When are we going to get you a boyfriend?”
Chocolate eyes turn away. “I don’t want a boyfriend...”
“Bullshit! All of your stories have some big romantic element in it especially when it’s a romance novel. You so want a boyfriend.”
“I don’t have time for one though. I never have. I’m too busy with my writing.”
“Honey, you are out of school now. You don’t have to make up the work and start getting out three books a year. You’re not my dad’s slave. You have time to try to find a guy.”
“Yeah, but I’m twenty-one, and I’ve never even kissed a guy. I’ve always been too busy trying to perfect my writing. What kind of girl hasn’t kissed anyone until they are our age?”
“Well, I didn’t have my first kiss until I was seventeen. You know how shy I used to get around cute boys. Besides, I’m sure that there is a guy out there that is OK with that. Hell, he might even find that really cute.”
“I guess. I still want to wait though. My life is too stressful right now to add anything into it. I came here to relax and not build more stress.”
“You’re right, but if you do meet a guy you like, you have to tell me. I want all the details.”
“Why wouldn’t I give you the details? So, what are we doing first? I’d rather unpack later.”
“Well, I was thinking... Oh, I almost forgot! You’re not the only guest staying for the summer.”
“I’m not? Who else did you invite?”
“I didn’t invite them. My dad did. They’re people know my dad because of my mom. Did you hear about what happened to one of the members of One Direction?”
“Well, I don’t really keep you with the media. I did hear that something happened though since it was everywhere. I just didn’t hear what.”
“Well, he was kidnapped and held against his will for a month I think. They rescued him a month ago, but things aren’t doing so well for him. They wouldn’t really tell anyone what’s happening with him, but my dad told me. I guess that he was suppose to try to get back into a normal schedule with added therapy to help him out because he has PTSD now.”
“Post-traumatic stress disorder?”
“Yeah. That was what was supposed to happen, but he refused everything. He wasn’t talking to everyone, and he refused to do anything normal. I guess the music company is upset with him and trying to get him to get over it fast, so they contacted my dad to see if they could all stay here. This place is perfect for relaxing, and they aren’t listening to what needs to be done and think that staying here would help. I think that it’s all a load of shit, but whatever.”
“That’s all terrible. Are they getting her soon, or are they already here?”
“They’re here. Actually, I think I can hear them.”
“Leave me the fuck alone!” a loud voice with an Irish accent shouts at the same time loud footsteps can be heard.
“We’re only trying to help!” another voice says in a British accent.
The friends look at each other before quickly going out to the hallway to find a blond stomping away from four other young men. He doesn’t see where he’s going, and it’s too late to move, so he runs right into the brunette. She falls to the ground with a thud. Her brown eyes look up at the handsome but angry figure that knocked her down. His blue eyes with a yellow ring around the pupil are probably the most beautiful eyes that she has ever seen even though they are full of hatred.
“Watch where you’re going!”
With that, he storms off and goes down the stairs. The others make their way over to her. She can hear them all apologizing for their friend, but she doesn’t listen. There is something about that blond that strikes an interest in her. She has no idea what it is, but it does make her want to write about something. If only she knew what that something is...
“Are you Mr. Scott’s daughter?” one of them asks.
“Yes,” she hears her friend reply. “I’m Claire, and this is my friend, Emily Allen. It’s nice meeting you.”
“Yes,” Emily thinks. “It is nice to meet them, but it is even nicer to meet that blond. There’s that spark that I need, the spark that I’m craving, the spark to write.”


This is the last new story that I'm going to put up. This makes number five for 1D stories, and what better kind of story than one that is going to be smutty? All my other ones aren't, and I normally write some in there, so this is taking the place of it. I really like the idea behind this. Writing about disorders and problems is something that I like and look up to make sure that it's right. I like getting into the minds of people.
I hope you like it so far!


Thanks! :)

QueenDes QueenDes

Luv this story cant wait for the next update♡

Inneke1D Inneke1D

@The Renegade
Thank you!
:) :) :)
Emily is probably one of my more favorite characters that I've made. She's different, but she still has that touch of me. The whole writing bit and not knowing how to act in real life even though she writes about it all comes from me. I can't wait for her character to evolve though. I've got some stuff planned for her.

QueenDes QueenDes

I really like Emily's character in this story. She's a writer, so she gets to almost-break the fourth wall, which is cool. Additionally, she's got a sensible head on her shoulders. Glad you got to update some more - I really like this story too so far :D

The Renegade The Renegade

@The Renegade
Yes, I am. It's in the genes.

I always have a plan on dragging the beginning out because I feel like I rush into things. It never works (except for my newer stories. I'm getting better at it.) This story, however, needs to get right into it.
And arigatou. Meow. :)

QueenDes QueenDes