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Another World ~ Marcel/ Niall

Chapter 1

Felicitys POV I rolled over underneath my feather comforter as I felt the hot morning sun shine over my room. As if on cue, my alarm on my shiny new iPhone went off in my 'Year without Rain' ringtone. "Ummm," I groaned sitting up and stretching. Suddenly my mother burst through my door. " Felicity, you have 10 minutes to get ready before the school bus comes!!" Great. School. This should be fun. (Note the sarcasm.) "And you couldn't tell me sooner because...." She put her small hands on her hips. "You watch that tone young lady, or else you don't get any breakfast!" I shot out of bed as fast as I could, dashing into the shower. Or the door... Ouch. I gripped the diver knob, turned and pulled. Was someone in there? Wait... " I'm stupid" I muttered. It was a push door. Today is not my day. I hopped into the shower and put it on hot. I must have beat the record for fastest shower and shaving without cutting yourself , because I managed to do so without injury. I desideded to wear my black body skirt and purple v neck shirt. I tripped and hopped and fell down the stairs in my black wedges. Mother handed me my much needed glasses. "There you go honey, bacon in your bag, eat on the bus it'll be here any second." I scrunched up my nose in disgust. "Seriously? Bacon in my purse? Purse outside of my bacon? Nuh Uh. I'm good, thanks. I'll just get something from the school I guess. Bye mom" An earsplitting honk drowned out my mothers reply. " Thats my que.. Gotta go.@ This is going to be interesting , I thought to my self.


Hey guys!! This is Felicity. Welcome to my first fanfiction, not in my head! I won't do these a/ns frequently, just after every chapter. Lol. Anyway, please tell me how I'm doing. I'd appreciate it. Just ask and I'll read yours. Do whatcha do, and I'll update later ok? Bye!!!


@Felicity Marie Dean

most definitely heheehehhe

Yes but weird is awesome, so WE ARE AWE-SOME!!!!!!!
@Felicity Marie Dean

we r so weird bestie :

Lol it did hahaha XD
@Felicity Marie Dean
Ugh fine Lol that gives us time to bond more ... That sounded weird haha