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Another World ~ Marcel/ Niall


What happens when you have a secret , nobody know about? When youre in love, and they can't know? Felicity is a new girl in town. Niall is a famous pop star, who then comes across Marcel, a nobody also fighting for Felicitys attention. Niall and Marcel team up to discover the dark and mysterious secret threatening Felicity's and possibly their own lives.


Chelsea Cook

Chelsea Cook

Felicitys best friend sence pre-k and only outsider to know about her secret.

Emma Dreamè ( dre-emm)

Emma Dreamè ( dre-emm)

Felicitys best friend and crushing on Marcel ( OOH la la )

Felicity Marie Dean

Felicity Marie Dean

Main character. Torn between two worlds and two futures. Very happy, carefree, short girl. Hazel eyes and long brown hair. More details in story..

Marcel Styles

Marcel Styles

Hopeless romantic nerd. Changes throughout story. Takes upon himself to team up with Niall to figure out Felicitys secret.

Niall James Horan

Niall James Horan

You know this crazy, carefree mofo ;)


  1. Chapter 1

    New house, new school, new worries and lies

  2. Chapter 2

    What's going on here?

  3. Chapter 3

    Part 1

  4. Chapter 3

    Part 2!

  5. Chapter 4

    You shouldn't be here!


@Felicity Marie Dean

most definitely heheehehhe

Yes but weird is awesome, so WE ARE AWE-SOME!!!!!!!
@Felicity Marie Dean

we r so weird bestie :

Lol it did hahaha XD
@Felicity Marie Dean
Ugh fine Lol that gives us time to bond more ... That sounded weird haha