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Another World ~ Marcel/ Niall

Chapter 3

Nialls POV:
I was sitting at the lunch table watching Felicity run out. "Lou, I wonder what's up with Felici-" Lou was staring at a girl, at the cheerleaders table. She was just like a cheeky Louis, but more blonde. I waved my hand infront of his eyes, wich finally got his attention. "Lou, go talk to her, mate!" He turned to me. "Ni(Niall), I can't!! She's a cheerleader... They always have boyfriends.." So I just sighed. Louis was talking to me about how she was SO PRETTY and SO ADORABLE and then I noticed someone clear there throat. It was the blonde cheerleader. "Hey, guys, couldn't help but over hear," she winked at Louis. " I don't have a boyfriend.. But I hope too," Louis grin couldn't be bigger. They scheduled a date while I ate my second plate of hash ( remember?!!:O). I overheard her name was Chelsea. She glanced over at me. "So, where'd Felicity go?" I shrugged. "I don't know, she didn't say, but I think she went to get sick , she looked pale and went behind that tree. But she suggested we stay here... Or I would've gone with her to help." Chelsea was looking frantic. "Oh no... She promised!!!" we all looked at her confused, as she rushed to the tree.


Hey y'all!! It's me. This is a bonus, half a second update. You can thank my friend girly1d she convinced me ;) yeah please comment!! It means so much, it really does!! Even the haters, please hate! I WANNA KNOW!! ok I'm done. Have a nice day!! Part two tomorrow! xx


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most definitely heheehehhe

Yes but weird is awesome, so WE ARE AWE-SOME!!!!!!!
@Felicity Marie Dean

we r so weird bestie :

Lol it did hahaha XD
@Felicity Marie Dean
Ugh fine Lol that gives us time to bond more ... That sounded weird haha