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Always the Bestfriend


You and the boys have been friends for years, since 2010 back when you met at the X Factor to be exact. It is an incredible thing to have a friendship such as yours, especially since you're all in the business. But will you always be just the reliable best friend?



Hello! Really appreciate the notes, thank you so much. I just updated added two more chapters. hope you like it!

Just updated! Chapter 15 is the last one. This one's finished, thank you very much for reading my little story :)

I'm not sure if this is over. But I just wanted to let you know I am dead. Thank you.
I hurt so bad hurting Niall, never imagined I could feel like that. It was very well written, a few minor tense changes, POV pronoun mistakes , but an all around great read. Very moving. And with the Y/N concept, I hate myself for hurting Niall. Love the work. Not sure if it is going to be updated but id go for more! Niall and Y/N was just soooo great. Keep up the good work.
P.S. I created an account here soecifically for this haha

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