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Another World ~ Marcel/ Niall

Chapter 2

Felicitys POV
The horrendous yellow bus finally screeched to a stop. I sighed and stayed sitting until everybody got off. Then, I climbed out too and jumped to the ground. I barley made it to the curb before the buse drove off, leaving me utterly alone. I saw a large group of girls screaming and jumping and pushing, I decided to avoid them, luckily, the office was in the opposite direction. I headed off in the one direction (hehe) and found myself asking a prim and proper lady where the principal was. She sniffed and stood up, straightening her ugly grey pantsuit. " Miss, I AM the principal. Mrs. Eloise Freeman, that is. And who are you?" I was shocked. She was the stereo type of a principal! But I shook her outstretched hand. "I am Felicity. Felicity Dean. This is my first day, and I was hoping you could give me my schedule, and locker, madam?" I used some French to loosen her up. It worked. "Well, I will get somebody to help you. Your locker is number 3727. Marcel will show you where. Marcel?!" She pointed to a classic nerd sitting at the other side of her desk. He was wearing a sweater vest and tie, with taped up glasses as well. "H-H-hello," he stuttered. Geez, what's with this school and stereotypes? But I shook his hand and he stood up, searching through a filing cabinet for my schedule. He handed me it and turned and walked out the door. I followed. Marcel was walking towards the crowd, I decided to ask what's up. "Marcel, why are there so many people here?"
"Because of the band,"
ok... But I followed still and pushed my way through the throng of screaming girls. One stepped on my foot. Ouch! I hopped the rest of the way. Soon I was at locker number 3727. Beside me was a blonde boy, with 4 other boys ocompined with some bodygaurds. "Hello love, I'm Niall, your locker neighbor," Blond- I mean, Niall said. I noticed an Irish accent, wich was adorable. " Hey locker neighbor, I'm Felicity." Then I turned to the four other guys. " Who are they?"
"I'm Louis,"
"I'm Harry,"
" I'm Liam,"
" I'm Zayn."
" And I'm Niall. Together we are,"
"ONE DIRECTION " They said in unison.
Ok, that explains it. Marcel snorted. "Alright, Felicity, we should get going. Class starts in 12 minutes..." I shoved my bag into the locker, and pulled my binder out of it. "Ok, which class is first?"
" English." Fun. Not. I sighed and slammed my locker, securing the lock. 'One Direction' followed us. "Um what are you guys doing?" "We go to the sane class, silly," Louis I think? explained. Alright then.-----------------------------------------------------
Soon it was lunch. I grabbed my paper lunch bag and turned around. Niall was standing beside me, staring. Marcel stood a little ways off, glaring. "Hey um Felicity? Do you want to have lunch with me and my mates?" I smiled. My first lunch invitation! "Of course Niall, sounds fun," So Niall and I walked down to the cafeteria, and he suddenly said," Felicity, tell me about yourself," wow talk about random? " Um ok? Well, what do you want to know?" he shrugged and grinned. "I don't know... What kind of music do you like? What's your favorite food? Color? Do you gave any pets? Are your parents divorced? Siblings? And do you have a boyfriend?" he winked at the last part. I smirked. " pop, anything, purple, yes,yes, no, and no," I answered. " Awesome," Niall said. We arrived at the cagfatetia and saw Nialls friends. Sitting down, I pulled out my lunch. A fruit salad and a pack of chips. And a fancy garden salad, with eatable flowers for decoration. Everyone looked at me weird, although, what's wrong with that? I looked around and caught Marcel staring at me. A beautiful girl with red hair sat next to me, staring at Marcel. " Boy, are you lucky. Marcel is sooo awesome..." I just frowned. "Hello?" she looked up. "Oh sorry.. I'm Emma Dreamè. You must be Felicity. " "How do you know?". " You'd have to be an idiot not too. You're the rumored girlfriend of Marcel! Nobody else dares to sit with him.. Or talk to him.. Except you and I! " I chucked on a piece of strawberry. "Um no I am NOT his girlfriend!" Emma looked hopefull. "So, he's free?" I laughed. "Yes, very much so. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go Outside for a bit.." I suddendly noticed everyone staring at me. "Felicity? Are you ok? You're eating weeds and look very pale..." I smiled and stood up. I have to go. Now. Before they find out...
I was finally outside standing behind a large tree. I put out my hand, with my ring. Just a simple silver ring with changing color peridot. It glowed bright white and I shrunk.
And changed.
And then
walked through the tree, into the city of Faerfae.


Hey guys, it's me again. Lol tell me what you think, please? I really would like to know , even if it's bad... Yeah I know this chapter was short and it sucked :( just wanted to put something up.. I'll try to update every day, ok? Yeah so... Bye!! Xx


@Felicity Marie Dean

most definitely heheehehhe

Yes but weird is awesome, so WE ARE AWE-SOME!!!!!!!
@Felicity Marie Dean

we r so weird bestie :

Lol it did hahaha XD
@Felicity Marie Dean
Ugh fine Lol that gives us time to bond more ... That sounded weird haha