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Another World ~ Marcel/ Niall

Chapter 4

Louis POV:
Chelsea is so amaZayn... She's so perfect!! Her blonde hair is slightly wavy, and her cheerleading outfit goes together like awesomely!! As soon as she left I decided to follow her, see why she's been acting to strange. I stood up and ran silently as I could after the beautiful blonde. She was headed towards the tree. She looked deep in thought. I was tempted to ask her what about but I wanted to see what she was going to do without anyone there. She put a hand out like she was about to fistbump the tree. Loner much? Then her hand was glowing. And so was an outline in the tree. It looked like a tunnel... Chelsea started to morph into a smaller version if herself. First, she was about a foot tall. Then she became dainty. Fragile. Irrisitable. Glitter exploded as she stepped through the tree. The tunnel started shrinking, so I hurried to follow. A weird sensation came over me as I stepped in. 'Whoa...' I thought. Everything was so small and shiny. And everyone had flower like things protruding from there backs. http://www.blogcdn.com/www.diylife.com/media/2007/10/grumpypantstop.jpg Chelsea didn't though... Wich was strange. Everyone else looked like flowers... And glitter monsters... Then I saw a giant rose/tulip flower. All the flower folk crowded around, im guessing to see what's inside. It unfolded slowly. I inched around a table full of snacks... All fruit, garden salad...vegetables and fizzy drinks. Just like what Felicity was eating. Oooh ok then.. Is she one of them? Chelsea obviously isn't, because she wasn't half plant. Finally, the giant flower had opened. Inside was Felicity!! She wore a long puffy white dress and tiara. Her flower-wings were quite beautiful. http://www.simplelove2u.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Disney-Princess-Wedding-Dresses.jpg (The little white flowers and greenery in the background are wing type things. Exactly like photo) What's going on here? She was smiling, waving and looking around. Her eyes landed on me and her expression turned to confusion. I looked around; Chelsea was right beside me. Felicitys eyes darted back in forth between us. Then she floated closer. "Louis, you aren't supposed to be here!!" she said. Chelsea gasped the reared up. "I'm SO sorry, Fizzy!! I didn't know he followed me." I swallowed. "Um, sorry I was worried and curious, and this place is amazing." The corners of Felicitys mouth twitched up." Yeah well, welcome to my city of Faerfae." I tried to ignore the big tough guys flaring towards us. " What? Your city? But I-" I ran out if time the guys grabbed my writs and pulled me out. Felicity shouted, tears in her eyes," Louis, I warned you. You shouldn't be here!!" Everything spun. The last thing I saw was Chelsea running and sobbing towards me. then I blacked out.


SO sorry for the s****y update ... I've had horrible writers block >.< but please comment subscribe vote and rate please :) I'll update in a few days ;;)


@Felicity Marie Dean

most definitely heheehehhe

Yes but weird is awesome, so WE ARE AWE-SOME!!!!!!!
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we r so weird bestie :

Lol it did hahaha XD
@Felicity Marie Dean
Ugh fine Lol that gives us time to bond more ... That sounded weird haha