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Safe Haven


Safe Haven (n.) - a place of refuge or security
As Autumn begins her new life in New York City, she has to learn how to handle things on her own. Will she be able to step out of her comfort zone and let herself be vulnerable? Or will she decide that love isn't worth the risk?
(a Niall fic)


Autumn Summers

Autumn Summers

main character

Harry Styles

Harry Styles




Autumn's friend/roommate

Liam Payne

Liam Payne


Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Niall's roommate

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

love interest



Autumn's best friend


  1. Moving Day

    Autumn's little incident may turn out to be a blessing in disguise....

  2. Surprise!

    Autumn steps out of her comfort zone. Will it be worth it, or will it be a complete disaster?

  3. Starting Over

    The first day of the semester has finally begun, and Autumn is looking for a fresh start.

  4. To Love and To Be In Love

    Take a look at things from Niall's POV

  5. Just A Dream

    Give in to the fantasy....

  6. Goodnight

    The moment you've been waiting for

  7. Amnesia

    Sometimes it feels good to forget

  8. Back to Yesterday

    What *really* happened yesterday?

  9. Waking Up Is Hard To Do

    Can Niall and Autumn work things out? - part 1

  10. It's Kind Of A Funny Story

    Can Niall and Autumn work things out? - part 2

  11. It's Not What It Looks Like

    Autumn gets a surprise visit.

  12. Midnight Memories

    Everything is fine - for now

  13. Don't Rain On My Parade

    Niall and Autumn finally give in to their desires.

  14. Let's Stop Pretending

    Niall and Autumn have a passionate encounter

  15. Love You Goodbye

    It's time for Savannah to leave town

  16. Naïve

    Autumn confides in Harry

  17. Let's Talk About That

    Breakfast date

  18. Let's Make A Deal

    Niall and Harry form an unexpected alliance

  19. Can You Read My Mind?


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