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Another World ~ Marcel/ Niall

Chapter 3

Chelseas POV
Oh no.. She can't go inthere until her 16th birthday!! But theres no other person I can call for help... This calls for emergency action. I put out my hand with the amethyst ring and it slowly turned bright White. I shrunk, but before i walked into the tree, I saw Emma. And I saw her wings.
As I walked past the gates I felt a tingle. Something is not right here.... I lifted off the ground and Rose up to my old bedroom window. It was open. I jumped inside, being careful of the bookshelf underneath the windowsill. Everything was as I remember it... Except for it wasn't mine anymore. I had to move on, and live in the human world. I missed a lot in my 10 yrs of absence and I was supposed to officially come back in one week: my 16th birthday. I was kicked out to grow up in the OtherWorld for having a human mother and royal father. My father protected us and my mother by using magic so it appears she is one of us. Then she got caught. Because of me. I never shed that raincoat of guilt. But now, it was finally time I visited. I had to! I get weak if Im around to many humans for to long, and if I start to fade, I can't become queen. Once I'm queen, (more like president) I can change all the unfair rules. Only, I need to find the Feather of Faerfae. Before it's official. I know I shouldn't come here, they could do horrible things to me and my mother if I'm caught! And maybe even Chelsea! She didn't choose to be caught up in this mess. She just told me her secret. She's a shapeshifter.
Nobodys POV
Felicity flew around her old room, untouched for a century. Time passes a lot faster here in Faerfae. 1 human year to 10 of our years. Whar she didn't know, was she is being watched. Meanwhile Chelsea is hopping along. She doesn't get wings, just the other powers.
Louis had followed her in. His biggest mistake. That could cost him his life.


Hey guys sorry for the half assed update. I was really tired when I started writing. I just wrapped it up today. ( I fell asleep lol ) sorry no 1D in this chapter, because I forgot and it's all about them next chapter. yeah this story is like super boring and childish. But it will get better once the boys start to figure out her secret. If they live that ling. MWAHAHA hahaa.. * cough cough * yeah so please comment the bad stuff, not just 'update' thanks I appreciate it. :)


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Yes but weird is awesome, so WE ARE AWE-SOME!!!!!!!
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