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Harry's POV: I remember a big thing from that day, we hit a girl. We hit her going full speed......in a car.
Olivia's POV: I remember a big thing of that day, I remember a pair of green eyes and a head of curly hair, the look on the persons face was of horror, pure horror.
She got hit, but had the will to live. And she saw that will through. The street lamp hit the car, it smashed it, but he wasn't leaving this world without a fight. He wasn't giving up until he got his way, and it payed off.
They were both hit, broken, tarnished on the outside. But their hearts were still strong. They found each other in a tragic way, but maybe they can let go of their past if they stayed with each other.


Ethan Rein

Ethan Rein

He is Olivia's boyfriend, and the male lead character in the movie Olivia is starring in. He is very funny, and a little cheeky at times. At first sight, Olivia mistakens him as Harry!

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

He is part of the worlds biggest pop band! He loves to sing, write songs, and hang out with his friends. (Even though if he finds something he really wants to accomplish, he will make it happen!)

Olivia Mason

Olivia Mason

She is just a normal girl that loves to shop and do extreme sports! (She may not look like it, but she can whip your ass in almost any sport!)

One Direction

One Direction

The rest of the worlds top pop band! (Keep in mind, they can be a little loud!)


  1. Harry Fucking Styles!

  2. You're Lying!

  3. Most girls can only dream!

    "He did the last thing on the face of the earth I ever thought he would do!"

  4. Numbness is pain.

    My musles felt stiff.

  5. Trying

  6. Mistake?

    I was on a high....and at this moment, that wasn't good.

  7. I never thought I'd see this.

    This can't be happening.

  8. Letting the past go is hard, and letting the now take over is harder.

    The past holds horrors, and the now holds terrors. Which ones worse?

  9. Why are relashionships difficult?

    Somedays, everything in life seems hard!

  10. What am I doing?!

    What the hell am i doing!!?

  11. Drunken love

    Those sparkling green eyes....

  12. For better or for worse...

    That one symbol could change my life.

  13. That would be great.

  14. Asshole!

  15. I Love You

  16. A river of tears

  17. Emerald

    I saw a flash of emerald, and I knew go it was.

  18. Harry?

  19. What Do You Want?

  20. What a day!!!

    Damn Paparazii!

  21. Fight, and no Forgiveness

    How could he?!


You're so sweet!

:) well I'm glad! I will always support this story! It's too good for me to not!

queen.lizzy queen.lizzy

You always comment! And I love the support you give in those comments! :) your awesome!

:) don't I always comment? If I don't then I'll do it more!

queen.lizzy queen.lizzy

it is I can't wait till next update
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